European Women vs. American Women


It was around three years ago that I boarded a plane to Iceland and began a quick tour of the continent, visiting 20 countries over the summer. Afterwards, I slowed down my travel pace and began living months at a time in various cities. I’ve long reached a point where I prefer Europe to America, and, not surprisingly, a lot of it has to do with the beautiful and approachable women that inhabit this diverse continent.

Europe is a large place, so it’s hard to generalize about women from so many different countries. But I can say with certainty that European women have more in common with each other than with their American counterparts (except women in the UK and, to lesser extend, Scandinavian countries, which are much more Westernized).

European women are more uniform in looks

In any European country that I’ve lived, it was very rare to see a very gorgeous girl or a very ugly girl. Of course, there are stunners here and there, but the variance has been lower than in major American cities (e.g., New York, Chicago or San Francisco). In America, it’s very common for a very cute girl to really stand out. While here in Europe, it’s very rare that I see an absolute knockout walking around (relatively to other women).

On a typical afternoon, while riding the subway in New York, one would see all kinds of different women: there would be a average-looking girl; a goth girl wearing all black with dyed black hair; a chubby girl wearing an oversized college sweatshirt; a punk girl sporting converses and holding a skateboard; and maybe some cute girl with a perfect body and beautiful face that every guy in the metro would be salivating and checking out.

But in Europe, most of the women are more uniform in their looks. They will be wearing nice high heels, a beautiful top, and perhaps a nice skirt (depending on the season). They are all uniformly feminine with beautiful long hair.

When I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, I remember on many occasions noticing an absolutely gorgeous girl (a typical blonde beauty), but then realizing that very soon, maybe just around the corner, there will be another one just like her. My memory of the first girl would fade quicker. In America, I would be remembering about that attractive girl for the rest of the day (or more).

The good thing about constantly being surrounded by cute women is that you no longer get anxious or nervous when you see one and want to approach; she’s just another cute girl in a sea of many cute women.

European women are, on average, prettier than American women

This is closely related to the point above. I can be riding a bus in any major European city—Madrid, Copenhagen, Kiev or Vilnius—and be literally surrounded by slim and attractive women. When I was in Southern Europe, Balkans and Eastern Europe, I would literally go for days without noticing an ugly girl. It was a complete shock at first, but after several weeks, the feeling has worn off, and I stopped really caring. Being surrounded by attractive women simply became the new normal.

On the other hand, in New York City, I would easily pick out a lone cute girl in a subway or a bus. She would be standing out like a sore thumb, as though she was a colored object within a black and white movie scene. Likewise, in America every now and then you might see a very cute woman like Scarlett Johansson or Zooey Deschanel on the street. In Spain, I routinely saw women that looked like Penelope Cruz. That has been my experience in major European cities: Prague, Bucharest, Budapest, Lisbon, and others.

One side effect of this was that I don’t really notice guys paying too much attention to cute women. Guys aren’t staring at women with hands in their pants, while exclaiming: “she’s so hot.”

European women dress classier than American women

American women dress purely for comfort. They’re not dressing to impress anyone. I remember riding a metro in Barcelona when I saw a group of American women sitting on the opposite side. I looked over and saw them wearing nice black dresses. Then I looked down and noticed they were also wearing white flip-flops. I can understand it was a hot summer evening, but the image of someone going out to a club in flip-flops was absolutely revolting. European women wear stylish clothes with either open toe or closed toe flats.

I’ve even seen women wearing pajamas on a couple of occasions on New York streets. I’m not sure if that was some new trend or something.

The girl I used to date in Romania would make an effort to dress nicely just to walk to a nearby grocery store around the corner. She could never understand how women thought it was attractive to be sporting flip-flops unless they’re on the sand on some beach. I couldn’t agree more.

European women are more straightforward in dating

Every seasoned player in America knows that there’s a particular script when dating women in America. Get to a bar, have a couple of drinks, and then see if she’s down for a pleasant fluid exchange at your place. There are times when she won’t explicitly invite you in for fear of appearing a slut, but still doesn’t want the date to end. In those cases, you’ll need to be more proactive that “you want to continue the date.”

In Europe, things are easy. There’s no script. Things are much less rigid. I’ve done dates with women that I simply won’t dream of doing in America if I want to get laid: going to a museum, hanging out at a park, checking out a part of the city, and just generally hanging out (in Russian, the phrase for dating is literally “let’s hang out”). When it’s time to continue the date at my or her place, and if there’s mutual interest, there’re usually no games. She knows it and you know it: both of you are trying to get laid. I can count on one hand how many times I had to “persuade” a girl to come back to my place after spending lots of hours hanging out with her. It’s pretty much a given that a girl would want to continue the date at your or her place later.

Generally, it’s because the communication between the sexes in Europe is much more straightforward. Unlike in America, a European girl doesn’t feel like she’s being “gamed” when a man is trying to insert a penis into her vagina. European Women actually find it appealing that a man is trying to seduce them; it’s a validation of their sexual attractiveness. I believe it’s because European women are inherently more secure about what’s expected of them by society and what’s not.

European women are more mature

I mentioned before how an attractive woman can quickly lose points by being immature and childish. I also mentioned that, in America, it was common to meet an early 30s or even late 30s girl who acted as though she just graduated high school. She would flake on dates, instead preferring to have slumber parties with her single women friends, all while treating relationship between the sexes as one big game, like hide and seek.

In California, I even met a cute 37-year-old woman who wanted to freeze her ovaries so she can have kids when “she’s ready.” Apparently she didn’t believe that at 37 it was time to settle down and raise a family.

On the other hand, in Eastern Europe, I have met plenty of women in their mid-20s who had achieved many things in their life. They had a well-paying job, a car, even her own apartment at times. Of course, not all the women were that successful, but most women were pretty serious in what they wanted out of life. They were ready to raise a family and have kids at much earlier age than their American counterparts.

A lot of it has to do with maturity. As American men, we learn to deal with such odd behavior such as games and flaking, but these behaviors are an obvious sign that a woman isn’t really serious about anything; she’s certainly not serious about building a relationship with a man. In Europe, a woman will either tell you straight up they are interested and show up, or won’t bother. Flakiness is an accepted behavior for younger women (younger than ~22-years-old), but outright bizarre with older women. When I was in Prague, I was meeting women for dates exactly at the time we agreed.

As soon as I jumped over the pond, the flakiness rates nose-dived. That has been indeed refreshing.

The new normal

The more I live in Europe, the more it’s becoming the new normal to be surrounded by above average women wherever you go. It’s becoming the new normal to communicate with the opposite sex without feeling like I’m some distraction to a woman’s busy life. Today it’s the new normal. Tomorrow it will be just normal.

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