About a year ago, I launched The Maverick Entrepreneur Bootcamp, the comprehensive  video course for building any kind of online business. The course was a huge success right from start, with hundreds of you registering. Few months later, many of you contacted me and told me that you were shortly launching your very first business; some of you were even ecstatic at having gotten your first few sales.

In many ways, The Maverick Entrepreneur Bootcamp was a culmination of a decade’s worth of work. The site and the blog (Maverick Traveler) is about freedom and sovereignty, and the course gave you a step-by-step formula for achieving this lifestyle. It’s no wonder the course was such a huge success.

Over time, I’ve gotten lots of requests for assistance on other aspects of self-development such as positive masculinity, attraction and relationships, language hacking and more. Basically all the things that I talked about on the blog. In response, I created various mini courses in order to help you achieve development in those areas.

As time went by, I realized that the courses that I’ve created formed an integral part of everything I represented. Sure, being able to make money online is an important step towards sovereignty, but the journey shouldn’t (and doesn’t) end there: understanding masculinity, attracting the opposite sex, forming healthy relationships, learning foreign languages are crucial pillars as well. Additionally, I realize that many of have regular jobs and giving up your main income stream to do something else is simply not an option. For those of you, I’ve created the Maverick Masterclass, a comprehensive course that teaches you how to build a side hustle without quitting your job.

When combined, this array of courses (plus other content that I’ve produced, including my books and old articles) start to resemble more of a university or an academy. This is why I decided to combine all these courses into the newly created Maverick Academy.

The Maverick Academy includes the following comprehensive video courses:

For the past several months, I’ve been hard at work on the “True Attraction and Relationships” course. The course teaches you how to build and maintain attraction, relation dynamics and reliable signs to look for a partner. The second half of the course guides on achieving longer term relationships while telling you some of the crucial pitfalls to avoid.

But that’s not all, when you join The Maverick Academy, you get access to all the premium content I’ve ever created: my three books, my old podcasts, my old writing and lots of other goodies. There’s also a member forum where you can connect and plot world domination with fellow mavericks.

If you’ve been enjoying the free stuff on Maverick Traveler, you’ll definitely enjoy the premium stuff on the Maverick Academy.

Here’s the thing, this weekend you’ll be able to register for the Academy at a nice discount. After the weekend, registration will permanently close and you’ll no longer be able to join The Academy at any price. That means you’ll no longer be able to register for any of the courses, but members who’ve joined will receive future updates as soon as I make them available.

The reason for that is that my priorities for the brand are changing and, going forward, I’ll be shifting focus to slightly different topics. I’ll still talk about countries, travel and location-independence, but from a slightly different perspective. This means new books, new posts, and, generally, new content. All of this will be revealed in due time. Very exciting times ahead.

Additionally, because I want to see everyone reach their pinnacle, I’m offering a complimentary consultation to the first ten purchases.

Plus, all members will receive priority email access to me.

Plus, members of the academy will automatically receive new content and updates as it becomes available.

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Remember, The Academy will be open for enrollment this weekend only. On Sunday, September 17, at midnight EST, it will close its doors forever.

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I eagerly look forward to seeing you inside the members area!