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MUST READ: 7 Best Ukrainian Dating Sites and Apps

by James

Ukrainian dating sites are an elusive bunch. Let’s not beat around the bush and ignore the 800 lb gorilla in the room: it’s 2019 and everyone is online. Even my mom has been searching for her old classmates on some social networking sites. Of course, she’s not on some dating site, but you get the picture.

I do know that there are plenty of you who’re skeptical of the whole online dating and don’t believe that’s what “real” men do, but trust when I say that there are plenty of quality and sexy Ukrainian women out there and you’ll have a chance to find one for yourself. So, without further ado, here’s our pick for the 5 best Ukrainian dating sites in 2019!

best ukrainian dating sites

Quick answer – The best Ukrainian dating site

After hours of careful research and testing different accounts, we believe that the best Ukrainian website is Ukraine Date. It’s affordable, easy to use and allowed us to connect with the best quality of women in the shortest amount of time. Feel free to signup for your free account here.

7 Best Ukrainian Dating Sites


We can’t really begin this list without talking about the 800 lb gorilla of the online dating sites: Tinder. Tinder started out big in the West, but then slowly conquered the globe with Eastern Europe no exception. The whole purpose of tinder in Ukraine is to match up with people very quickly and effortlessly. just like in the west, most of it for casual hookups.

While Ukrainian women are generally more relationship-minded than their Western counterparts, the fact of the matter is that Tinder is mostly used by the 20s demographic for quick sex. It’s a poor choice for someone who’s looking for a more serious relationship.


Badoo is basically Eastern European tinder with a dating site all rolled into one. While my experience on the site has been rather short, I felt that my success ratio had been a bit better than on Tinder, but I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath and hope to meet the future mother of my kids on that site. Moreover, many of the girls seemed awfully low quality and certainly not ones you’d ever want to bring home to your momma.

While I want to mention this site to signify its existence, I can’t really see myself as a site where I’d be spending lots of time on. There are much better places to meet beautiful women.


Mamba is one of Eastern Europe’s oldest dating apps that’s almost 20 years old. (It was established back in 2002.) It started out as a Russia-only site but quickly spread through the former-Soviet Union countries. Mamba is different from the previous “swipe-style” dating apps is that it’s more old school and similar to Match dot com that’s popular in the US market. Another thing about Mamba is that it’s mostly for the local market. While you may find some foreigners there, that’s pretty rare.

Still, the fact that it’s not overflowing with foreigners may either be an advantage or a disadvantage. Having said that, the overwhelming majority of people on there are also mostly looking for hookups and short-term relationships. Plus, there are also plenty of gold diggers and women looking for sponsorships. If you’re still interested, you can check it out there.


Many of you are surprised to see Facebook on this list but make no mistake about it, Facebook is a solid place to find your next girlfriend or a fling. There are several ways of using Facebook as a dating site that I want to cover:

  • Engaging women you already know. One of my favorite ways to use Facebook as a dating app is basically adding women that I already know, but otherwise don’t have any other contact. For instance, this could be a woman that did some service for you at an office. So, you know her name, but didn’t have the balls (or felt it was inappropriate to ask her), so you look her up on Facebook and add her as a friend. Then, go from there.
  • Finding women you don’t yet know. Another way to use Facebook as a dating app is to look for attractive women and add them as friends. I have met a good share of women this way. Obviously, not all women will respond to your requests and accept your requests, but the ones that do might be open to going on a date with you.

The problem with this approach is that Facebook might not like the fact that you’re trying to add lots of women, especially if many of them either ignore your requests or reject them. This tells Facebook that you may not know these people in real life which Facebook doesn’t like.

Ukraine Date

OK, so we saved the best for last: last but not least, we have Ukraine Date, our favorite place for meeting high-quality women and the only site that we recommend here on Maverick Traveler. Ukraine Date is the only site that’s geared for meeting high-quality women that are actually looking for a real relationship and not merely some one-night stand.

Unlike Mamba and other sites, most of the women on the site actually prefer foreigners as opposed to local men. This makes it ideal for meeting a great woman to spend the rest of your life with. (Although, if you’re looking for a fling that’s cool, too.) While Ukraine Date is a paid site, you can create a free profile and begin browsing profiles right away.

Closing thoughts

There you have it, the best dating sites for meeting Ukrainian women in 2019. The list is a mix of paid and free sites, dating apps and even a regular social networking site—Facebook. While each one of the sites listed above enables you to meet a female for a date, our pick for serious relationships and even flings is without a date Ukraine Date.

It’s the only site that enables you to meet high-quality women and not random gold diggers like many others. Click here to create your free profile and start searching for the woman of your dreams.

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