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The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

In this short video, I explain which countries are dangerous and unpredictable, which countries are relatively safe and which countries are super safe.

I also explain how you should behave when you’re abroad and the deeper reasons why some cultures/countries are more dangerous or safer than others.

Also, for the next 30 days, I will be putting up a video every day. Here are some of the topics that I will cover:

  • Travel and culture
  • Entrepreneurship and hustling
  • My proven productivity and anti-procrastination techniques
  • Life philosophy
  • And many more interesting topics

Here are some upcoming videos that I have planned:

  • What is the new “click economy” and how to easily profit from it
  • My 2018 planner and productivity tutorial (and a challenge for you to participate)
  • Why I prefer to only live in Tier-1 cities
  • Future travel plans (you’ll be surprised)
  • The surprising benefits of living in New York City
  • The biggest difference between America and the rest of the world

If you have some ideas for new videos, let me know in the comments below.

I will not be updating this blog with every single new video, so make sure to subscribe to my new channel here.



  1. Hey man!

    Interesting content.

    Ironically, the only time I’ve been mugged was the first day I was in Central America.

    It was a sunny afternoon on a busy street. The muggers only took cash. They didn’t take credit cards and ID, so I definitely appreciated that.

  2. Japan is probably the safest country in the world. It’s an incredible culture that values humility and honor to the highest degree.

  3. If I can consider 5 countries the safest ones to visit or move, I would say:

    Dominican Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, Ukraine, and Philippines

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