Last year, I unveiled the Maverick Mentorship, a mentorship program that aims to help other guys (and girls) break away from conformity and achieve many of the things they’ve wanted to achieve for a long time.

After spending the month working with ambitious men, I put the mentorship on hold in order to concentrate on other projects and endeavors.

Now, I’m ready to do it again.

Why Mentorship?

I’ll be blunt with you: you need a mentor. If you’re truly serious about improving and getting to the next level—if you’re dead serious about making permanent changes in your life—you really do need someone to show you what works and what doesn’t. You need someone who’ll guide you through all the minefields so you don’t waste lots of precious time working on something that has zero or little chance of success.

I’m no exception. I’ve had mentors throughout my life, and I certainly wouldn’t be the person I’m today if it wasn’t for some of the guys who helped open the world to me.

While everything I write is straight from the heart and I stand by everything that I’ve written, my writing is designed to appeal to a mass audience; it’s less suitable for a single individual with his or her unique obstacles, goals and objectives.

Reading sites like mine are great for motivation or inspiration (or mental masturbation), but for making real moves, you need something that goes beyond, something extra. You need someone who understands your specific life situation and can give you concrete and actionable advice that leads to crucial results.

One problem with mentoring is that you can’t work with just anyone. Any quack can build up a decent website, write a couple of general self-improvement articles, and try to convince you that you should listen to him to solve your life’s most pressing problems.

No, what you need is someone with experience. Someone with “boots on ground.” Someone with a reputation. Someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. Someone who can tell you in an hour what will take you years—or forever—to figure out.

There are many “self-styled lifestyle gurus” out there, but what you may not know is that many of them slave at 9-5 jobs in real life. And there’s nothing more foolish than getting advice from someone who isn’t practicing what he preaches.

For the past several years, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, encompassing all kinds of background and experience. And they have nothing but praise about the work we’ve done. One guy I’ve coached over several weeks ended up starting an online business in an area he’s passionate about. Another guy, who was a virgin before we talked, ended up meeting and developing a serious relationship with a great woman.

Here’re some of the things that others have said:

“I’ve just recently started my online business in a niche I love and really passionate about. James and I brainstormed a couple of ideas in order to leverage my talents and developed a blueprint what will hopefully be a sustainable business with a recurring revenue.” — Robert

“James doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He tells you what works and what doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s his Eastern European background. I’m tired of talking to people who sell me some far-fetched half-baked ideas that have a very low chance of materializing. Talking to James has truly been a breath of fresh air.” — Steven

“It was good talking to you, Maverick — I’ll be starting my nomadic journey the end of April. If you’ll be in Bangkok, let’s have coffee.” — Jose

“Thanks very much for your awesome tips on learning Spanish. Now, I have the confidence to speak it and increase my knowledge over time as I plan my move to Mexico.” — Michael

For the upcoming month of February, I plan on taking just 4 guys for mentoring; this will allow one coaching session per week. This format will give me ample to time to communicate with each one of you, figure out where you’re at in life, get a handle on the things you’re struggling on, and then devise a workable strategy that’ll allow you to realize your goals.

The entire mentoring program will be carefully customized for your unique experience and needs. During the program, we’ll work together on creating a personalized plan to help you tackle some of the issues you’re having and put you on the right track.

As my time and your time isn’t free, the mentoring won’t be free either. The cost will be reasonable to match the services provided. As I’ve said above, this program is for men or women who’re ready to make the big leap and finally conquer some of the things that were holding them back. This program is not for casual users who’re happy exactly where they’re right now. I won’t be content until you attain your milestones and objectives.

How Can I Help You?

  • Entrepreneurship

Most of the previous mentoring has been around Entrepreneurship. The idea was to take a particular interest or passion and then convert that into a sustainable lifestyle.

If you’re interested in building a location-independent business, then throughout the program, we’ll take your idea and passion and work our way through a unique value proposition to a bulletproof brand and finally to products and services that you can offer that’ll enrich other people’s lives.

As a result of mentoring hundreds and hundreds of men, I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. This way you can leverage my experience and knowledge and not waste valuable time.

If you’re not looking to build your own business, we can also discuss many other topics:

  • Traveling and living abroad. I’ve traveled to more than 80 countries and have lived in about 15 of them. As a result, I have a lot of “residual knowledge” and “boots on ground” experience. I can recommend a specific country/region/city based on your needs and requirements (for pleasure, work or both). I can provide advice on great places to work or start an Internet business. I can advice on becoming a resident and sorting out through any kind of visas. I can even create personal itineraries or put you in touch with other experts on the ground who can assist you further.
  • Software development and technology. As a professional software engineer in my former life, I’ve worked in large and small software companies you’ve all heard about (e.g., Yahoo!, Facebook, etc). I’ve also ran a few Internet businesses. I can help you with pretty much anything in regards to software/tech/Silicon Valley and more. We can brainstorm ideas for your future tech venture. I can advice which programming languages you must learn to build any kind of app (mobile, desktop, or web).
  • Women, dating and relationships. As you know, it’s a minefield out there. Most sites that provide advice in this area usually have an angry rhetoric. They serve as an outlet for angry guys who do nothing but bitch and complain. Unfortunately, being angry is no recipe for building a strong and fulfilling relationship. As you’ve already gathered from my writing, my advice is very different. Whether you’re looking for quick sex or long-term relationships, I can help. I can also suggest specific countries based on your specific personality or style.
  • Masculinity. Being a real man is tough in the rapidly Westernizing world. As someone who’s traveled around and studied different philosophies, I’ve developed a mindset that works really well in all kinds of situations. No, it’s not being some mythical “alpha male” that no one really knows what it means. My approach is very different compared to what’s being taught on other masculinity sites. They tell you that you must become someone else (e.g., “alpha male”); whereas I think it’s perfectly okay to be who you are and still get everything you want. I prefer authenticity and honesty. No “games” or “tricks” here, just letting you develop and show your best side to the world.
  • Language learning/hacking. I’m a foreign language nut. I can get around in seven languages: I speak four languages fluently (English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish) and have basic knowledge of two more (Lithuanian, French). I also read and understand Ukrainian. Right now, I’m living in Bali and learning a bit of Indonesian. As a result of learning languages for over two decades, I devised a method to rapidly pickup languages up to a conversational level. I can train you to use this method with actionable steps so that you can pickup a new language very quickly. Language learning should be fun and exciting, not stressful and frustrating. I promise that you’ll never look at language learning the same way again.
  • Anything I’ve written in the past 7 years. Did I miss something? Is there an article that I wrote that you want me to expand further? A topic that piqued your curiosity? Let’s discuss it.
  • Ask me anything. If you don’t have specific questions or issues, or don’t know where to start, you can ask me questions, and I can provide detailed answers and suggestions in “friendly chat” format. This format has worked really well with guys who’re stuck and don’t know where to start.

How Will Mentoring Be Done?

Mentoring will be done either via FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangouts or email.

I’m Interested In Mentoring. How Can I Contact You?

To inquire further and reserve a spot for February (only 4 spots open; the rest will go on the waiting list), please email me: [email protected] (subject: Mentorship) and I’ll get back to you promptly.

The mentoring also comes with many tools and material that I’ve personally developed that’ll help you succeed.

NOTE: Registration for the mentorship ends this Sunday, January 29, 2017. Mentorship will begin on February 1, 2017.

As I’m pretty busy rest of the year, this may be the only time I can do it.

I look forward to putting my experience to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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