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Kiev Killed My Inner Digital Nomad; Plans For 2019

It’s hard to believe that it’s already February of 2019. I faintly remember exactly a year ago when I was hustling in New York City, trying to build my first ecommerce business as well as to understand the monster that is Facebook Ads. The end result was building several successful ecommerce stores that are mostly running on autopilot and are turning in a tidy profit every month.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my new apartment in the smack center of Kiev, about a block from the main street and a mere 10 minutes from the Independence Square where the famous “Maidan Revolution” took place in 2014.

Throughout the past 3-4 years, I’ve lived all over Kiev in all kinds of different neighborhoods, but this apartment definitely takes the cake. I suppose it’s the reward for all the hard work.

I love living in Kiev so much, that I sort of lost the desire to escape every now and then to another country and see a new city. Moving around the world just doesn’t have the same allure as it had before. Sure, I’ve traveled a bit throughout Ukraine, visiting different cities, but I could definitely see myself living in Kiev for the foreseeable future without needing to move around too much.

One great thing about Kiev (and Ukraine) is the location. Most of Europe is only several hours away by plane. Then, there’s the Caucus region consisting of countries such as Armenia and Georgia that are also a few hours away. Flights to these destinations aren’t terribly expensive, so there’s always an opportunity to fly to Georgia for a weekend or more and then come back to Kiev.

Thus, Georgia and Armenia are two destinations I hope to explore this year.

When it comes to Europe as a whole, it’s a continent that I’ve covered throughout the years so there aren’t many countries that I’d like to visit (or revisit).

There’s one country that I’ve visited and hope to return to: Portugal. I visited Portugal back in 2012 and had an excellent time. I actually found it friendlier and more laid-back than Spain. Plus, since I speak Portuguese (as a result of living in Brazil), I can easily get around, talk to locals and get the inside scoop on the best spots not covered in your favorite guide-book.

When it comes to exploring the warm shores of the Mediterranean, I’ve visited most of the countries and relaxed on their beautiful shores. The main exception on this list is Greece, an interesting country that I haven’t yet visited.

Hopefully this year, I will finally get to know this interesting country and enjoy its awesome food and pristine beaches.

Of course, there’s Asia with amazing countries such as Thailand and Bali, where I spent several months living back in 2016. I also have a desire to visit China one day, but as it stands, I’m not sure that I will be able to do this year. Maybe my plans will change, and I will drop European countries in favor of visiting Thailand or China.

The other big country that I haven’t mentioned is the country where I mostly grew up and spent the majority of my time living and working: United States of America.

As the years went on, my interest and desire to spend time in this country has markedly decreased. I’m now at the point in my life where I would have no reason to visit USA had it not been for my family and my one-year-old niece that I love seeing grow up. She finally started walking and it’s incredible to see her grow from a small baby to an actual human being with her own character and behavior.

However, if I didn’t have family there, I honestly can’t say when—and if ever—I would return to America.

There’s nothing about America that interests me in visiting.

While living in Kiev is far from perfect (the winter sucks). After more than 10 years of traveling and living abroad, I’m happy to say that I’ve found my oasis of happiness. At least for now.

Projects in the pipeline

There are a couple of projects that I’m currently working on. The first is a book that I’ve been writing on and off for about eight months. It’s based on my struggles and tribulation of building a location-independent business while living around the world.

The second is a new course that I’m working on. It’s about relationships. After I conquered the money issue, relationships have been something that I’ve been struggling with for years (even without realizing it), but now believe I have a solid grasp on.

Meeting women is fairly easy, building healthy relationships is much, much harder. This training will transfer to you my knowledge and experience of things like how to filter women for relationship or marriage material and much more. If there’s one thing I regret in my life, it’s not knowing how to determine whether the woman is truly quality or not, early on so that I didn’t need to waste my time, energy and resources on a hopes for a relationship that never worked out.

Aside from that, I will also be announcing the opening of the Maverick Entrepreneur Bootcamp Live program. In this program, I will be working with a select number of you on a 1:1 basis and helping you with all kinds of issues, whether it’s business or personal. This will be a limited time program, and I will only select a few individuals out of many applicants.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

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  1. Hi James, Marcello here. I’m a copywriter and run an italian affiliate network. I’d love to connect since I also live in Kiev and love the city. Add me on Fb if you are interested, cheers!

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