In this mega episode of the Maverick Podcast, I talk about how to jumpstart your entrepreneurial plans in 2018. I discuss lots of interesting things that are happening that make becoming an entrepreneur easier than ever in our history.

WARNING: This podcast is NOT intended for those who are super happy with their 9-5.

There are lots of gems in this podcast, including:

  • The bromance love story of how Amazon Prime became my new wingman
  • How to easily make $200-$1,000 this weekend with your first-ever side hustle
  • How to participate in the greatest wealth transfer in history
  • How to easily turn your “dead personal capital” into “live personal capital”
  • Why random guys are making rap music videos in Brooklyn
  • Why there are no vbloggers in Ukraine
  • How to not only save time but buy future time
  • The biggest difference between USA and my favorite countries outside the West
  • Did I decide to remain and live in NYC full time?
  • Why you must play 3D chess in 2018 instead of checkers you’ve been doing all along
  • My overuse of tired baseball analogies even though I never played baseball in my life
  • If I was starting out today why I would do everything differently—and what exactly would I change
  • And, as usual, many more amazing and interesting things

As always, if you have any questions/comments/criticisms, leave a comment below.


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James Maverick

James Maverick

James Maverick used to work in a cubicle as a code monkey in Silicon Valley. Then, in 2007, he quit his job and a one-way ticket to Brazil. Ever since, he continued to travel, visiting over 85 countries and living in more than a dozen of them. He loved his location-independent lifestyle and has no plans to live in America.

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