About Maverick Traveler

“A renegade traveler.” — Business Insider, Dec 2013

“One of the greatest philosophers and travel writers.” — Return of Kings, Oct 2015 

Maverick Traveler is a self-improvement site that teaches men how to live abroad while making money online.

Maverick Traveler is about freedom, travel, excitement, living life on your own terms, escaping mediocrity.

Maverick Traveler is a post-Western man. He’s post-modern man. He’s looking for something new and exciting. He wants to live his life instead of merely “existing.”

Maverick Traveler doesn’t want to help others build their own dreams; he wants to build his own dream.

Ultimately, “Maverick Traveler” is a mindset. It represents all of us.

How to navigate the site

There are over 300,000 words of content, enough to fill 5 full-size books. Everything from traveling, to motivation, to building a business.

This article summarized the philosophy of the site:

On the difficulties of being a Western man:

On America:

On dating in American/Western countries:

On the spread of Western culture:

On motivation:

On being the best very best you can be:

On not being lazy:

On thinking differently:

On living your life to the fullest:

On making money on your own terms:

The site is divided into four main categories:

Books and guides

I’ve written three books: The Sovereign Man, The Way of the Maverick

The theme of both books is to remake and conquer yourself.

The Sovereign Man is the foundation for all men looking to be truly sovereign and independent. It teaches you how to eradicate neediness and be a man of super high value. Click here to learn more.

The Way of the Maverick is a series of stories that teaches you how to overcome all kinds of obstacles, doubts, dilemmas, problems and hurdles. It teaches you how to build life on your own terms, overcome approach anxiety, understand the value of money, build your own business, as as well as many other goals and objectives. Click here to learn more.

About James

James was born in Ukraine (Eastern Europe) and moved to The United States of America (New York City) at an early age.

After spending many years living and working in America, he became disillusioned with the overall lack of quality life. He hated the confusing dating “rules.” He hated the constant flakiness and lack of natural human relationships. He hated the shallow, cookie-cutter “culture.”

In 2009, he quit his high-paying job for a big tech company in Silicon Valley and bought a one-way ticket to Brazil. The plan was to spend 1-3 months, but he ended up staying for a bit over 2 years.

Things clicked so much in Brazil that he started wondering whether there was something truly toxic about Western culture, something that he couldn’t quite pinpoint while he was living in America.

Ultimately, he realized that living in America just isn’t for him. That motivated him to build a location-independent lifestyle in order to permanently live abroad.

Since then, he’s been to 75+ countries and extensively lived in about a dozen of them. He’s been more than happy and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

He knows 6 languages.

His mission is to use his experience and background—as someone who lives both in the West and East—to help fellow men navigate the increasingly chaotic and complex world.

He is also one of the few people to be interviewed in Return of Kings—one of the largest male-oriented sites in the world—not once but twice. The first time (2014) it was about travel-related topics. The second time (2015) was masculinity, travel, etc.


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