There’s nothing I love more than traveling around the world. Actually, no, scratch that, there is something that I love even more (or, at least, as much): learning foreign languages. I love being able to speak the local language in any country where I end up living. I spoke Spanish in Mexico, Portuguese in Brazil, Russian in Ukraine and Russia, and very broken Lithuanian in Lithuania. (Granted, Russian is my native language, but when you don’t speak it regularly for 20+ years, you’re forced to essentially relearn it from scratch.) Then, when I was living in Bali, I began learning Bahasa Indonesian.

Languages matter. They are an absolute must if you really want to know what’s going on. That’s because languages are the gateway to cultures.

There are certain things that I can say in Portuguese that I don’t know how—and don’t even want—to say in English. It just doesn’t make sense for the simple reason that Rio de Janeiro has little in common with New York City or that Salvador, Bahia has little in common with London. Expressing your needs and wants while relaxing on a gorgeous beach in Ipanema or Leblon has little in common with trying to express your frustrations while trying to make it in time for the Q train to Brooklyn.

Heck, I’ll go even further. If you’re planning to live in Brazil but don’t want to learn Portuguese, then don’t even go. It’s a dumb idea. That’s crazy. That’s irrational.

Can you even imagine flirting with a beautiful, sexy and passionate Brazilian woman in a sterile non-flirty language such as English?

Banish the thought. Don’t even think about it. Just stay home.

That’s true for all languages. Flirting in Russian is fun in Ukraine and Russia. Even speaking my super broken Lithuanian in the bars of Vilnius is more fun than speaking my “fluent” English with a New York City accent.

Being able to switch languages depending on what country you’re in and depending on whom you’re talking to is nothing less than superhuman. Seriously. I remember when I lived in Lithuania, and my beautiful girlfriend invited me out on a date with her friend and her new boyfriend. Little did I know, but her boyfriend was Brazilian.

So, I spoke Lithuanian with her, Russian to the waitress, and Portuguese to her friend’s boyfriend. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to switch between cultures and understand people on a deeper level that you’d otherwise be able to do if you only spoke a language like English. There’s just no comparison. None. Whatsoever.

Traveling around the world and only speaking English? That’s like experiencing the most delicious meal in the world in a highly-acclaimed Michelin-rated restaurant from the comfort of the street window. Or appreciating an amazing car such as a BMW M5 while watching one pass you on an autobahn at 200 miles/hour instead of sitting behind the wheel with your hand on the leather clutch.

It just doesn’t compare. Speaking the local language is an absolute must.

There’s a lot of material for learning foreign languages. But most of it sucks. They all have tons of problems. So many problems, that I don’t even know where to begin. For one, there are courses/sites that teach you to become fluent. But what no one tells you is that fluency is a myth. Because fluency doesn’t exist. Trying to be fluent is a mistake. It’s a lie. It’s a scam.

For instance, Russian is my native language. And I speak it pretty well, maybe even fluently. Although as someone who hasn’t lived some 20+ in a Russian-speaking country, it’s certainly not on the same level as someone who’s lived all his life in Moscow or Kiev.

But that’s okay because I know it well enough to understand everything and say anything that I need to say. My Spanish and Portuguese aren’t on the same level as my English or Russian, but that’s fine too. I can easily hold a conversation and explain my needs and desires to just about anyone whether I’m on the street in São Paolo or in Barcelona. Same for the other languages I speak.

So, is my Russian fluent or not fluent? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. And, honestly, I really couldn’t care less. All I know is that it’s enough for what my needs.

This misunderstanding of fluency and the exaggeration of its importance means a lot of foreign language courses aren’t very effective. They suck.

Then there’s the fact that some bright language expert out there decided to name every single grammar construct (they have to sell those thick language books somehow). So, now, instead of being excited about learning a new language, you’re quickly faced with the fact that a language like Russian has super complex noun and verb conjugations or that Hungarian has 25 verb tenses (or something).

Or the fact that Lithuanian has a different subjunctive or conditional tense than Russian or English. Or some other completely inconsequential fact. All of these things are next to useless, but knowing that a language is more complex (or seems to be more complex) than English (most languages are) doesn’t motivate you much (it didn’t motivate me), so you decide to quit before even starting.

So, what you end up doing is learning another language instead of the language you’re looking to learn, something I call the meta language. It’s a sort of an intermediate/descriptive language that describes the actual foreign language, and it’s also a complete waste of time. It’s unnecessary.

This is extra complexity that you don’t need. Obviously, this is a problem. But what no one has ever told you is that you learn all this complexity over time, as you require instead of in one fell swoop.

The solution is simple: forget all this “meta language” bullshit and just approach this like a 5-year-old kid would: without caring or overcomplicating yourself with needless rules.

There are other problems with traditional teaching methods of course, and, while, I can write a book about it, let’s just say they actually create more problems than they solve.

Learning a new language should be fun and interesting. It shouldn’t be frustrating. Above all, it should feel natural. You know, like a local.

For years, many of you have been asking me for advice on how to pickup a language quickly. While I’ve written a post here and there, I’ve never packaged my knowledge and experience into a comprehensive guide.

Until now. Today, I’m unveiling my new course: Talk Like A Local: Become Conversational In Just Days and Weeks Instead of Months and Years. It’s a comprehensive video course that packages all my knowledge and experience over the proceeding 10 years while I was traveling around the world and learning various languages. It’s a course that I’ve been working on for almost a year.

The purpose of the course is to help you hack a language—any language—very quickly. I walk you through all the phases of learning the language: the best way to start, get up to speed on the vocabulary, tackling complex grammar, getting to the next level of mastery, etc. I’m not promising fluency, but I’m promising that you’ll experience a lot less frustration and will be able to speak quicker than you thought possible.

Here’s just a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The effective “Survivor Mindset” method for learning any language super fast
  • Using “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” to quickly gain knowledge in the local language
  • Building a solid base and then “bootstrapping” your way through the various levels.
  • The 5 common mistakes people make when learning a new language that will hinder your progress
  • Why trying to be fluent is actually counterproductive and ineffective
  • How to avoid dealing with complicated and unnecessary grammar rules
  • Avoiding the biggest mistake people make (it gets taught all over schools and courses)
  • And many more proven techniques and strategies for quickly hacking and mastering any foreign language

As part of the launch weekend, you’d also get sweet bonuses absolutely free:

  • My entire book collection: The Sovereign Man, The Way of the Maverick and The Man in Pursuit
  • My premium podcast episodes and recordings that are no longer available online
  • Access to a community of entrepreneurs and language hackers
  • And much more.

Here’s what some people who I’ve mentored before have said:

James really helped me get up to speed with the Russian language. I’ll be spending a year in Moscow, and James’ tutoring has been really invaluable with mastering the Russian language. My progress has increased dramatically. – Michael P.

I recently moved from San Francisco and Peru and my biggest problem is understanding everything around me! I DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!! I was about to give up and book a one-way ticket back to San Francisco (I don’t want to!!), but then I decided to send a quick email to James to see if he has any help. The fact that he lived in Latin America for many years really swayed my decision. After some mentoring from Mr. Maverick, I’m happy to say that my Spanish has improved dramatically! At least for basic things. I also know how to continue my progress going forward. – Robert C.

Thank you for tips for learning basic Thai. It really helped an idiot like me. – Nomad777

Wow, your mentorship really helped. The part about the “Survivor Mechanism” really jump-started my progress with Italian and French. Now it’s all coming together – NomadicJohn

The weekend launch price for the course is only $47. After the weekend, the bonuses disappear the price goes up to $97.

I also have another course that teaches you how to build a location-independent business. It’s called the Maverick Entrepreneur Bootcamp and it’s priced at $97.

This weekend, you can grab both courses for only $67. After the weekend, the price shoots up to $147.

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If you have any question or issues, simply drop me an email – [email protected]

I look forward to seeing you inside.

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James Maverick

James Maverick

James Maverick used to work in a cubicle as a code monkey in Silicon Valley. Then, in 2007, he quit his job and a one-way ticket to Brazil. Ever since, he continued to travel, visiting over 85 countries and living in more than a dozen of them. He loved his location-independent lifestyle and has no plans to live in America.

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