One of the techniques that I’ve successfully integrated into my game is the “come up to my place for a minute” move.

The objective of this technique is persuade the girl to come to your apartment before you take her wherever your were initially taking her (e.g., bar, club, restaurant).

This is a very powerful technique which serves a dual purpose:

  • Compliance Test. It’s a way to see if she’s interested in having sex right away before going to out.

  • Comfort Building. If she’s not ready to have sex now, she’ll be at least much more likely come up to your place at the end of the night.

Let’s say you invite the girl for drinks, and since the restaurant isn’t far away from you place, you ask her to first stop by your pad to pick you up.

She can either come up to your place, or simply wait downstairs.

If she is a bit shy, and decides to wait for you downstairs, then after you come down to meet her and just as you’re about to leave for the bar, you suddenly realize that you “forgot” something (e.g., wallet, driver’s license, feed your pet turtle), then ask her if she’d like to accompany you back to the apartment while you do whatever it is you “forgot” to do.

Don’t forget to include a false time constraint by appending “for a minute” or “quickly, so we don’t miss our reservation.” This is a psychological trick to put the girl at ease making her much more likely to acquiesce to your demand.

When she comes up, pay careful attention to her behavior.

Did her movements slow down while she’s admiring your art collection? Is she captivated by the breathtaking skyline view from your window? Is she not in a big hurry to get to that bar or restaurant? Or is she already laying on your sofa with the “fuck me” eyes?

If so, don’t be in a big rush to get out. Fix her a stiff drink and join her in the admiration of your bachelor pad.

If she’s eager to get going then she requires more comfort building (or wants you to pay for her first), so continue onward to the destination.

When it’s last call at the bar, telling her to come back to your place will be much more natural and void of any awkward fidgeting; she’s already been there so it’s not such a big step anymore.

This is a powerful technique because it’s a form of indirect escalation — the greatest seduction tool at your disposal. Whether you’re luring her to your place under a false pretense is a moot point: you got her where you wanted.

I’ve been using this move relentlessly when gaming girls in America or abroad. It does help to have a pad in the center of town close to the nightlife.

Many girls need an “excuse” to have sex; they want it to happen in a way that removes their participation in seduction. They want sex but never want be seen as its initiators. Later they want to look back and rationalize that it “just happened.” This is especially true if the girl doesn’t know you well. This technique is the perfect decoy.

Guys that get laid all the time have one thing in common: they ruthlessly escalate. Sometimes escalation is direct, other times it’s more subtle. But it’s always there, slowly gaining momentum while waiting for an opening.

So unless your objective is to have sex with her later rather than sooner, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice by not exploiting all methods at your disposal. And needlessly delaying having someone you want to fuck in the privacy of your place is doing just that.

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