Three years ago, I launched the Maverick Entrepreneur Bootcamp. The goal was to introduce to the masses to a simple system that takes your passion and turns it into a money-generating business while you sleep. As a result, over the years, thousands of different people were able to essentially monetize what they love and quit their soulless 9-5 jobs where they were making their bosses rich instead of themselves. 

Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of my newest training: the Maverick Mindset Bootcamp. Unlike the previous training that focuses on monetizing your passion, this training is all about reaching your pinnacle as a man so that you can attract and maintain relationships (if you choose) with quality women who will unconditionally desire you.

One of the goals of this training is to eliminate the harmful feminized programming that has been seeping into our Western culture and make men great again. The goal is to revive masculinity and make you feel comfortable being a man who’s on his purpose instead of some atom that’s hopelessly and confusingly traveling through space.

I will warn you: this training isn’t a bunch of PUA pickup lines “Say this and she’ll sleep with you” bullshit or mainstream “dating advice” that’ll find in some magazine Cosmo or Maxim. This is serious training for men who really want to understand what it takes to attract and keep around the woman they want.

For many men, especially the nice guys, this training will mean a complete turnaround of what you think women want and expect to what women truly want. Some people call it “red pill,” but I call it human nature and law of the universe. It’s just how things work in the real world (and in cultures without feminized propaganda). After taking this training, you’ll never view masculinity, dating and relationships with women the same way ever again.

Moreover, even if you’re not looking to have a girlfriend or build relationships with women, the information in this training will make you view women and their behavior in an entirely new light, in ways you haven’t even fathomed before.

The training consists of many hours of high quality video content arranged into a series of modules that discuss a particular topic in depth. It’s filled with advanced topics that go against conventional beliefs as to what women say they want, to what they actually do want.

If you’ve been enjoying watching my video series on women and relationships, you will absolutely love this training.

This weekend, through Monday at midnight, you can grab the training at a special price. On Monday, April 29th, at midnight, the doors close and you won’t be able to buy the training at any price.

The special introductory pricing is only $127 for the entire training, including all the modules and content (reg price is $297).

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Remember, on Monday, April 29th, at midnight the doors close forever and you won’t be able to get access at any price.

If you’re experiencing any issues, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email to James AT [this domain], and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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