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Eastern European Women

by James

Nothing quite embodies femininity quite like women from Eastern Europe. In many ways, they’re as feminine as they come, even beating out the very feminine Latin American women or women from Southeast Asia.

Eastern Europe is not one country, but a collection of countries, each with their own culture, geography, history, values, and language. There’s a huge difference between a woman from Estonia and a woman from Bulgaria, or a woman from Lithuania and a woman from Romania.

Women from northern countries tend to be colder in character, while women from southern countries tend to be warmer and more outgoing.

Let’s go down the list and see what we can learn:

Estonian women

Estonian women are closely related to Finnish women. (If you didn’t know, Finish women are some of the most Westernized women in Europe and perhaps even the world. They’re easily on-par with American women when it comes to feminism.)

That means both Estonian and Finish women share a culture of drinking, one-night-stands, very similar to their American counterparts.

Moreover, when Estonia was part of the USSR, its women were relatively traditional and conservative. Many women were family oriented.

But ever since Estonia’s admission into EU, Estonian women have become increasingly Westernized, in a huge break with their traditional past.

Latvian women

Next up we have Latvia. Latvia, along with Estonia and Lithuania make up the three main Baltic nations.

Although all of these nations are in the EU, Latvian (and Lithuanian) definitely aren’t as Westernized as their Estonian counterparts.

Having spent lots of time in Riga, Latvia’s capital, I would categorize Latvian women on a sort of a middle ground between the more traditional Ukrainian and Russian women and the more Westernized Estonian and Polish women.

When it comes to looks, I don’t think Latvian women will win any beauty contests any soon. I think that both Ukrainian, Russian and, of course, Romanian women are much prettier and sexier.

Nevertheless, if you’re tired of the materialism of the more sexier Eastern European women, then Latvian women may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Lithuanian women

I’m familiar with Lithuania much more than the other Baltic countries. That’s because I actually lived in Vilnius, Lithuania for around 1.5 years.

The reason I lived that long was because I met a wonderful Lithuanian girl and decided to move in with her. She was one of the sweetest and amazing women I’ve ever met.

She was very family-oriented, very traditional and definitely wanted marriage and kids. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out and we parted ways.

Of course, not all Lithuanian women are like this. They’re plenty of women who just want to party, share things on Instagram and sleep with random guys.

Nevertheless, if you look hard enough, you will find traditional women. They’re out there. You just have to be more persistent.

Russian women

Russian women probably don’t need any introduction. In terms of popularity, they are up there with Brazilian women. Everyone knows where Russia is and what the women look like.

Of course, you can’t have famous women without some stereotypes. There’s the whole “Russian mail order brides” thing. Then there’s the fact that they love to drink vodka. That they love to party. And, of course, that they’re extremely easy.

Only some of the above is true.

Yes, they love to party (Which women don’t?)

Yes, some of them drink vodka (Many Russians do).

But, you can probably ignore the other stuff because it just isn’t very true.

Let’s be honest here: Russian mail-order brides? I’m sure you’ll have a much better chance of just going to Russia and meeting a woman there.

In any case, if you want to know everything and anything about meeting and seducing Russian women, you can read my article about it. It goes into much greater detail so there’s no need for me to repeat myself here.

Ukrainian women

Another favorite of mine. Ever since I returned back to my homeland, I’ve dating Ukrainian women left and right.

Here’s a quick crash course:

They’re extremely feminine.

They’re very beautiful.

They’re very traditional.

They love pleasing their man.

There are some cons, however:

They can be very materialistic

They can be very clingy

They can be very jealous

For more information, check out this informative article. It contains everything you need to know about meeting and seducing Ukrainian women

Polish women

Polish women are an interesting bunch. While they’re not as pretty as Russian, Ukrainian, and even Romanian women, Polish women are generally less materialistic than their more Eastern European counterparts.

A lot of that has to do with Westernization and things like feminism.

Ever since joining the EU, Poland is rapidly becoming more Westernized and many women are either leaving Poland altogether for greener pastures in the UK or the US, or they’re embracing a new culture in Poland.

In Poland, you’ll almost never see women wearing sexy high heels in the summer months as you would in Ukraine or Russia.

You also won’t find this attitude of “my money is my money and your money is our money” that is so common in Ukraine and Russia.

So, to sum it up: Polish women are great, relationship quality and even for marriage. They’re not as pretty or feminine as Ukrainian women. They’re not as exotic as Romanian women. They’re somewhere in between all of these extremes.

Moldovan women

I spent some time in Moldova about two years ago, so this is what I learned about Moldovan women.

First of all, depending on where in Moldova you’re, you will be running into both Moldovan and Russian women. So, if you’re dealing with Russian women, then make sure you read up on Russian women above or read this guide on meeting and seducing Russian women.

Now, that we got that out of the way. Let’s talk about Moldovan women only.

First of all, a little history lesson is in order: know that Moldova itself was part of Romania before WWII. So, Moldovan women are actually Romanian women.

Having said that, I believe that there are some differences between Moldovan and Romanian women.

Moldovan women may look physically like Romanian women, but they are more “Slavic” than the latter and, thus, have many of the characteristics associated with the latter.

Whereas Romanian women are more difficult than Slavic women, Moldovan women are a bit easier and respond to the same type of seduction process as Russian women.

So, if you’re interested in Romanian women but love the behavior of Russian women then Moldovan women will be right up your alley.