When I wrote The Road to Global Citizen, I explained my journey from merely taking few trips to a nearby country to taking longer and longer trips and finally settling somewhere and establishing bases around the world. To say that it has been a crucial transformation would be an understatement.

In today’s podcast, I go in detail about the whole process and the mindset behind it. I explain my rationale for establishing bases abroad and designing your life in a way that jives with your personality and your interests.

I also discuss some of the topics that I haven’t really touched up on before. One of them is taxation. When you live and work in one country, you obviously pay taxes there. But what happens when you’re a citizen of one country but live (residency) in another? What about if you form a company in some other countries? Where do you need to pay taxes and why? Although I’m not a tax attorney, I share with you my understanding when it comes to these concepts.

Another topic I discuss is something called “The Flag Theory.” Some of you have probably heard of it, but for those who haven’t, it’s a way of spreading your resources around the world so that you don’t have one point (one country) of failure.

I also spend time talking about the proper mindset you should have when it comes to living abroad and going to places where you’re treated best. While there’s certainly more than one way of doing it, this is a strategy that has worked well for me and probably will also work well for you.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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