I just got back from spending New Year’s holidays in Vilnius, Lithuania. While I’ve lived all over the world in lots of different cities, I have a very special connection to that city and country: I spent around two years living in Vilnius several years ago.

It’s always a pleasure to visit Lithuania because, although, it was part of the Soviet Union, it shares nothing in common with countries like Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. In fact, it reminds me more of Denmark than Ukraine—even more so on this particular trip than when I lived there several years ago.

As a result of having lived there, I have several good friends in the city that I mostly met via BJJ training.

(As I wrote previously, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been my “secret” method of meeting lots of different people in the countries where I don’t know anyone.)

One of these friends, Jonas, invited me and my girl to his house for New Year’s eve. The plan was to relax for few hours, enjoy a bunch of home-cooked meals paired with good wine, and then, somewhere around 11pm head towards the center where we would enjoy some live music and a bit of dancing and, of course, usher in the New Year.

My Lithuanian friend, Jonas, isn’t a regular guy. While he has worked at all kinds of jobs for many years—in many countries—he gave all of that up to focus on his own thing or “hustling” as he calls it. 

His approach to business is simple: create different income streams from anything that can be monetized. In other words, go where the money is.

This has allowed him to not only work from the comfort of his own home, but also escape the dreary Lithuanian winter weather for the sunny and mild weather of Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic. It has also allowed him to spend three months backpacking through both Burma and Thailand last winter.

This type of freedom just isn’t accessible to the majority of the population. For example, Americans toil all year just to enjoy a measly two week vacation.

In short, he’s a lot like myself. Like myself, he’s building an Internet empire and, slowly but surely, diversifying into different markets while patiently watching as his business grows.

Making money is more of an art than a science. Thus, there are different ways to express yourself and many different ways to paint a portrait of an object you see. Nevertheless, one of the most effective ways of doing that is to diversify your efforts and income by building an Internet empire.

Not only are you diversifying your efforts and income, but you’re also smartly diversifying risk and all the pain that comes with it.

This is precisely what I’ve done and what has allowed me to live all over the world while making money on my terms

This Monday, Jan 7th, I will be releasing my hotly anticipating training on building your empire. This training encompasses everything that I learned, especially in the past couple of years while I’ve been scaling various aspects of my existing businesses as well as jumpstarting new ones.

The launch period will last several days during which I’ll sweeten the pie with some awesome bonuses plus a special launch-only price that will quadruple after the release date.

I can’t think of anything more ambitious on getting the right start in 2019 than by building an Internet empire.

Happy New Year’s everyone. I have a hunch than 2019 will be an amazing year.

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