When you’re traveling, visas and residencies are the last thing on your mind.

After all, you’re just spending few days or few weeks in the country and then moving to a new place.

That all changes when you fall in love with a country and decide to stay longer than the tourist visa allows.

Congratulations: welcome to the beautiful world of bureaucracy and weird rules that don’t seem to make any sense whatsoever.

In this episode, I break down everything there’s to know about visas, residencies and passports.

Here’s what’s discussed:

  • How visas work around the world
  • My experiences with staying longer than the visa allowed in various countries.
  • What are some of the problems with overstaying visas and the like
  • The difference between temp residency, perm residency and citizenship.
  • My experience getting a foreign residency and why I got it.
  • Do you need to get a residency in a foreign country?
  • What are your options when getting a foreign passport?
  • The easiest ways to get foreign residencies and second passports.
  • And many more tips and tricks when it comes to making your life in foreign countries a breeze.



Episode #030 – Visas, Temporary & Permanent Residencies, Foreign Passports

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