What Russian Supermodels And KGB Criminals Have In Common


As I sit in my apartment right in the heart of Kyiv, I can't help to appreciate a certain rawness about Eastern Europe that I just love.

It’s hard to explain to those who’ve never been to the region, but the foreigners who’ve lived here have a hard time grasping this concept. But Eastern Europe is raw. Much more raw than your comfortable West. That's indeed what makes it so special as opposed to the boring West. That's why people come here and enjoy staying here.

For instance, take something as raw as a conflict between two men. You’re much more likely to get into a physical altercation in a city like Moscow than in a city like New York. I’m not saying that Moscow is more violent than New York, but an Eastern European man is much more like to resort to physical violence to solve a problem than an American man, who, instead, might choose to hire a lawyer and sue you in the court of law.

This isn’t just applicable to “random” disagreements you might have with someone on the street but is also applicable to situations where, for instance, a man happens to find out that his wife is cheating with another man. In that case, it wouldn't be entirely unusual for the woman's husband (and a couple of his friends) to show up at the guy's work or home to “solve the problem.” This is not something a random New Yorker might want to do for fear of easily getting arrested and sent to prison for assault.

Corruption is another area where things are much more “raw” and “closer to the metal.” In Eastern Europe, corruption is simple: a politician pays himself more salary for “special expenses” or influences the government to award contracts to his business friends (or his own company). Or, if they're even that sophisticated, they just blatantly steal money from the government's budget.

In Eastern Europe, you don’t need much digging and investigative reporting to see where the money is going. In the United States, the UK or some other developed Western country, things aren’t very transparent. The corruption is still there, but it’s so beautifully masked and embedded into our mind and culture that even though there’s plenty of corruption in America, it’s countries like Russia and Ukraine that are pretty much synonymous with the word “corruption.”

When the American government wants to steal from its citizens, they do it in many sophisticated ways. There are complicated tax laws that allow rich people lots of write-offs that the middle-class earners, thus allowing some American companies to pay zero taxes.

But when Russians want to steal, they just steal. No complicated tax laws. No confusing off-shore companies (of course, they have those two), they just take the money and run.

Just recently, there was news in Russian media about five FSB (equivalent to America’s FBI) agents were arrested by other FSB agents after taking a business man’s deposit $2M deposit and splitting it amongst themselves. These guys raided a bank after being tipped off by a bank teller after a large deposit and ran off with the money. Of course, they were later caught and apprehended, but since they had connections to the highest levels in the agency, it’s questionable if they will serve much time if any.

Money and power, raw money and raw power is the name of the game in Eastern Europe. Part of it is because governments are so weak and corrupt themselves, that the average man needs to build everything himself and make his own money. This ain’t Denmark where you have universal healthcare and a universal safety net where you can work doing “what you love” and still be able to have a decent living.

But in Russia and Ukraine, things are different. And this is where real masculinity shines. This is where men are “old school,” where they take responsibility for building, protecting and providing for that family and their loved ones. But once you make enough money to provide for your family, where does the rest go? To the women, of course.

The counterpart to masculine men is feminine women. The more masculine the men, the more feminine the women. In my opinion, Eastern Europe is the place where you have super masculine men and super feminine women. It’s the perfect confluence of sexes that you don’t experience elsewhere—especially in the sexually-neutered West.

Thus, it’s no surprise that Eastern European women are some of the most feminine women in the world. They have to be, act and stay feminine to be selected by the successful masculine men who can protect them, care and provide for them. And the constant manicures, hair salons, gyms, and buying nice clothing proves this fact.

The result is a society that, at the extreme, can be very raw. I say, “at the extreme,” because not every woman and not every man is super feminine and masculine, respectively. Not all men are super hustlers who are trying to make a killing and not every woman is a perfect ten supermodel who is seeking a super high-value man. There are plenty of “regular” guys and “regular” women who aren’t that ambitious that they must have the absolute best of everything. In other words, Eastern Europe has hipsters, too.

But even when taken as an aggregate, the average man is much more masculine than, say, in America. They’re much more decisive and have that “the strong, silent type” behavior. Conversely, the women are that much more feminine. Why? Because being feminine that’s the purest way of attracting a masculine and capable man. Neither of that is some accident, but an evolved survival and reproduction strategy. After all, no high-value man would ever want to spend his quality time with a masculine, ball-busting woman.

It’s no surprise that many young women that won beauty contests across Russia or Moscow have been known to be associated with all kinds of mafiosos, criminals and gangsters. Although these men might have built their lives on the wrong side of the law, they are ambitious and domineering men who get what they want in life.

Feminized America

Living so long in Eastern Europe made me realize is how feminized America and the West are. I mean, we’re talking about a culture where the majority of men’s behavior is, well, feminine. Where men put women up on a pedestal, emotionally argue with women, believe in the so-called “50/50 relationships” where men and women aren't romantically involved, but are “partners,” and where men employ a scarcity mentality where they’re made to believe that the women they’re with are the only one in the world.

If there’s one word that describes Eastern Europe women, it's “submissive.” Generally, a woman’s attractive level determines how submissive she’s. If she’s very attracted, then she’s super submissive. If the man is dominant, she’s super submissive.

Why are American women so masculine? It's a question that every American man has been asking themselves for the past twenty years or more years. The answer is simple: it's because the men are so feminine. And I can bet you that you don't even know why. The fact of the matter is that the behavior that you consider as being “normal” is very feminine. Ever seen men argue on Twitter either amongst themselves or troll Trump's latest tweet? (Or if they liked Trump, they trolled liberals or SJWs). Well, in case you didn't know, trolling is feminine behavior. Masculine men simply don't have time nor energy to troll because they're too busy conquering the world. I can't imagine a healthy, successful Eastern European man argue with another man over some inconsequential stuff, like, why some anonymous man on the Internet said one thing and what he meant.

If there's anything that I learned about masculinity and femininity while living in Eastern Europe is that men and women are radically different, much more different than I had anticipated. If you want to understand the genders, you have to be outright sexist. For instance, I don't let my girlfriend cook my steaks because I feel that it's a man's job and that I should be doing it. Her job is to take care of the house and create a nice environment where I can home and relax. While I understand that I'm with a good girl who won't leave me the second I have financial difficulties, I'm also not so naive to think that she's going to continue living with a man who has zero ambition to make his and his future family's life the very best it can be.

Nature has created a certain balance when it comes to how men and women behave. A man's mission is to conquer the world while the women's mission is to conquer the man who's conquering the world. That includes the men amassing fortunes any way they can and beauty queens stopping at nothing to be part of that fortune. Eastern Europe reflects that perfectly. Maybe that's why a lot of things just make sense in this part of the world.

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Mr.P July 24, 2019 - 4:16 pm

Nice article James, sums up many of the cultural differences between the safe and feminized bubble that is the West and most of Eastern Europe nicely, although it could be applied to many other non-Western places such as SA and parts of SEA.

James Maverick July 25, 2019 - 2:10 am

Thanks, Mr. P.

Santiago D'Anconia July 25, 2019 - 4:41 pm

Makes me want to move to Moscow to see if I have the balls to make it.

PeopleAreMoreThanTheirGender November 22, 2019 - 3:32 pm

I will never thrive in this hyper masculine environment as a woman who don’t believe that a man’s ego is more important than that of a female. Happy to have moved to the West where women are treated as people and not somebody who must be submissive to a man in order to feel valuable.

Most societies in Asia are like these. Even if women empowerment are also becoming popular, the laws still favour the men and this is why I will never go back in a backward country with these kind of values.


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