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Armenian Women: The Dating Secrets They Don’t Tell You

by James

In this article, we’re going to talk about the women in Armenia. What they’re like, how to date them and/or marry them, and other important things you must know.
We’ll begin our discussion with the country, then transition our discussion to the people which also includes women.


My first trip to Armenia was in the first half of 2021. not knowing what to expect, I was literally blown away by the country, the organization, the infrastructure, the friendliness of the people, and, of course, the beauty of the women. 
Armenia is very safe. In fact, on countless occasions locals would tell me that you can walk around at midnight anywhere and nothing would happen to you. That’s great testimony and, indeed, just walking around the country, it did feel very safe. Much safer than most western countries and even safer than Ukraine, which is already fairly safe.
I can say that that was a pleasant and unexpected surprise, and it definitely increases your confidence while you’re enjoying the country’s sights and views.


Armenia is an interesting country and it’s difficult to describe what Armenians are like if you’ve never met one or have been to Armenia. Although Armenians speak Russian, owing to the fact that they were once part of the Soviet Union and the fact that Armenia maintains good relations with Russia, Armenians aren’t Russian nor are they slavic.
The best way to describe Armenian women is that they’re similar to Iranian people and even to Georgians to some extent, not a surprise since both countries border Armenia. 
Armenian women typically have darker complexions, and big face features, characteristics that are reminiscent of Italian or Spanish women (especially in the southern parts). Sure, they’re similar, but anyone who’s spent any time in Spain or Italy can still tell Armenian women apart.

Armenian women are feminine

Being in the Caucasus region, Armenia is a very patriarchal society. In fact, it’s more patriarchal than already very masculine/feminine Eastern Europe. Men are very masculine and women are very feminine. There’s great respect for women. great respect for the elderly. Men open doors for women. And feminism isn’t very widespread, if it exists at all.
Therefore, expect women to be very feminine and also demand that their men are masculine too. Sure, you have your hipsters here and there, especially in the cosmopolitan city of Yerevan, but they’re definitely the minority and not the status quo like in the western countries such as the United States or Canada. 
So, if you’re coming from a western country where women and men are somewhat equal like the United States, you may be in for a surprise. And even if you’ve spent any time in Eastern Europe where men are fairly manly, you might not be prepared for how macho Armenian men can be.

Armenian women are traditional

Since they’re very feminine, they’re also very traditional, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since it goes hand in hand. Traditional means marriage, family are treasured as an immutable part of the culture. It’s almost unheard of to have serious relationships without getting married first. 
So, if you’re someone who’s looking for a serious relationship and family-oriented values, you can do a lot worse than being with an Armenian woman.

Armenian women are status minded

Being a “southern” country with strong patriarchal values, it’s natural to expect the women to be very status minded and to some degree materialistic. Plus, let’s not forget to add beauty to the mix. And, if you combine all the ingredients, you get women that like status, like money, like expensive gifts and like to live a good life.
Armenian women: what I didn’t like
While I really enjoyed Armenian women, one thing that stood out to me was the fact that almost all of them smoke. I can’t really blame the women for this since smoking seems to be ingrained in the culture, but as a non-smoker I hate when everyone else smokes around me, and certainly seeing a gorgeous woman endlessly smoke doesn’t add to the appeal.


Dating Armenian women is very similar to dating Southern European women with a mix of Eastern Europe culture thrown in. Women in the big capital of Yerevan are more cosmopolitan and less traditional, as you would expect in any big city in any big country. But nevertheless, the standard rules of dating apply.
Standard venues for dating are walks in the park, spending time in a coffee shop, and the usual bars and restaurants.
Generally speaking, Armenian women like to be taken care of and wine and dined. That means if you’re asking her out on an evening date, don’t just walk around with her at some park, but expect to take her to a nice bar or lounge for some drinks. On the other hand, if you’re just “hanging out” during day time – say on a Sunday or something – then passing time in a coffee shop or just spending time in a park should be absolutely fine.
Still, the preferred venue would be meeting at a nice lounge for drinks, followed by hanging out and dancing in one of the city’s clubs.
Armenian women are used to aggressive and macho men. They love when a man unapologetically pursues the woman and makes his desire known from the get go. So if you’re too indirect, she might take it as a sign that you’re not interested or perhaps gay, and that might turn her off.
Be aggressive-since that’s what women expect-but don’t be too aggressive when you force to do something she doesn’t want to do. If she says ‘No’, stop and resume when she’s comfortable. don’t make an Armenian woman uncomfortable, as local men would never do that.


Meeting Armenian women is just like meeting women anywhere else. Being a “southern” country, it’s common for men to approach women just about anywhere, so don’t be shy to approach a woman you like during the day and during the night. 
When you approach a woman, be mindful that if she’s good looking there’s a good chance she might be taken. So, if she declines your invitation for a drink, don’t push it for two reasons: she just might not be interested, or, if she’s taken, her boyfriend or husband who’s probably nearby can easily come to blows if he sees another man hitting on his woman. Armenian men aren’t friendly and approachable, but can easily resort to violence to protect their women and family.
Don’t rely on meeting women at night
When I lived in Armenia, I had a friend who gave me a solid piece of advice. He told me to never rely on meeting women at night. That’s because, unlike in western countries, where people go out at night to meet new people, in Armenia, women go out to enjoy the company they already know. This reminded me of my life in colombia$, where it was all but impossible to meet women at night unless you were a friend of the social group beforehand.
While that’s also true in Armenia, it IS possible to meet women at night, but it’s a lot easier to just meet them during the day. Just don’t approach women who’re married or have a boyfriend (easier said than done right?)


With our lives being increasingly online, it’s natural to want to meet Armenian women online. And, indeed, I would be lying if I told you that Armenians don’t use tinder or other apps for meeting women like the rest of the world. They’re definitely on tinder. And they’re out there meeting foreign men on tinder. So, that’s definitely an option.


Armenia is a fairly small country, so it’s not like we can honestly make a long list of cities you must visit to meet Armenian women. That’s why for this particular guide, we’re going to recommend just one city to make your base: Yerevan.

Yerevan (and the capital region)

On my first trip to Armenia, I was blown at how beautiful and awesome the city really is. In fact, it was such an awesome city that I didn’t really want to leave after staying there for some months. I really enjoyed it all that much.
That’s why Yerevan should be your base and really your only city for meeting Armenian women. Later, when you get the hang of the city, meet some people, you can go out and explore different parts of the country.


In many ways, Armenia has it all: super friendly and hospitable people, great food, great weather and low cost of living. Plus, the sexy women who definitely know how to treat a man. Plus if you speak Russian (or are learning Russian), there’s an added bonus of being able to communicate in a language that the locals consider their almost second native instead of resorting to English that not many locals know well.
I thought long and hard about living in Armenia for a certain amount of time, maybe six months or even a year, but because of my existing commitments that was something that I couldn’t do at that time. maybe next time.


So, there you have it, the complete guide to meeting and dating Armenian women. Let’s quickly summarize what we talked about so far. The main pros when it comes to dating Armenian women are: traditional, always eager to please a man, beautiful and very friendly. The cons is that many of the women are obsessed with money, status and then a large percentage of the population smokes.
I think the best way to get to know Armenian women is to get on the plane and fly to Yerevan. I believe the visa given to Americans is half a year. And that’s more than enough to learn for yourself if Armenia and its women are right for you.

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