Tomorrow, on Friday, April 19th, I will be releasing my new training: The Maverick Mindset: True Masculinity, Women, Dating and Relationships in the social media age.

It’s not going to be some bullshit course that will teach you the right pickup lines or some “life hacks” that will land you a woman of your dreams. Instead, I will lay out the foundation of the right masculinity mindset, masculine frame, male/female dynamics, what women really want, characteristics of high quality women, how to behave in a relationship (if that’s what you want) and many other things that I never covered before.

The training consists of numerous modules that cover various aspects of having high self-esteem and attracting high quality women.

Speaking of women and relationships, here are a couple of the videos I’ve published recently:

The #1 sign to look for
The Prize mentality
When your girl/girlfriend accepts various “gifts” from other men

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Stay tuned to the release of the full training tomorrow.

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