2018 has been a very fulfilling and productive year, so it’s been nice to have had a little bit of a break the past week or two with Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.

But then even more holidays came: here in Ukraine—being in Eastern Europe—the first week or so of the year is devoted to Eastern Orthodox holidays. That meant things were slow that week too.

But I wasn’t resting and doing nothing. The entire time, I was putting finishing touches on my training that I believe is my best yet.

Today, I’m super excited to announce the release of my most ambitious training yet: The Empire Building Toolkit.

This training encompasses everything that I’ve learned about building passive income businesses, especially in the last couple of years when I really went deep into Internet marketing and SEO.

Additionally, this training is based on my years and years of experience mentoring hundreds of guys on building their very own Internet empires. 

When you actually talk to real people for months at a time, you learn powerful insights into the things that people are struggling with. This has allowed me to pinpoint the exact problems that new entrepreneurs are struggling with, exact problems that I’ve addressed in this training.

The program is divided into different modules that teach you everything from coming up with a solid idea to creating the proper authoritative side, to getting others to promote your product (affiliate marketing) and also covering one of the most underrated marketing channels out there: email marketing. There’s tons of other stuff there, too.

All in all, there are tons of new information, things that I didn’t cover in previous trainings nor talked in depth on the blog.

But that’s not all. You’ll also receive three special bonuses: 

1) Copyrighting Master Class: See me strategize, design and build a landing page for a hypothetical product/service from scratch. I didn’t prep for this, so here’s your chance to get inside my head and see how it’s done.

(In all honesty, this alone is probably worth the price of admission because you get to see how copyrighting is really done without all the MBA, theory jargon BS that doesn’t help you sell anything.)

2) The Effective Entrepreneur: See me explain how I build an empire from complete scratch and work my way through different challenges. It’s just like having your own seat at my company’s boardroom.

3) The Million Dollar Mindset: Here, you’ll learn how I approach finances and budgets. Think you can’t afford to live in Rio de Janeiro, Chiang Mai or Moscow? Think again. With my unique budgeting system you’ll learn exactly how to structure your finances along with new projects, and motivate yourself so you’re making more money each month.

4) Access to my private Facebook Group where I personally answer all questions and email mentoring directly from me (just don’t go overboard with emails).

5) The Maverick “Boots on the Ground” Premium Podcast. Browse through all the episodes of my premium podcast where I discuss all sorts of business mindsets, ideas, dilemmas, techniques and tactics to making the most money possible.

In short, you aren’t just getting access to some training and that’s it—you’re getting access to an exclusive club with support, forever. That’s my way of saying thanks.

I can keep talking about this, but you can learn more as well as join the program here:


See you inside!

NOTE: The special launch sale lasts until Sunday, January 13th 12:00 EST only. After that, the price shoots up and the bonuses disappear forever.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

PS: If you have any questions/issues joining, please shoot me an email – [email protected] (I’ll be around all weekend)

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