In this short video, I explain which countries are dangerous and unpredictable, which countries are relatively safe and which countries are super safe.

I also explain how you should behave when you’re abroad and the deeper reasons why some cultures/countries are more dangerous or safer than others.

Also, for the next 30 days, I will be putting up a video every day. Here are some of the topics that I will cover:

  • Travel and culture
  • Entrepreneurship and hustling
  • My proven productivity and anti-procrastination techniques
  • Life philosophy
  • And many more interesting topics

Here are some upcoming videos that I have planned:

  • What is the new “click economy” and how to easily profit from it
  • My 2018 planner and productivity tutorial (and a challenge for you to participate)
  • Why I prefer to only live in Tier-1 cities
  • Future travel plans (you’ll be surprised)
  • The surprising benefits of living in New York City
  • The biggest difference between America and the rest of the world

If you have some ideas for new videos, let me know in the comments below.

I will not be updating this blog with every single new video, so make sure to subscribe to my new channel here.


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James Maverick

James Maverick

James Maverick used to work in a cubicle as a code monkey in Silicon Valley. Then, in 2007, he quit his job and a one-way ticket to Brazil. Ever since, he continued to travel, visiting over 85 countries and living in more than a dozen of them. He loved his location-independent lifestyle and has no plans to live in America.

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