About Maverick Traveler

“A renegade traveler.” — Business Insider, Dec 2013

“One of the greatest philosophers and travel writers.” — Return of Kings, Oct 2015 

My name is James. I was born in Ukraine (Eastern Europe) and moved to The United States of America (New York City) at an early age.

After spending many years living and working in America, I became disillusioned with the overall lack of quality life. I hated the confusing dating “rules.” I hated the constant flakiness and lack of natural human relationships. I hated the shallow, cookie-cutter “culture.”

In 2007, I quit my high-paying job at a big tech company in Silicon Valley and bought a one-way ticket to Brazil. The plan was to spend 1-3 months, but I ended up staying for a bit over 2 years.

Things clicked so much in Brazil that I started wondering whether there was something truly toxic about Western culture, something that I couldn’t quite pinpoint while I was living in America.

Ultimately, I realized that living in America just isn’t for me. That motivated me to build a location-independent lifestyle in order to permanently live abroad.

Since then, I’ve been to 75+ countries and extensively lived in about a dozen of them. I’ve been more than happy and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I also speak six languages fluently.

My mission is to use my experience and background—as someone who lives both in the West and East—to help fellow men navigate the increasingly chaotic and complex world.


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