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You Are Not Masculine Enough For Feminine Women

In today’s podcast, I explain why Western men are just too feminine for genuine feminine women. I explain why feminine women ask you for money or buy expensive things for them. I back it up with my experience in Eastern Europe and then talk about how you can become more masculine in order to become more attractive to women.

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  1. Hey James, thanks for the podcast. I can completely identify with the feeling that you talk about. I would just like to ask one thing. If I feel that I am above the girl and that girl is “needy” about me it does not interest me. It is more funny to try to pick on the girls that are all super feminine, it´s a game. Is it a mistake ? I mean if I automatically feels ” this girls is above me” (just because how she looks and behave, confident, older, etc.) and it is a challange for me to get her – it interests me more than if the girls which is pretty but needy about me. I am just not interested in a girl if there is no game. If I feel she feels she is above me, I meen it looses its magic. On the other hand I have to train myself because somehow being with a very pretty girl always gets me into a position that I have to prove myself and my value :/

    • I try to stick with E. European women because of their femininity.
      They’re not needy and when you do hold your frame and be a man, it drives them wild.

      The best way to get the best women is to be your best self.
      Have a goal/mission and focus on that 100%.

      You don’t deserve the best and won’t be able to hold onto it unless you take the best actions in life…. take care of your health, fitness, and always be working towards big goals. When I gave up my big career for entrepreneurship I was still dating gorgeous, successful women even though I was broke because I pushed forward towards a vision.

      If you have your shit together your woman will believe in and support you.

      N. American women always comment in a slightly complaining way that they don’t know what I’m thinking, or I’m too unemotional.

      E. Europeans love it and always put up little tests against your masculinity and position. They test to see how committed you are to your goals vs. them.

      When you choose your goals they become obsessed and stick like glue.
      A couple years ago I did a test with a girl raised in Moldova that is now a doctor here. Told her how much I liked her and messaged her when I’d think about her and started being more open…. she lost interest in a few weeks

      … then I pulled back hard and went on like I didn’t know her…. ended up having to block her because she reached out to test, I’d ignore her then respond way later when I had time to play. She became obsessed again. Ended up having to block her on everything.

  2. Looking forward to this mindset course u are talking about .
    When r u gonna release it ?
    And what’s your email address ? How to reach you ?

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