I’ve been meaning to record more videos for a while for this blog, and the beginning of a new year is as better time as any.

Here are the latest ones:

The Truth About New York City: Why it’s not a city for everyone


Language Hacking: Top 2 Mistakes You’re Making When Learning A Foreign Language


Introduction to Personal Branding: What is a brand, and why it’s so crucial to your success


There are a few other travel videos on my YouTube channel. Please make sure to subscribe.

Going forward, I plan to record videos regularly.

If you have ideas for future videos, please let me know in the comments below.

There also seems to be quite a few of us here in Kiev, Ukraine. So, let’s do a meet-up. If you’re in town, let me know, and I’ll organize something.

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James Maverick

James Maverick

James Maverick used to work in a cubicle as a code monkey in Silicon Valley. Then, in 2007, he quit his job and a one-way ticket to Brazil. Ever since, he continued to travel, visiting over 85 countries and living in more than a dozen of them. He loved his location-independent lifestyle and has no plans to live in America.
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