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CouchSurfing - Helping People Get Laid, One Exotic Foreigner At A Time

What if I told you that a gorgeous blonde chick speaking with an exotic foreign accent will be coming to your house, partying with you all weekend, then coming back to your place for some afterhours fun?

Meet the place where all of that is possible and more:

“CouchSurfing is a neologism referring to the practice of moving from one friend’s house to another, sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch, generally staying a few days before moving on to the next house.”


I discovered Couch Surfing accidentally back in 2007 while roaming around Latin America. One of the backpackers briefly mentioned it over a few beers at a rundown hostel I was staying. I made a mental note to check it out at a later date but never did.

Two years later I started using it as a tool to get to know a city, meet interesting people, and, of course, to bang chicks.

My roommates and I hosted extensively at our Rio de Janeiro apartment and did quite well. By “well” I mean that we ended up doing a fair bit of “cultural exchange” with three out of every four chicks that came through the door. There was always an odd one who had a boyfriend back home or things just didn’t click, but the for the most part it was a successful endeavor.

Since then I’ve hosted everywhere I was staying longer than a week or two. Over the past couple of years I’ve hosted in Medellin, Colombia; Riga, Latvia; Kiev, Ukraine; Barcelona, Spain; and Bucharest, Romania.


Here’s why hosting someone is the gateway to easy lays.

  • Discretion. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” The popular phrase describes perfectly any girl’s state of mind when traveling through exotic lands far away from your home. A girl is much more likely to commit sexual debauchery such as one night stands when traveling than when she’s out with her friends in her hometown.
  • Dominance and Control. Since being lead by a powerful man is an aphrodisiac to women, she’ll be naturally attracted to you, her host, while you show her around the city, leading her from venue to another. You get your chance to play a charming Spaniard seducing beautiful foreign women in Vicky, Christina and Barcelona.
  • Logistics. The trickiest part to always get right when pussy hunting is logistics. Are you staying in a hotel that doesn’t allow visitors? Is your apartment located within 5-10 min. of the city’s nightlife area? By hosting a girl, no matter what happens throughout the night, (unless she gets swooped up by a better player) you can be sure she’s ending up in your apartment when the lights go up at the club. Most often drunk, as a bonus.
  • Social Proof. Even if you don’t necessarily get the bang, going out with a hot chick dramatically raises your social value in the eyes of other chicks. So approaching other beautiful and desirable chicks will be much easier than if you were rolling solo dolo.


The city and country where your apartment is located will determinewhat kind of chicks will come and what their expectations will be.

For instance, if you’re hosting chicks at a party place like Rio, Barcelona or New York City, then chances are the majority of the chicks will be looking to get wasted and ride dirty at the end of the night.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting someone in a smaller transit city like Juiz de Fora (Brazil), Girona (Spain) or Albany (USA) then there’s a high probability the chick will be looking for a free motel to crash for a night.

Tip: I’ve rolled the dice several times by hosting a cute chick that was passing by my city on the way to somewhere else. Even though it worked own a couple of times, it’s not worth the hosting commitment over getting play via other means such as by going out.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Go look at your own CouchSurfing profile.  Do your pictures portray you in a good light? Are they showing you having a good time surrounded with friends (preferably girls)? Or do you look like the pedophile from the 10 o’clock news?

Your profile should be completely filled in.  Make sure you have plenty of references. These increase the trust as viewed in the eyes of the couch surfer.  If you’re new to the site ask your friends on Facebook (or offline) to connect and vouch for you.  Since they already know you, leaving a nice reference shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Also, do not put that you’re specifically looking for female surfer.  This would instantly set of alarms in the perspective girls and you will likely get fewer requests.

Tip: Sometimes, but not always, putting “Meet for coffee” or “Maybe” work better than a big desperate “Yes” that screams “I’m alone, come be with me.” Experiment with both settings and see which ones work for you.

Here’s a starting checklist to have a chick-magnet profile.

  • Complete profile. Fill out your profile to the best extent possible. Put your mission as some pie-in-the-sky fantasy as girls eat that up. For example: “to do orphanage work in Zambia.”
  • Pictures.  Five to ten pictures of yourself surrounded by friends, (preferably cute girls). Girls want to know that you’re a likable guy who has at least some friends.
  • References.  Have at least five or ten references (the more the better), with some of them being from girls (preferably cute).
  • Hosting Status. Experiment with either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘Maybe’ hosting status.


If you’re in a good location, and your profile is nicely filled in, you’ll start getting requests in no time. Once you get a request, it’s time to figure out what to do next.

I usually ignore requests from guys unless it’s an exceptionally interesting profile and/or I’m just tired of hosting chicks. I might also host a guy if he’s from my hometown/area and we share similar interests.

So you get a request from a girl.  First of all, understand an important, if rather understated, fact: a cute girl is all but assured of being accepted by virtually everyone (especially other horny guys), so if she’s sending you a request, then she probably found you somewhat attractive.

Now go over her profile and study it very carefully — you don’t want to be stuck with someone for 2-3 days you didn’t intent on hosting.

Check her references.  Is it the guys that are mostly leaving them, or is it a nice mix of guys and girls? If most of the references are from guys praising how “great” the girl is, and how much “fun” they’ve had together, chances are they’ve done other things besides sightseeing.

If the girl’s references are 90% from guys, then there’s a pretty good chance she’s looking for something more than just sleeping over at someone’s place.

Now, spend more time reading what she’s all about. Does she look like a party animal that will be doing tequila shots come midnight, or is she mostly a bookworm that’s looking for a more low-key vacation of visiting museums and dead guy monuments?

I’ve had great success with both; so don’t be automatically turned off if her idea of a vacation is going from church to church, unless, of course, she’s Ugly Betty’s twin sister.

Tip: think it thoroughly before accepting her request. If you accept, but change your mind later, she might leave you a negative reference – something you want to avoid at all costs.

The bottom line is that if she seems above average looking and you have free time, by all means accept her request.


Now that you have a girl coming in less than twenty-four hours, it’s time to clean up your messy apartment. Girls love cleanliness, so make several sweeps cleaning up your place. Throw away those used condoms, pizza boxes, and empty beer cans. Stash away those porn magazines, that blowup doll, and your treasured “The Game” book.

Wash your cum-soaked bed sheets and have a couple of clean towels to offer your guest.

Don’t forget to cleanup any visible porn files on your computer, and empty your browser’s history of all references to your favorite porn sites. You don’t want her to form the wrong impression in case she needs your laptop to email travel photos to her friends or Skype her mom.


I’ve heard of hosts actually going to the bus/train station or the airport to meet the girl.  That’s by no means necessary (even for girls coming from non-feminist countries where men are expected to take care of the women).She’s probably been traveling for a while now, so she’ll figure out how to get to your door.

When she arrives, greed her warmly and cordially let her in. Tell her that your house is her house or say it in Spanish like a real Don Juan: “mi casa es tu casa”, so that she’ll feel more comfortable and at ease.

She’ll probably be shit tired (and smell too) from a long plane/train/bus ride, so ask her if she wants to take a shower to freshen up. Give her some clean towels (you’ve washed off those cum stains, right?)

When she’s done with the shower, pour her a glass of wine, sit her down and talk to her for a bit.  She could be interested in hitting the town hard on the evening, or could use the first night to relax, instead.

This is also a good time to tell her the rules of the house:

  • No other guests allowed.  She cannot bring home some random guy she met in a club.
  • She’s at the house only when you’re. I personally do not trust some stranger to be alone with my valuables. So under no circumstances should you give her keys to your kingdom for her to come as she pleased.

That’s it. CouchSurfing’s forums are awash with stories with very unhappy endings as a result of not obeying these two simple rules.


I generally do not like to push a girl for sex on the very first night. I take it slowly as the majority of my bangs have come on a second or third night. One Italian girl I hosted in Brazil made me wait four nights (her last one) until I got paid, but her monstrous tits and expert acrobatics more than made up for it.

If she’s tired (or it’s a Sunday-Tuesday), then just talk to her, get to know her and leave her alone.

This is also your chance to get inside her head.  Find out why she’s traveling, where she’s been so far, and why she came to your city.

Sit back, enjoy the wine and let her blab for a while. Shut up and just listen to her. Where is she coming from? What’s her background? Is she running away or running toward something? Young, single girls roaming the globe are not as common as you might think.

Your job here to build rapport; getting laid will come later.

Pull her into your world. Tell her a bit about yourself, your background and why you came to this city (if it’s not your native city). Tell her a story or two about how this country/city/place inspired you to reach some new heights as a man.

Seed her imagination. Give her few tips about the city. Tell her where to go, and where not go. Tell her that there’s this great restaurant she should try but its name escapes you (so you can take her there yourself later). Tell her about this one bar with a sick view of the city that she just has to try, and that if you have time you’ll take her there one night.


Even though I typically work from home, my time is valuable, so I will not sacrifice it to show the girl around during daytime. The reason is that she needs to know that your time, is, indeed, valuable, and moreover no one has sex during the day at some park with sun shining. I make myself unavailable on weekdays but may spend time with her on weekends (time permitting).

Give her some tips so she can wander about on her own. In Barcelona, I typically told the chicks to go see Parc Guell, followed by tapas at a local place. In Rio, it was to see Corcovado statue, followed by a plate of homemade feijoada in Copacabana.

Tell her you also have some things to do, and arrange to meet her back at the apartment by 6 or 7pm.

Meet her back at the apartment in evening and see how her day was. Did she enjoy going to see the places you recommended? Did she have food at those local joints you mentioned? Tease her a bit if she had trouble finding either one (“Ah you didn’t find it? Did you go to McDonalds instead?”).

Feel her out and see what her mood is like. Does she wanna slip into a tight skirt and some high heels and get wasted in the hottest club in the city, or is she up for something more low-key like a quiet bar with a view overlooking the city?

In Rio, I usually took the girls to the Lapa district for high-energy nightlife or a quiet bar by the Lagoa Lake, depending on the girl’s personality.

If she’s undecided, suggest the bar for drinks followed by the club. At the bar order light snacks or appetizers, and avoid anything heavy that may inhibit the absorption of your best friend and ally: alcohol.


Once you change environments by getting her out of the house and to a nice bar, she’ll begin to realize that you’re no longer just some host, but perhaps something more (the “more” part she’ll be unsure off well until your thick cock is violating her tight pussy.)

Your job here is to simply change the venue; so don’t start spitting heavy game first. Relax and take it slow. She’ll begin seeing you in a different light in the new environment, and her behavior should change accordingly.

Before you blurt out the first flirt or compliment, take notice of how she’s acting. Has she become seemingly more nervous or unsure? Is she complimenting more with each passing sip of the wine?

Make a joke or two about something pertaining to her. Don’t fall into the trap of “negging” her or getting overly cocky/arrogant with her. Remember: she’s not some nightclub slut begging for abuse, but a guest in your home who’s already seeking your validation.

If she’s not looking around the venue for something better, but instead is engaging in eye contact with you, then it’s on. Just use standard game. Change the venue, to a club or another intimate bar. Each venue change increases your chance of the bang dramatically. Don’t ask, just lead.

If things are heating up at the other venue, then escalate (for non American/Western girls) or play it cool and aloof (for American/Western girls). Have fun, stay a bit longer, and then see if perhaps she wants to go home.

Once you get her home, continue using standard game to get through her last minute objections, if any.

If she refuses to have sex, don’t push it too much, just let her sleep and go back to your bed. Unless she’s leaving in the morning, you’ll get another shot at the title the following night.

Under normal circumstance, I use every trick in the book to get a bang, but with a possible negative looming over my head if things don’t work out, I play it cool with CouchSurfing chicks.

Patience is a virtue.

Some girls have boyfriends abroad, so while it will look like they’ll have sex with you, all you will be left is your own blue balls. Chuck that up as experience, and move on.


If you’ve gotten the bang, congratulations! Job well done. If not, no big deal, there’s a lot more fish in the CouchSurfing sea.

Make sure to always leave things on a good note. I know it’s difficult if the chick lead you on but didn’t put out, but remember that when meeting chicks on CouchSurfing, we need to play by different rules. So leave the ego out of it, and act cool.

Regardless of what happened, always leave her a positive reference. I like to wait a few days before writing something to see if she’ll leave me a negative for some reason.  When writing the reference, do not say how great she’s at giving blowjobs or how fantastic she rides cock. Be discrete like the other 455 guys that banged her before you.

Rinse and repeat.


CouchSurfing was designed as a way to foster cultural exchanges, but it’s even better as a medium for fluidal (and God knows what else) exchanges. When used properly it can be an absolutely brilliant tool for getting laid.  The girl comes to your house, sleeps in your place and expects you to entertain her. What could be better?

So if you’re a single guy, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by not taking advantage of the greatest tool ever invented to foster and enhance meaningful cultural and fluidal exchanges worldwide.

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