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014: The Overpaid Traveler

For this podcast episode, I decided to invite my good friend and fellow traveler, Tim. I met Tim back in 2011 while living in Medellin, Colombia. We continued to stay in touch and have met up in different parts of the world throughout the years including Miami, Copenhagen and Estonia, just to name a few.

Tim used to have a rather unusual job with an unusual schedule: he worked for five weeks straight (16 hours per day) and then traveled for five weeks straight. The job paid extremely well (upwards of $1,500 per DAY and more). The money he made from working for five weeks allowed him to pretty much travel anywhere he wanted and do it in style, without a constraining budget. Some friends and I called him the “overpaid traveler.”

Nevertheless, the lucrative job came with many challenges that weren’t obvious at first.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • What made Tim get into this line of work
  • How he manages his relationships on this bizarre schedule (with friends/girlfriends)
  • How traveling changes you
  • What’s it like to work on an oil rig and live with a bunch of different dudes for 5 weeks straight
  • The craziest experiences he’s had abroad
  • How he plans his travels
  • Why Tim never documented his travels
  • Tim’s advice to his 22-year-old self
  • Why Tim no longer travels as much and what he’s doing instead


You can follow Tim’s adventures here:

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  1. This isn’t coming up in the Maverick Radio feed?

  2. Who do I have to pay to get this job? 🙂

  3. This guy is Australian. Australia is in a fortunate position to have lots of really high paying jobs in mining, engineering, etc which aren’t available to even the lions share of other “high income” western countries.

    Lots of Aussies are earning damn near the equivalent of $500 USD per day while countless Americans feel FORTUNATE to just land jobs where they will clear just $100 per day (like $12.50-14.00 per hour?). Even their hourly minimum wage is the equivalent of like $16 USD or so.

  4. I am a little jealous of the Overpaid Traveler. I wish that I can travel more times. But, I can only do so once a year. My current job is like a second home. I seem to spend more time there than I do in my actual home.

    But, fortunately I will start my online business soon so that I can travel 3 or more times per year.

  5. So, James, how does one get into this? Can one just apply or is it a mafia of sorts?

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