I can’t even imagine living in a foreign country without at least being conversational in the local language. Forget relying on English. It just isn’t the same.

If I know I will spend more than a month (or a year) in a country, learning the language is a no brainer. It’s a must.

In this podcast, I share with you my strategy for learning languages quickly:

  • How I picked up Spanish and Portuguese in record time
  • Why I consider Russian a foreign language (even though it’s my native) and how that helps me master other languages
  • How to find motivation for learning foreign languages
  • How to start learning a foreign language
  • Why people fail with foreign languages
  • Why I couldn’t care less about grammar and other aspects that confuse other people
  • 3 things you should completely ignore when learning a foreign language
  • And many more strategies, tips and tricks


Episode #034 – Language hacking

00:00 / 29:30