There are three types of men.

Lazy Sheeple

The first type is a “man” without any convictions. He doesn’t represent anything. He doesn’t stand for anything. He doesn’t defend anything. He has no moral codes. He never adds any value, always choosing to extract value from others. His only way of interacting with the world is by being clingy and desperate, all while constantly validating and justifying himself to others.

He needs constant approval and reinforcement to take any action. He lives in an excuse-filled world, perpetually spitting out elaborate but banal excuses as to why he can’t do this or that. Since he doesn’t have his own beliefs, his opinions are opinions of others. His knowledge is the knowledge of others.

That is because he has never done anything interesting; he has nothing to share in the form of stories, experience or knowledge. He’s not interesting. He’s not cool. His lives his whole life vicariously through others.

The hallmark of this man is his sheer laziness, for he always chooses comfort over greatness. He loves gossip because his own life is so meaningless that he must peek inside the lives of others. Enough about this “man.” In fact, calling him a “man” is committing violence against the English language.

Salary Man

The second type is the salary man. He could be single, have a steady girlfriend or even a wife. He has a stable job. He goes to work at 9am sharp and leaves work at 5pm sharp, five days a week. He has two weeks of vacation every year — maybe three if he begs his boss. He’s forever addicted to that biweekly paycheck that’s deposited into his bank account. He doesn’t know any other way; he has no idea how to make a dollar himself. He tries to meet women at local (usually male-infested) bars or resorts to online dating. He rarely travels outside the safe confines of his hometown of Any Town, USA, but when he does he sticks to the popular tourist spots recommended by his trusty guide book. He refuses to learn foreign languages because “everyone speaks English anyway.” His life is very stable, predictable and boring. He thinks inside the box. He lives in the matrix.

The Sovereign Man

The third type is a bit more difficult to describe. When trying to describe him, you immediately stumble, desperately trying to find the right words. That’s because as hard as you try to describe this type of man, you can’t because this type of man doesn’t fit into your pre-existing fixed worldview; he doesn’t follow the same rules that everyone does — he creates his own.

He lives on his own terms. His passport might be American, German, French, British, Russian or Brazilian, but he holds allegiance to no one, whether it’s a particular city, state, country, corporation, idea or ideology. The world is his playground. One day he’s having an espresso at a cafe in Paris, the next day he is training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro.

He sees business opportunities in uncharted lands and quickly makes business contacts. He meets women anywhere and at anytime: streets, cafes, stores, beaches, bars and nightclubs — day or night. One day he is relaxing on a beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the next day he’s building his next startup at a co-working space in Bangkok, Thailand.

One night he’s making love to a gorgeous Colombian woman in Cali, Colombia, the next night he’s seducing a Russian model in Moscow, Russia. He works hard and plays hard. The world is truly his playground. He doesn’t know what limits are. He doesn’t live in the matrix. He doesn’t think inside the box. Every day is another chance to conquer the world.

He’s not answerable to anyone but to himself. He believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. His life. His liberty. His happiness. His sovereignty.

He’s the Sovereign Man.

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