“Real Men Are Made, Not Born” – Anon

Face it — the current generation of men is a far cry from the generations of men in the past.  Most of us come from broken families where the father was absent to teach us the ropes.  We learned to pedestal women, complain about petty things, and cry our hearts out under the slightest duress.

What we never did learn was how to be a real man.  Fortunately it’s never too late to get reacquainted with your long forgotten masculine side.

Here’re 7 commandments of manhood to get you started.

  1. Cook. You have to eat.  So, instead of consuming those microwave dinners, learn a thing or two about making few simple meals.   Cooking opens a plethora of new options like luring that hot brunette back to your cave for a taste of your risotto and more.
  2. Have A Plan.  As the wisdom goes: if you don’t have a plan, you’re probably following someone else’s.  Mute the TV, figure out what you want out of life, and then start building the foundation brick by brick.
  3. Never Complain. Complaining is a symptom of the larger problem: your inability to make life work for you instead of the other way around.  My mom complaints, and so does my 10 year old niece.  You have no excuse.
  4. Live On Your Own Terms.  It’s your life and you will die one day, so why spend it living it on someone else’s terms?
  5. Seduce. Unless you’re gay, you have no excuse not to pursue those women you find attractive.  After all, there’s not much else men have been put on this planet to do.
  6. Control Your Emotions. Use your powerful logical brain for important decisions and keep your emotions in check.
  7. Cherish Loyalty and Reliability. Surround yourself with loyal men and reciprocate with your own undivided and uncompromised loyalty.

Your road to reclaiming your manhood won’t be easy and won’t be instant.  There will be times when you’ll question everything you thought your knew about yourself.  Nevertheless it’s a road that must be ventured.  Not only do you owe it to yourself, but to all generations of men — those that came before you and those that will come after you.

So, no more games, gimmicks or procrastinations.  It’s your journey and it begins right now.

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James Maverick

James Maverick

James is a writer and traveler. In his former life he worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. He's now a permanent traveler who's been to over 75 countries and lived in 15. His mission is to help all men embrace the location independent lifestyle and live life on their own terms. Learn more.
James Maverick
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