In this episode of Maverick Traveler Radio, I sit down with author, historian and fellow traveler, Quintus Curtius to talk about a ton of interesting things. Our topics range from the future of America and the West to the difference of Brazilian nightlife to cryptocurrencies to getting robbed in Rio de Janeiro and finding great steak in Kiev. We also discuss if it’s possible to have true leadership in today’s world instead of being surrounded by lackluster leaders lacking any charisma.

Due to the wide range of topics covered, this is a podcast that’ll have something for everyone, whether you’re into travel, current events around the globe or concerned about the sad state of Western culture, or anything else.

Quintus is an astute student of history and a prolific writer who has published several books. His interests include military history, politics, philosophy and many more. He can be found at and


1:20 – Quintus’ new books
4:20 – Finding a sense of purpose in modern society
8:00 – Cultural differences between East & West
9:10 – The need to prove yourself in America
9:50 – Brazilian mentality
11:20 – How modern empires collapse
12:45 – Army takeover in Zimbabwe
13:20 – Venezuela’s impending collapse
14:00 – Colombia’s prosperity
17:15 – How capital and currency controls work
18:00 – Cryptocurrencies/Bitcoin
24:00 – Not having access to my bank in Ukraine
26:40 – Tourist sucker exchange rate in Venezuela
28:30 – Gangster capitalism
31:00 – The importance of modern philosopher kings
35:00 – Catalonia’s independence
39:00 – The possibility of WW3
43:00 – Linguistic nationalism
46:30 – Eastern Europe
48:00 – Future travel plans (Brazil)
49:10 – Difference between nightlife in Rio de Janeiro and other cities
50:20 – Getting robbed in Rio de Janeiro
56:00 – Traveling through Central America
57:30 – Underrated countries in Europe
1:00:00 – James’ future travel plans

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James Maverick

James Maverick

James Maverick used to work in a cubicle as a code monkey in Silicon Valley. Then, in 2007, he quit his job and a one-way ticket to Brazil. Ever since, he continued to travel, visiting over 85 countries and living in more than a dozen of them. He loved his location-independent lifestyle and has no plans to live in America.

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