Throughout the years, I spent a lot of time putting together a particular course in a subject area. Each course is a fully interactive video course that covers a plethora of topics. Click on each course for more information.

Talk Like A Local

Speak a foreign language in just days and weeks instead of months and years

Languages are the gateway to cultures. And, as someone who speaks 6 foreign languages, I know a thing or two about learning foreign languages. The truth is that, speaking a foreign language shouldn’t be hard and complicated. The goal of this course is to help you speak quickly, from day one.

Maverick Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Turn your passion into a (very) profitable lifestyle.

Ever since quitting my 9-5, I’ve been traveling around the world while building all kinds of location-independent businesses. So, as you can imagine, I know a thing or two about building businesses.

This is a very comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need in order to launch your own location-independent in any niche and any interest. Learn from my mistakes, so you won’t waste time making them.