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Ukraine Date Review: Should You Join?

If what you’re after is an honest and legitimate review of Ukraine Date, then look no further. In this guide, I will discuss the overall experience of using Ukraine’s premier dating site as well as its various pros and cons. I will also discuss the best strategy for meeting quality women and setting up dates.

I will wrap up this review with my personal recommendation of the best dating site that will yield the highest quality of women. My goal is for you to make an informed decision in terms of whether you should join the site or not.

Ukraine Date is part of the Cupid Media family of niche sites consisting of such sites as Russian Cupid, Brazilian Cupid, Thai Cupid, and many others. Cupid Media is a reputable company that’s been around since 2000. They’re constantly praised for their transparency and ease of use.


It’s been well established by independent observers that Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. And, unlike some armchair philosopher who’s never left America, I say it with full confidence as a Ukrainian guy who’s currently living in Kiev, Ukraine.

Over the years, online dating has become the easiest way to meet women in faraway lands. This means that you don’t need to be geographically located in the same country in order to begin building a connection with a woman who happens to be in Ukraine. So, whether you’re located in NYC, LA, London or Sydney, you can, right this minute, start contacting and talking to young, available women who’re eager to meet a new man for a serious or not-so-serious relationship.

Having said that, meeting Ukrainian women is no walk in the park, and isn’t as straightforward as it seems. First of all, there are a lot of women who’re looking for sponsorship, especially if you’re a Westerner (who they naturally perceive to have a lot of money). These women are professional gold diggers and should be avoided at all costs.

That’s also why online dating is so tough. Apps like Tinder are full of women who want to exploit you and use you for your money. 

Out of all the sites we’ve personally used and reviewed, we found Ukraine Date to be the best one. It’s the most transparent and straightforward site to use. Plus they are run by a reputable company with a stellar reputation who know exactly what they’re doing.

How it works

Ukraine Date works pretty much like any other dating site. The main interface allows you to filter the kind of women you’re looking for depending on your personal tastes and preferences. So, if you prefer brunettes like me, you can set as your filter and only view profiles of brunette women. 

On the other hand, if you happen to like blondes, you can set that as a preference too. Plus all the usual suspects like age, etc.

Ukraine Date isn’t a free dating site. While you don’t need to pay in order to view profiles and contact some members, you must subscribe to the site in order to enjoy the ability to contact all the members, chat with them and, ultimately, arrange dates.

The site comes with two main membership levels: Gold and Platinum. Gold allows you to chat with the ladies as well as send and receive messages. Platinum gives all the perks of a Gold membership plus a bunch of awesome perks such as rank above all other members, advanced matching and many others

The main selling point of a paying membership—and why we believe you should join—is the ability to contact and message all members across the site, something that you can’t do if you’re on the free Standard plan. 

After all, what’s the point of spending time on a dating site if you can’t contact all members, especially that cute girl that you really want to ask out?

That’s why signing up for a paying membership is super crucial.

Moreover, if you signup for multiple months at once like 6 or 12 months, you will enjoy a steep discount making it the best deal. We especially think that signing up for a Platinum 12-month membership is the best decision you can make; think of it as a solid investment in your dating life.

Signup now and begin meeting quality Ukrainian women

Tips and tricks for getting the absolute best out of Ukraine Date

Make the best of your profile

First of all, make sure you have a set of solid pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so please make sure your pictures show your best side. 

The best pictures are those with a cool background, so whether it’s a cool city, a nice beach, or another lively background, these are the pictures that will attract the best attention.

I also suggest having a natural facial expression. Nothing creepy as though you stalk women for a living, but nothing over the top where your smile is stretched ear-to-ear. Keep it simple and women will respond.

While pictures are super important, you also have to realize that they aren’t everything: words count too. While for men, a woman’s physical looks are important, for women a man’s looks are something like 25-30% of the overall pictures. 

Don’t get me wrong: women want an attractive man, but his interests, confidence and financial situation count for even more than mere looks, especially if the woman is ready to settle down and not just partying non-stop. These sort of women are more interested that your finances are in order and will not be into you purely from your looks.

All of this means, in addition to your pictures, you should also fill out your profile to the fullest, telling perspective women about your background, your experience and what you’re looking for in your ideal woman. A maxed out profile will set you apart from the dozens of lazy and unfilled profiles and send more matches in your direction.

So, definitely, don’t skimp on your profile. It can make the difference between meeting the woman of your dreams and not meeting any quality women at all.

Over gold diggers and other low-quality women

Just like anywhere in the world, there are good women and not so good women. Ukraine is definitely not unique in this regard. In fact, I would even go further and claim that out of all the countries I’ve visited and dated women, Ukrainian women are pretty good at sizing up their men and obtaining resources such as money from clueless men who think a woman is in love with them.

First of all, be very wary of any women who request money for anything. That should always be a red flag. I don’t care if she needs a new bathing suit or her mother needs an important medical procedure, you should never send any money to a woman that you don’t fully know, never mind someone who you haven’t even met. That’s just plain crazy and irresponsible. Not only would any woman lose respect for a man who’s sending her money, but you also may never see the money nor the woman ever again. As they say: a fool and his money are soon parted.

Generally speaking, once you’ve chatted with the girl for a few days and you feel there’s mutual interest, you should take the communication off-site by requesting her phone number which you can input into an app like Viber or WhatsApp (everyone in Ukraine has Viber). Then, once you’re on Viber, you can have a more intimate form of communication. This is what I’ve always done and has served me very well.

You can also add the woman to your Facebook and Instagram accounts and communicate there. But because I personally hate social media and don’t even have Facebook and Instagram, I prefer to use an instant messaging app like Viber (mostly) and WhatsApp. 

Another option—especially if you’re not going to be in the country for a while—is to do a video chat using something like Skype (you can also use Viber for this). This really depends on yourself and your comfort level. I personally have done voice calls before, mainly to feel out the girls comfort level and establish deeper rapport. Having said that, I don’t believe this is a required step. Chatting on Viber should be fine.

Once you’ve been chatting with a girl on Viber for a while and she hasn’t requested you of anything (especially money), she has passed an important first test and you can hopefully meet her when you’re in the country.

Make it known you will visit Ukraine

Before I permanently moved to Ukraine, one of the biggest problems I encountered while traveling around Ukraine and meeting women is the fact that most of them don’t want much to do with a person who’s just passing through. That’s especially true if the woman is older, 30+. She has seen many things and doesn’t want to have a short-term fling with some fly-by-night tourist. 

In this case, it’s important to let women know fairly quickly what your plans are for the future. If you’re communicating with a woman on Ukraine Date and aren’t yet in Ukraine, you should let her know when she should be expecting you to see you in person. A typical Ukrainian woman will not entertain a long distance relationship with some guy she has met online; she has way too many options and wants a more serious relationship with a man who will eventually visit Ukraine.

That’s why it’s super important to build rapport and then tell her straight up when she should be expecting you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of weeks or even few months out into the future, she will take you much more serious if you’re actually coming to the country rather than just chatting.

The game plan

Now that we’ve covered all the nuts and bolts of using Ukraine Date to meet quality women, let’s quickly go over the main game plan so that you can start meeting these women right away.

  • Signup for Ukraine Date, spend some time setting up your profile and put some nice photos that show you in the best possible light. 
  • Contact the women that you find attractive. Keep it super simple: say “Hello” or “Привет” and follow up with “Do you speak English?” Feel free to use Eastern European smileys “)” whenever you want. Most women and guys use them so using them doesn’t make any less masculine.
  • Communicate with her for a day or two. Gauge her interest level. If she’s curious about you and is asking you questions, tell her that you’d like to add her on Viber. She will understand this and provide you her number, which you can add use as a contact finder on Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram (90% of women use Viber).
  • At this point, you should be talking to a woman who’s more or less interested in seeing you once you arrive. You’ve built attraction, set up rapport and everything is leading to a physical meeting. If her interest is adequate, she should be hinting at when you will be in the country (if you’re not already). Hopefully, your arrival date shouldn’t be far away. Nevertheless, make sure you’re honest with her and tell her when she should expect you.
  • Once you know the exact date of arrival and have booked your flight tickets, ask her what she’s doing and her plans for the week. If she’s free—and she should be—invite her to do something, whether it’s going for a walk, going to the theater, a movie, or just having a plain old dinner at a nice restaurant.

The key here is that because you’ve been able to build attraction and rapport beforehand on Ukraine Date, you don’t need to waste your valuable time in Ukraine trying to meet different women; you should have a few of them lined up, excited to see once you arrive.

Final thoughts 

Here at Maverick Traveler, we’re big fans of Ukraine Date. We believe it’s a legitimate dating site from a company that has been in this business for more than 19 years. 

I have personally used this site to meet high-quality women and go on as many as 10 dates in a span of just 7 days. I could’ve had even more dates, but there was only so much time in the day, plus I actually had work to do.

Furthermore, the above strategy has worked exceptionally well for me and I’m certain it’ll work really well for you as well.

So, don’t hesitate anymore. Signup for Ukraine Date and begin meeting awesome Ukrainian women today.

Filipino Women: The Complete Guide To Asia’s Sexiest Women

As the popular saying goes, if you can’t get laid in Brazil, you should just pack your bag and go home. But in all honesty, Brazil isn’t the easiest country to get laid in: the Philippines takes that prize.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous friends visit the Philippines and proclaim that it’s the absolute easiest country in the world to get laid in. (Of course, they’re referring to the more developed second-world countries; many of them haven’t been to places like Africa so they can’t really compare those countries to the Philippines.)

The following is a guest article by my good friend Frank, an Australian guy whom I met in Bogota, Colombia. Frank has been a regular visitor to the Philippines for many years and wanted to share his experience.

Take it away, Frank.


Being from Australia, I’ve made over 15 trips over to the Philippines over the years and had heaps of fun every single time. Philippines is also one of my “pit stops” whenever I’m flying back home from Europe. Instead of returning straight to Australia, I usually hop over to the Philippines for about a week or two to enjoy the sun and the ladies. It never disappoints.

As James mentioned above, if you can’t get laid in the Philippines, then, sorry to say, but there’s probably something wrong with you. Not only are the women much easier than those in Latin America or Eastern Europe (Ukraine is tricky), but as a foreigner (especially if you’re a white guy), you’ll enjoy a certain rockstar status in the Philippines that you simply won’t experience anywhere else.

The women

I spent four years living in Bogota, Colombia, so I speak Spanish and understand Latin women. I would say that Filipino women are very similar to Latin women with a certain Asian twist; but, among all the other Asian women, they’re the closest to Latin women in both looks and mentality.

That means a couple of things. First, they’re very submissive and caring of a man that they’re with. Second, they can be very manipulative, so if you give them an inch, they will have no qualms about grabbing the entire mile. 

One of my friends back in London views Filipino women as a mixture of every single explorer and their crew who landed in the Philippines and banged the locals. First, it was the Spaniards. Then, it was the Americans. Thus, the majority of them have a Spanish last name such as Garcia, Santos, Reyes, etc.

Filipinos are both conservative and sexual. Unlike American and other Western women who love talking about sex, a Filipino woman needs to become comfortable with you before topics such as sex come up. It’s not something that you need to hint on as well; they know why you’re talking to them. 

Instead, you should approach the interaction in a conservative and pragmatic way. Be friendly and open, get to know them a bit first, set up the first date in a coffee shop or something like that.

The reality is that you don’t need to try very hard to get them to build an attraction to you. As a Westerner—and especially a white guy—you should have women have an attraction to you automatically. That’s unlike in places like the US or Australia where you have to become a dancing monkey for her to like you.

Filipinos can also be very jealous, much more jealous than Western or Latin women. When I was in a relationship, my girl would constantly go through my Facebook and Instagram and ask me questions about the people that I befriended or followed. She also didn’t take it kindly that I had a few hundred female friends on Facebook.

At that point, she wanted to know how long I’ve known them and whether we’ve been intimate or not. This is obviously something you will never hear from your American or even the more jealous Colombian girlfriend.

Meeting Filipino women during the day

In cities like New York or London, day game is normal. It’s fully acceptable to see a cute woman, creep up on her and start talking to her. But in the Philippines, this is not normal behavior. Women aren’t used to random guys running up and chatting them up. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t approach these women; you should still approach, but you must ready for lots of awkward silences and shock on their faces. Just keep going and go for the number, you can contact them later when they’re much more relaxed.

The advantages of day gaming are that you set yourself apart from the hordes of other love tourists who mainly rely on nightlife or online game to meet women.

Meeting Filipino women during the night

I’ll be honest with you. Meeting women at night is a mixed bag. It’s tough. The main problem is that the best venues are constantly changing and it takes a lot of energy to keep track which venues are cool and which aren’t.

The second main problem is the fact that you will run into lots of pros (professionals, hookers, prostitutes, etc) at night and it will be, at least initially, to tell the difference between who’s a pro and who’s not. (Of course, this skill will improve with time.)

The best way to enjoy nightlife is to make some local friends and have them suggest which places are the best for high-quality women. Also, making friends with local expats and love tourists would be ideal as well.

Meeting Filipino women online

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular ways to meet Filipino women is online. There’s a huge convenience factor of being able to browse profiles of eligible women right from your living room couch without needing to be in the country.

There are several ways of meeting women online. First, there’s the all-mighty Tinder that’s used by men and women around the world. The main problem with Tinder, however, is that you’ll typically find lower quality women and even some pros. In my experience, many of the women I tried to arrange a date there ended up flaking or changing the venue location at the last minute. Honestly, I’m too old for bullshit and games, so I dumped that stupid app for better ways.

A much better way to meet women would be to use a site like Filipino Cupid. The women are of higher quality and are more relationship minded than on some of the other sites, including Tinder. They are also a lot less flaky and are just generally to engage and meet.

To use Filipino Cupid, simply sign up here and begin meeting women. It’s that simple. I vouch for this site, and am absolutely certain you’ll meet quality women on there. When I initially signed up, I ended up going on 20 dates in just a week. That was an unforgettable experience!

Honestly, it’s like shooting fish in the barrel. All you have to do is show up (create a free profile) and begin messaging women. More than 90% of them will respond and engage with you. You can then follow up, grab their number and meet them for coffee.

More advice for meeting Filipino women

I want to take a moment and give you some more pointers when it comes to meeting Filipino women.

  • Don’t expect to turn a hoe into a housewife: This is true for women from all over the world and certainly applies here in the Philippines. If you’re meeting women in the bars and clubs, understand that many of them certainly wouldn’t be marriage material. Even if you’ve fallen in love with this woman, ask yourself how many other guys have also met her at the same bar or club?
  • Age difference matters: While Southeast Asian countries have a reputation where older men (50+, 60+) go in order to find a younger wife, the bigger the age difference, the greater the chance that your young wife or girlfriend would dump you for a younger man. In most of the world that difference is around 10 years; in the Philippines, I wouldn’t stretch it past 20 years of difference. Anything more and the risk of her leaving for a younger man increase. Many Filipino girls will date older men, but still have a younger lover on the side.
  • Make sure your woman really loves you: For serious relationships and even marriage, you must be absolutely sure that the women you’re with absolutely love you. You can’t simply fall head over heels for some girl you met in a bar because she smiles and whispers sweet things in your ear. You must be absolutely certain that she’s truly into you and it’s not just in your head. There are several ways to test. Ask your friends for an outsider’s opinion. Ask your girl to do something for you that requires her putting in some effort like looking some important up or getting to another part of town. (It must be something that benefits you only, not both of you.)
  • Go for a woman in your tax bracket: if you really want to make sure that a woman isn’t out to use you for your money, go for someone who makes a decent amount of money. She doesn’t need to make as much as you, the rich Westerner, but having a decent education and a decent job can definitely go a long way. 
  • Trust your gut: Ultimately, the best way to see if this girl is good for you in the long term is to trust your gut. Usually, if you feel that something doesn’t feel right, that maybe your girl has other interests and doing other things behind your back, then most likely you’re right, and those feelings deserve further investigations. Definitely don’t invest your time, money and resources into a woman who doesn’t deserve them. Use common sense.

Red flags

The usual red flags that you would encounter with women in other countries apply in the Philippines. But there’s one thing I really wanted to stress: gold diggers. 

Once you combine Asian and Latin cultures, the result is gold digging on another level. I’ve been in all kinds of situations with all kinds of different women trying very creatively to extract money from me.

Fortunately, avoiding gold diggers is fairly easy if you don’t get your feelings involved. Steer clear of women who ask for money. Period. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if her grandmother is dying back in some remote village. It doesn’t matter if she needs money for studies or anything else.

First of all, unless you really know the woman, you can’t really trust anything she says—especially if you know her for a few weeks or less. Second of all, the woman will lose all respect for you if you begin giving her your money. She will see you as a sugar daddy and sponsor instead of someone who she likes as a person. Be very wary of women who ask for money. Quality girls rarely do.

Closing thoughts

Hopefully, this article provided you with an overall picture of what Filipino women really like. In my opinion, there are some of the most loving, loyal and sexy women in Asia and can definitely make great girlfriends and wives (if that’s what you’re looking for). 

But like anywhere else, you have to be vigilant and use common sense. This is especially true in the Philippines because, as a Westerner, you will be automatically perceived to be a person of high value and will have many women (some not very desirable) after you.

Regardless of what happens, I’m fairly certain you’ll have an excellent time in the Philippines.

You Are Not Masculine Enough For Feminine Women

In today’s podcast, I explain why Western men are just too feminine for genuine feminine women. I explain why feminine women ask you for money or buy expensive things for them. I back it up with my experience in Eastern Europe and then talk about how you can become more masculine in order to become more attractive to women.

Links mentioned in these episode:

The Problem With Feminine Women

There’s a lot of bullshit floating around the Internet, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. There’s the case of 45-year-old armchair general virgins who’re giving advice ranging from approaching women to having healthy relationships. Or some random 23-year-old kid who finally lands a girlfriend for the first time in his life and somehow feels that he can mentor the entire world on what it is like to approach and date the world’s hottest women.

For instance, take something that every guy craves and wants: feminine women. Every guy on the entire Internet wants to date and marry one of these women. They feel that these women will be their salvation after years (and decades) of suffering through lots of “masculine” women that countries like the US and the UK are replete with.

But then, I get hundreds of emails from guys who complain how Russian or Ukrainian women—probably the epitome of feminine women—are bitchy, icy and just not as easy as they thought as they run back home with their tail between their legs. Or, worse, how they got ripped off in Russia or Ukraine by some girl they fell in love with after seeing her once or twice. And then curse the world how all Russian and Ukrainian women are “transactional.”

As someone who is originally from Ukraine and has lived in Ukraine for the past five years, I find these stories amusing. For once, there’s some truth in them—and an important lesson: femininity has its price.

Yes, Ukrainian women are extremely feminine. Russian women, too. But, as  hopefully, you’ve learned from a very young age: there’s no free lunch. Everything costs something, including that mirage in the desert: femininity.

When it comes to feminine women, what no self-proclaimed guru will ever tell you is that there’s an intrinsic price attached to all that beautiful femininity. First of all, they know that they’re beautiful and feminine. Even in a place like Ukraine, where virtually every woman is feminine, they all know their prices. Yes, their price. 

They also know very well how to read men and what kind of hoops they need to make men jump through before getting access to the goods—if ever. 

The more feminine the woman, the higher the price, the more time investment, the more sophisticated the “shit tests” before you’re considered as a contestant for the ultimate prize.

The more feminine the woman, the more masculine you have to be. And here’s where most of you fail. There’s a good chance that most of you reading this are from the developed world (more than half of my traffic comes from the USA, UK, and Canada), and big metropolitan cities like New York or London aren’t exactly known as bastions of masculinity.

So, if you’re not 100% (or even 80%) masculine, then you’re part feminine or at least have certain feminine characteristics like getting in touch with your feelings, saying things like “I love you,” missing a woman, or arguing with women when you should shut the fuck up and let the woman vent.

And this is where you fail because a high-quality feminine woman has been around enough tough masculine men who don’t entertain her bullshit or respond to her tests to know what a truly masculine man is. And you’re probably not it. 

And this is why a feminine woman picks on up on this and plays you for a fool.

Most likely you behave this way because you were raised in a single parent household—by your mother or were raised in an environment where the mother held the upper hand in the relationship and the father simply nodded his head and did whatever the woman wanted.

The specifics of your childhood don’t matter all that much, what matters is that your understanding of feminine and masculine roles is upside down. All compounded by the fact that you’re insecure as heck and were conditioned by a feminized Western society to be “in touch with your feelings” and other crap.

But that’s not what real women want. I haven’t heard of any guy whose woman dumped him because he was “too masculine” or because his masculine frame was super strong. I also don’t know any guy whose woman left him for a man who was “in touch with his feminine side.” And, I certainly don’t know any man whose woman dumped him because he was so busy with his work that he barely had time to see her instead of some chump who did nothing but worship the ground she walked on.

If you want to get what you want from women—whether it’s a reliable midnight booty call, a great relationship or even marriage—you must adhere to a certain hidden dynamic whether you like it or not. No, it’s not negotiable. It’s not something that you can “talk about” at the kitchen table with your girl. It’s something that you do (or don’t do).

So, as you can probably guess, the problem isn’t with feminine women. The problem is with you. You’re the problem. 

You’re the problem because everything you’ve ever been thought about masculinity was wrong. Women don’t want a “buddy” they can “hang out” with. They don’t want a man who they can easily get under the skin and turn into an emotional cesspool. And they certainly don’t want a guy who’s in touch with their emotional side—whatever the fuck that means—even if they tell that that’s what they want.

It’s all one giant test which you’ve been failing repeatedly. Not because you said the wrong word at the wrong time but because you weren’t even in the race. Everything about you demonstrated that you’re just not masculine enough to dominate her, to control the situation and make her feel like a woman. And if you can’t make her feel like a woman, then nothing you say or do matter. It’s like trying putting a V8 engine into a Honda Civic. Even with a powerful engine, it’s still a freaking Civic and it will never run as a tightly as a BMW or a Ferrari. 

The point is that everything begins with a solid foundation: the masculine frame. And everything spreads from there. When you have a weak foundation and you might as well stay home instead of going outside. Doesn’t matter what comes out of your mouth.

No stupid pickup line is going to compensate for a man with feminine behavior. That’s like putting a bandaid on the Titanic after its hull has been ripped apart by an iceberg.

Moreover, merely meeting women is relatively easy. Let’s face it, it’s purely a numbers game; the only thing that you need is the willingness to approach the girl and put the ball in her court. 

Relationships or, in other words, a situation where you have to be masculine all the fucking time is a lot harder. That’s why women initiate 80-90% of the divorces. Mostly because the man gets weak and complacent over time and stops being the man that initially seduced her (I’m not talking about the gold diggers).

For the past ten years, I’ve been living abroad and dating a multitude of women from all over the world. But I’ve always been in long-term relationships, so I know a thing or two about staying masculine and keeping the attraction going over the span of months and years. 

That’s especially been true in Eastern Europe—where I’m now—where women are ruthless at sniffing out all and any insecurities in a man. Most of you guys just wouldn’t last in Eastern Europe with a half-decent woman. It’s a lot trickier than what you believe. And save your “but they’re so feminine” spiel for someone else.

On Friday, March 29, I will be releasing my new training: mindset, dating, and relationships. It will be a heck of a course where I will cover everything you need to know become and stay masculine in a feminized world. You will never look at mindset, women, dating, and relationships the same way ever again.

Dominican Women: The Untold Truth About Latin America’s Sexiest Women

Ahh, the Dominican Republic or, as locals call it, Republica Dominicana. One of my favorite countries in all of Latin America—yes, it even rivals Brazil. I honestly can’t say anything bad about this country; this island nation has it all.

The weather is awesome, the food is great, the people are super friendly and, last, but definitely not least, the women simply exude sexuality to the max.

That’s why we are here: to talk about women, not Arroz Blanco (a Dominican dish) or traffic in Santo Domingo. So, let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to it.


I’m just going to go out and say it: Dominican women are some of the sexiest women in the world (at least in Latin America, and, because I believe Latin American women are sexiest in the world, so let’s just say the world).

Dominican women embody all the sexiness of South and Central American women, but they also have a certain “Caribbean spice” that’s missing from their South American counterparts. Must be because they hail from an island nation and not from some inland city like Medellin or Bogota.

Moreover, you can’t even compare them to the women from Eastern Europe in countries such as Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. Dominican women are much, much warmer and sexier than their more frigid ex-Communist counterparts.

Types of Dominican women

Dominican women, just like all other Latin women, are very feminine while the men are super masculine. Thus, there’s an existence of a natural polarity that you’d be hard-pressed to find in the West, in countries such as America and the UK.

When it comes to socio-economic status, the same rules that you’d find all over Latin America apply: the darker the girl, the poorer girl. The richest Dominicans are typically of pure Spanish descent, so they’re usually pretty white and European looking. One of my friends, a Dominican guy, is so white that he’s actually whiter than me (and I’m pretty white). This is because his family is primarily from the Basque region of Spain. His family is also pretty well off.

Dealing with flakiness

The Dominican Republic seems to have inherited the Colombian tendency of readily accept dates, but then flake at the last possible minute. Although this is a lot worse in cities like Medellin and Cali, this is also a big problem in the Dominican Republic. This carefree attitude must be an integral part of the Latin gene.

There’s only one way to deal with flakiness: setup multiple dates with other women so if that one or two flake, you aren’t stuck at home playing Xbox and watching Netflix.

Other than that, there’s simply no way to prevent a flake since that’s an indicator of low interest because you’re not a priority in her life and/or another guy popped up back in her life (ex-boyfriend, etc).

How to succeed with Dominican women

Here are some solid tips for success with Dominican women:

Be direct 

Dominican women are used to direct, aggressive and overly-sexualized Dominican men who basically objectify their women and treat them as sex objects. Not saying that women have a problem with this, but they have come to expect this kind of behavior from men. Any other type of behavior would be viewed as a weakness or beta.

This is the complete opposite of the feminine nature of Western cultures such as USA, England and Australia. If you’re one of those nice guys who idealizes women, and does “everything right,” you’ll have to adjust your attitude to succeed with Dominican women.

In many ways, this is very similar to how things are in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, another tropical city with sexy and sensual women.

That means don’t be some nice guy who goes indirect and tries to befriend the girl before announcing that he’s interested in her sexually. Dominican women know why men approach them, so don’t beat around the bush and play stupid games.

Move fast

This might come as a shock to all the nice guys out there, but, yes, in the Dominican Republic, being a tropical island nation located in Latin America, things move relatively fast. I would say seduction moves faster than even in Brazil and Colombia.

If you like a girl, approach her and ask for her number. Then, once you get her number, text her a bit later and see what she’s doing at night. 

This might sound foreign to guys who’re used to US style of dating with fake delays and “3-day rule” bullshit. But in the Dominican Republic, this is absolutely normal.

Dominican women don’t have any shortage of options. If you text her after three or four days, she might completely forget about you and move on to the next guy.

Don’t let rejection phase you

Obviously, there will be women that will respond coldly to your advances. Whether it will gorgeous women at a nice club who believe you’re below them in value, a random girl on the street who refuses to stop when you approach or a sexy waitress that’s only smiling because it’s her job, the more you approach, the more you will understand that even though there are plenty of sexy women, not all of them are interested in hooking up with you. The good news is that you will notice pattern that will aid in your next approach.

That’s absolutely fine. Remember, there are plenty of amazing women out there, and plenty more where this particular woman came from.

The solution to this is to embrace the abundance mentality. Understand that there’s no such thing as “the one.” Understand that there’s no such thing as a “special girl.” There are more than 3.5 billion women in the world, so you’re bound to find another girl who you’ll like as much as the one that got away. So, just because one girl said no, the next five girls will be happy to spend time with you. So, always keep moving and finding new women.

Spanish helps a lot

I know that I sound like as though I’m beating a dead horse, but, yes, knowing the local language does help you with the local ladies. Crazy how that sounds.

Even with the island’s proximity to the US and its influx of US tourists, not many DR locals actually speak English. Only those who directly work with tourists or who have lived in US (read: wealthy) do. And, if you meet someone who claims to speak English, their knowledge of English would be very limited. Besides, do you really want to fly to a new country only to look for girls who speak decent English?

Didn’t think so.

Might as well stay in Miami if that’s what you want.

So, do yourself a huge favor and learn some Spanish. It’s not a difficult language and you should become conversational fairly quickly.

Learn salsa and bachata

When I lived in Bogota, Colombia, one of my good friends, a Colombian guy, mentioned how knowing salsa is like having another weapon in your arsenal. I didn’t exactly understand what he meant back then, but now understand him perfectly.

No matter how you look at it, salsa and bachata are simply a way of life in the Dominican Republic (and the surrounding countries). Sure, you can choose to ignore venues where this dancing takes place and limit your options. Or, you can learn the basic moves and invite a cute girl to dance. Your choice.

Furthermore, you don’t need to become some salsa master like Mark Anthony; as a gringo (foreigner), you’re not expected to dance as good as Dominicans who started dancing before they knew how to walk. But merely knowing a few basic steps will impress the women and set you apart from the rest of gringos who can’t put together two words of Spanish even if someone pointed a gun to their head.

Beware of scams

While the Dominican Republic may appear like a complete paradise, appearances can be deceiving. There are plenty of women who view foreigners (or any men, really) as an oil well that they can continuously extract resources out without providing much in return. Plenty of scams abound.

Beware of women luring into various bars or clubs. What usually happens is that you will be given a drink and then charged an exorbitant amount of money. If you refuse to pay, a few burly guys will change your mind. 

Beware of women asking you for money. This could be as a way to buy them various things, whether it’s a nice bag, wallet or a dress. Generally, anytime you give a woman some money, she loses attraction for you and begins to view you as a wallet to continuously pull money from.

An exception would be to give her a bit of money for a cab back to her house after she spends an evening or night with you. This is a fairly common practice, even in countries like Panama or Colombia, so do this at your own discretion. 

Understand what the girl wants

Just like anywhere in the world, Dominican women are all different. Some are looking for a fling and nothing more. Some are looking for a sugar daddy. Some are nice, middle-class women that are looking for a serious relationship and maybe even marriage and kids.

What I’m trying to say is that you must understand that every woman wants something. Men want sex, but women want something else. Dominican women certainly aren’t stupid and they also want something out of the exchange.

Your success with women will depend on your ability to properly understand what kind of Dominican women you’re dealing with.

Day game, day game, day game

Day game instills fear in many people. After all, it’s not easy to approach women in broad daylight without first gulping down three beers. Naturally, a lot of people prefer online dating (more on that below) or meeting sexy mujercitas at night. That may be true to places in America where the women are super insecure about guys “creeping” up on them, but is completely acceptable in Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic. 

In fact, there’s nothing more enjoyable than approaching beautiful and sexy women during the day regardless if you’re in a metropolis like Santo Domingo or are out in one of the beach cities such as Cabarete.

The biggest problem with day game in the Dominican Republic is that since it’s damn hot, most people choose to spend their time inside air-conditioned areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. Thus, it’s not like in the super walkable NYC where you can just roll up to a dime and begin spitting game.

Meet them online

If all else fails, you can rely on another time-tested technique: meeting Dominican women online.

But where?

There are the usual suspects such as Tinder and a bunch of other clones where you can meet women from the comfort of your phone. 

But a much better way to meet women would be something like Dominican Cupid, a premier online dating site that showcases beautiful and high-quality women. I have personally tried this site when I spent time in the Dominican Republic and can attest that it’s an awesome site to meet all kinds of women. 

So, if you’re interested in hanging out with a great Dominican woman, create your free profile and start meeting women right from the comfort of your living couch. Then, once you fly into DR, you’ll have a few women already willing to spend time with you. This is certainly the easiest way to meet women.

Advice for finding a quality girl for a relationship

If you’re looking for a more serious type of relationship, then you must take extra precaution with the kind of girls you’re dating and their personalities. It’s no longer just about how hot the girl looks. Here are some things you should take into account:

  • Her family and her relationship with her family. Quality girls come from quality families. She should come from a whole family with both mother and father in a healthy relationship. Dominicans are very close to their families, so if there’s some tension inside the family, that should come immediately come off as a red flag.
  • Her friends. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Does she have good, healthy friends who are also in healthy relationships? Or are her friends mostly women who party in the clubs and sleep with men within 30 mins (or less) of meeting them.
  • Her work. Does she have a respectable profession that she likes doing or is she stuck at some dead-end job because there are no better prospects (or, worse, unemployed)?
  • Her personality. Is she needy and needs attention all the time? This is probably not a woman you should build a relationship with. Thread carefully.

Of course, there are many other factors to take into account, but these should get you started.

Closing thoughts

The Dominican Republic is an absolutely amazing country. Merely words or pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a place that must be visited and explored. It’s a place that must be felt and sensed. 

As is true for the entire country, the same is true for the women. Consider this guide as merely just scratching the surface on your adventure to find the woman of your dreams in the paradise nation known as the Dominican Republic.

Once again, if you’re looking to meet and date high-quality women, I can’t highly recommend Dominican Cupid for the ease with which you can meet quality and sexy women.

Thai Women: The Secrets To Dating World’s Most Submissive Women

Even though I mostly dated white and Latin girls, one of my first trips abroad was to Thailand back in 2004. During that trip, I met a wonderful Thai girl who I ended up traveling with around the country for a bit. 

We visited the southern islands, headed up to Chiang Mai and wrapped up our trip in Bangkok.

Comparing to Western women that I was dating at that time (this was before my Latin American adventures), this Thai woman was an absolute breath of fresh air.

This is a guest article from one of my good friends Jake who I met in Chiang Mai back in 2016. Jake loves Thai women and has been continuously living in Thailand since 2013.

Take it away, Jake.


While the West is being overrun with radical feminism and #metoo movements, Thailand is still firmly a very traditional society replete with fairly submissive women. I believe that Thai women are some of the most submissive women on the planet. Perhaps they’re like Vietnamese and Cambodian women who are also very submissive. (But I’ve yet to visit those countries, so I can’t speak for them.)

Of course, there are Thai women that are more modern and they are Thai women that are more conservative. The more modern ones are typically found in big cities such as Bangkok, while more conservative ones usually hail from the countryside.

Thai women characteristics 

Thai women, like most Southeastern women, are refreshingly submissive. They’re more submissive than Brazilian women. They’re more submissive than either Ukrainian or Russian women. They’re just one of the most submissive women on the planet.

I would say Thai women are like how the Western women were 50-100 years ago. Before the whole feminism fiasco. They’re so submissive that even merely talking back to a man is pretty much unheard of. Of course, this is changing as the country becomes more Westernized and, indeed, women in Bangkok and perhaps Chiang Mai are more Westernized than, say, women in Isan, a remote region in Thailand known for its very traditional women.

Do Thai women like foreigners?

This is a hotly debated topic and a recent article in Bangkok Post illustrated this issue. 

Here’s what one Thai woman in the article was quoted as saying:

“I dated a few Thai guys before, and one thing I found quite annoying is that they are not as mature as Westerners of the same age,” she said. 

“Many Thai men are childish, irresponsible and jealous for no reason. Meanwhile, many Westerners are completely the opposite.”

I would say there are two types of Thai women: those who only date Thai men and those who date both Thai and Western men. The women who are also open to dating non-Thai women do so because they perceive their own culture to be a bit too restrictive in terms of what women are allowed to do or not to do. So, they are in a way rebelling against the status quo.

Generally, these are the women that themselves are more Western than the typical Thai woman. Perhaps they were exposed to Westerners at an earlier age by studying or even living abroad in countries such as England or the USA.

Of course, there are very traditional women that fall into these categories. I once visited a remote village in the north of the country and ended up meeting a cute girl. We dated for about six months. So, here’s an example of a quality traditional girl that wasn’t exposed to foreigners all that much (although she did speak decent English).

In cities like Bangkok, you’ll find many of the women to be equivalent to Western women, along with some of the negative traits you’re already used to back home: entitled, bitchy, materialistic, etc. Heck, you’ll be able to swipe them on Tinder as you would in New York. The world is truly getting smaller.

Having said that, unlike in some of the other countries where being a Westerner isn’t necessarily an advantage over local guys (e.g., Latin America and Eastern Europe), being a Westerner is truly prized in Asia and Thailand. In other words, if you’re a Western man, you will be in a pretty good spot.


When it comes to dates, I like to keep it simple. In terms of what I like to do on dates, that really depends where I meet the girl. 

If I’m in Bangkok, and I meet a fairly Westernized girl either on the street or on one of those dating sites, then a solid spot for a first date would be something like a cool local bar to get a couple of drinks. It’s basically like dating in New York. Another solid option is to just meet up for coffee at some random coffee shop in order to properly feel her out.

If I meet a girl at some remote village, I would just go where the locals go, whether it’s a small restaurant or some local hideout where the locals like to meet up. The village girl that I referred to earlier, we went to a local joint and had some Thai noodles. Nothing fancy.

Even in Bangkok, I certainly wouldn’t take a girl to some fancy restaurant for our first date. Keep your investment low. Plus, it would weed out the gold diggers who are only looking to fleece your wallet and nothing more.

For a second date, suggest something as simple as a walk somewhere or, depending on how things are going between the two of you, perhaps invite her back to your house to watch Netflix or something.

Much like in the US, I like to abide by the “3-day rule” when dating Thai women. If by the 3rd date, the woman isn’t willing to get “intimate” with you, there’s a good chance she’s just using you for attention and wasting your time. Of course, super conservative women do exist, so you’ll have to trust your gut with this, but that’s typically been my experience.

Warning signs and red flags

Like anywhere else in the world, there are quality women and not so quality women. Obviously, this depends on your goals. If you’re into casual dating then you can ignore the signs below and keep dating the girl. However, if you’re interested in a long-term relationship, then it certainly helps to keep the following points in my mind.

1) She has lots of male friends

Generally, it’s a bad sign if the woman has tons of male friends. It can mean many things: she needs lots of male attention, she likes to date lots of men at the same time. As you probably know, there exists no friendship between women and men. Men only “friend” women who they’ve either already had sex with or who they want to sleep with. I don’t know any man who would voluntarily friend a 50-year-old woman.

2) She still keeps in touch with her ex-boyfriend

This is a corollary of the previous point. A woman who still keeps in touch with her ex (especially if they broke up after many years) isn’t a healthy sign. 

3) She loves to get overly drunk

This is self-explanatory, as higher quality women tend to drink no to little alcohol and they will definitely not get wasted on a first date with a stranger.

4) She sleeps with you on the first date

This is a controversial point. I’ve had women with whom I’ve slept on the very first date that went on to become super amazing relationships, it can be a sign that the woman you’re with is easy and not especially applicable to a relationship.

5) She asks for money.

This is a big one. Many Asian women think that Western guys are super loaded, so some women have no problems asking the guys they’re getting to know or seeing for some “financial help.” They make up all kinds of reasons for this help: perhaps it’s to help some ”family member” who lives on some farm, or maybe one of her relatives is “sick” and needs financial assistance.

This is a big red flag because no good or quality girl would ever ask her Western boyfriend for money. It’s just not something that’s done. Even if she’s a very poor girl from the village, if she’s a half-way decent girl, she would never ask you for money.

Where to find a good Thai woman

There are unlimited ways to find a good, quality Thai woman whether your goals are a short-term relationship, long-term relationship or even marriage.

Places like the big malls in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, book stores, expat meetups, and different venues are all solid choices to meet amazing, quality women. Even random bars can be decent choices, but I probably wouldn’t go as far as to say that clubs are great options since clubs mostly attract women who’re looking for quick flings and nothing more.

How to meet Thai women online

Online dating is an excellent way to meet Thai women. The most popular way to do so is Tinder, an app used the world over, where you can just swipe left or right depending on if you like the girl, respectively. 

But, what most people don’t know is that there are much better ways to meet Thai women than Tinder. One of them is to use a very popular site Thai Cupid. Thai Cupid is actually one of the largest sites to meet beautiful and quality Thai women regardless of your relationship goals.

Here at Maverick Traveler, we’ve had good experience with Thai Cupid and can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone if they’re looking to meet high-quality Thai women.


I know that many of you have heard of the whole “Lady Boy” thing and, are, rightly worrying, whether that’s something to be concerned about. Basically, you’re worrying if you get drunk one night at some Bangkok bar, how do you make sure that you don’t end up picking up a Lady Boy (who are men that are dressed as Thai women).

I’m here to tell you that this is something you shouldn’t really worry about. There’s just no way you’re going to miss a “girl” with a voice box, and general manly features (ie, big feet). Honestly, I wouldn’t even worry about this – the chances of you hooking up with a lady girl is lower than getting hit by lightning in a Bangkok storm.

Closing thoughts

I hope that by writing this article, you have a roadmap on what it’s like meeting and dating Thai women. Like, I wrote above Thai women are an absolute pleasure to be around with. They’re super feminine, submissive and friendly—even if they’ve rejected you. 

Have a great time in the land of smiles.

Brazil Cupid Review: How To Meet Gorgeous Brazilian Women On Brazil Cupid [2019]

Let’s not beat around the bush: Brazilian women are one of the—if not the—sexiest women on this very fine planet. Like my good friend Jake once told me, “If you haven’t dated a Brazilian woman, you really haven’t lived.”

After living for about 3 years in Brazil, I couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to meeting Brazilian women, you have two options: you can meet them in person or you can meet them online.

The main benefit of meeting them online is that you don’t have to be physically in Brazil; you can do that from the comfort of your living room back in New York, Los Angeles or London.

When it comes to meeting women online, you have two options: Tinder and an array of online dating sites.

As far as Tinder is concerned, while you can meet women there, the women tend to be of lower quality than if you meet them through some of the other sites. Plus, they flake a lot more.

In fact, one of my favorite dating sites for meeting gorgeous and high-quality women is Brazil Cupid.

Brazil Cupid is a great way to meet women

Brazil Cupid is actually one of the sites that I started using when I arrived in Brazil. As a result, I went on an array of dates, and eventually met a girl who became my first serious girlfriend in Brazil, a relationship that lasted for many months.

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Brazil Cupid to anyone who wants to meet a high-quality Brazilian woman.

OK, so now you understand why the site is so awesome, you’re probably wondering as to what’s the best way to use the site.

It’s actually pretty simple.

Let me tell you about the best practices.

Step 1) Go over to Brazil Cupid and create an account

This step is completely free, so you don’t have any excuses not to do it. 

Go do it now, I will wait

Step 2) Fill out your profile with awesome photos and description.

Here’s the thing. When you’re meeting a woman in real life, there’s an immediate visual connection, so the woman can decide whether she likes you or not. That kind of thing happens fast because it’s done visually on a subconscious level. 

But when it comes to online dating, it’s all about putting in the right information so that you’re able to make the first impression that gets you through the door to the actual date.

Unlike real dating, online dating is really a two-step process.

Women screen men first to see if they want to meet up with them or not.

That’s how it works.

So, when it comes to your profile, the most important element is the pictures. Just avoid any creepy pics. Instead, if you have a few pics with a nice background such as a beach, use those.

You also don’t need to be smiling like crazy in the pictures, but also don’t try to be mean and serious.

Having a good picture matters, a lot.

From my experience dating online, having a great picture is of paramount importance. After all, it’s the first that a woman sees when she checks out your profile.

It’s what she sees before she reads your profile.

It’s what she sees before she reads about your hobbies or interests.

It’s what determines her attraction for you.

So, yeah, pictures are everything.

Pictures are about sexual attraction.

Here are some guidelines for having a great picture:

1) No weird/creepy/serious picture

2) No drunken/partying/doing drugs picture

3) No picture of you surrounded by several male or female friends

Keep it simple. 

The best picture should be of yourself with a cool background. Maybe some cool mural (painting on the side of the building). 

Or, better yet, a nice beach.

My best picture has always been me sitting in some beach cafe, slightly smiling at the camera, with the background of the beach behind me.

That’s it.

There’s something about the beach that always catches the attention of the women (or anyone else really).

Starting a conversation

So, now that you have your profile filled out, the next step is messaging the girls that you like and starting a conversation.

So, what exactly do you say?

The best way would be to say something innocent like:

“Oi, tudo bem? :)” 


“Oi, como vc esta? :)” 

Both of those examples simply mean “How are you?” 

Definitely helps things out.

Brazilian girls love to use smileys everywhere, so I definitely recommend them since it makes you seem not as serious and uptight as someone else. 

Once the girl replies, you can ask her the quintessential question that every foreigner has already asked a local girl (and the question she’d probably heard many times before):

“Do you speak English?” 


“Voce fala ingles?” 

I will warn you though, not many people speak English in Brazil. I mean, you will discover various levels of English speakers, but it’s hard to find a person who speaks English fluently.

Most people will speak English here and there, though, so it should be enough for your needs.

Remember, you’re also chatting so the girl can take her time to formulate a question or response, or, better yet, she can use a translator app to look up an unknown word if she gets confused.

Asking her out

After chatting with her for a bit, the next step is to ask her out.

Remember, the whole point of chatting is to warm things up for the actual date, where you know, you can get physical and get to know the girl a bit better.

I would recommend something innocent like a coffee shop, a bar, or just meet up somewhere and go for a walk in the park.

Although I’m not a huge fan of dates during the day, I understand there’s a time and place for them so if there’s a cool spot you wanna check it out like an exhibit or day event, don’t hesitate to check it out.

For the second date, I may invite the girl to a nice bar or maybe even back to my house for dinner (depending on the feel on the first date).

Final thoughts

Brazil Cupid is an amazing way to meet Brazilian women online. When you go on the site, you have hundreds or even thousands of profiles of awesome women that are just waiting for you to send them a message.

You would be foolish to not take advantage of this and pass up on the opportunity. 

That’s just crazy if you ask me.

OK, so you know what to do, click here to start meeting awesome Brazilian women on Brazil Cupid

Good luck.

Dating Abroad: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

There’s a real simple way to determine if a man is not telling you everything: when he travels or lives abroad but fails to mention anything about dating foreign women.

The fact of the matter is that dating, sex, and women are one of the top reasons that a single man chooses to travel and/or live abroad. If not the most important reason of them all.

While I’ve always been a fan of foreign cultures and languages and exploring the narrow streets of some old town, I can’t deny that a big part of my travels has been the chance to date foreign women, especially when they just happen to be much more feminine and pleasant in some third-world country than back in America.

That is certainly one of the reasons—but not the only one—that I’m currently living in Ukraine and not in Dubai, Belgium or Belize.

Latin America has also fitted this pattern perfectly. Although I’ve met many expats who have great jobs in various industries, many of them were gushing what a dating paradise countries such as Brazil or Colombia are for finding that ideal girlfriend or even wife.

All men are in on it. Even the guys that have innocent travel blogs and never mention anything about dating. Even the guys that are only talking about diversifying their income streams and starting businesses abroad. Even the location-independent nomads that switch countries more often than people switch underwear.

The real deal

So, what’s it really like? In one word: awesome. I spent ten years living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and I can’t tell you what a culture shock it was when I first flew to Brazil and started interacting with the opposite sex.

It was like I was unleashed as a man and didn’t know what to do with my newfound powers. Brazilian women are very feminine and they appreciate masculine men. Unfortunately, after living in San Francisco for a decade, I forgot what masculinity was all about.

Over time, I rediscovered my masculinity to such an extent that returning back to America was like landing on some distant planet. It was an insanely weird feeling.

Culture and language

The biggest barrier foreigners face when dating local women is the combination cultural and language differences. First, the culture is insanely different. If you’re an American who grew up in California and, one day, decide to move to Brazil, you will have to relearn how things really work. It’s like starting to walk all over again.

While some guys will adapt, others will not. Eastern Europe is the perfect example. Many foreign guys are able to grasp the cutthroat culture and adapt, while other guys languish in the permanent state of confusion. 

That’s because Western culture has all but neutered masculinity with all kinds of women’s movements (e.g., feminism, etc) but once you land in Brazil or Russia, you realize that masculinity is super alive and well and hits you like a semi at full speed. It’s pretty much in your face. And if you don’t man up real quick, your woman will think you’re some confused dork that forgot how to be a man.

The second problem is the language. Language is the gateway to culture. When it comes to knowing the local language, you either know it or you don’t. And you either make an effort to learn it, or you surrender and stick mainly to English.

I always make an effort to learn the local language and it has made an immense difference of allowing me to connect with the locals in general as well as the local women specifically.

Think about it: how the hell can you connect with a woman when you’re speaking another language than the one she has used all her life?

Even if she knows a couple of English words, she still doesn’t understand the cultural context behind those words. She doesn’t understand the jokes, the humor, the innuendos, etc. That is unless she has lived in the US for ten years or something.

Of course, I’m not saying it’s impossible to build a deep connection with a local woman using just English, but it’s almost like taking a beautiful picture of the beach and the turquoise sea and converting all the vibrant colors to greyscale. While you can still understand what the picture represents, it’s a far cry from the original. It’s just not the same.

Male and female dynamics

Apart from cultural differences, one of the biggest challenges you will face when dating local women is understanding male and female dynamics, and what foreign women find attractive.

In the US, relationships are usually 50/50 to some extent. Masculinity and femininity don’t really exist in the traditional sense and are mostly just buzzwords that are being reinvented and redefined every day.

But that’s certainly not the case in Latin America and—especially—Eastern Europe. In the latter especially, masculinity is something that defines the man and his success with women. Correspondingly, femininity is something that defines the woman and her success with attracting quality men. These aren’t just buzzwords to be forever debated and understood. They’re real, genuine characteristics of the person.

More importantly, though, they can’t be easily faked. Masculinity is something that you learn through experience and life and is not something that can be “learned” by reading a book.

Women seek masculine men and are able to successfully weed out those who don’t make the cut via surgically-engineered tests that test a man’s ability to respond in various situations.

A man who flinches and takes one of these tests a tad too seriously chiefly because they threaten his ego will be easily weeded out as incompetent and not masculine enough. After all, real masculine men don’t take anything a woman says seriously.

Additionally, what works in one culture doesn’t necessarily work in another. The hard masculine and feminine dynamic that exists in Ukraine or Russia would be considered weird in Brazil and “strangely unnatural” in America. 

As an international man of love, your primary objective is to quickly grasp the local dynamic and duly adjust to it.

Foreigner vs. Local

Even if you take the effort to learn the local language, you still have another problem: you will never be a local.

Unfortunately, that is something that you cannot change. When I lived in Brazil, I had dreams that I was Brazilian, but no matter how much I wanted it, I was still some Ukrainian-born American guy. Even after mastering Portuguese and mimicking the local accent, I still couldn’t become a true Brazilian.

But why was I even trying so hard to become Brazilian?

Because after living in Brazil for two years, I realized that Brazilian men had much better success with women than foreigners (gringos). As it happened, Brazilian women actually preferred their own men. 

This meant that, as a foreigner, I was mostly limited to women who liked Brazilian men and were also open to foreign men. This included women, who for one reason or another, may have had bad experiences with their own men and were open to the less macho and more sensitive foreign guy.

The same is true in Eastern Europe. Sure, Ukrainian or Russian women complain about their local men, but when women say things like, “All men are pigs,” that should immediately raise red flags and fail basic logic tests in your mind. All of “anything” can’t be just one thing. After all, all men are different just like all women are different. Not all men are exactly same, but a woman who says is probably exhibiting the fact that she can’t find a decent man out of a huge sample size.

Many local women do end up marrying local guys and are able to build healthy and successful relationships. 

I can also tell you that as a local guy living in Ukraine, things have never been this good. There’s not a single moment where I wished that I was a foreigner. Never. After visiting over 80 countries and living in 15, it’s truly great to finally be a local.


It’s true that women are attracted to status and value. Many guys may scoff at this and call women “materialistic” or “transactional.” But women don’t like to spend time with losers, so if she has an opportunity to spend time with an interesting and successful man, she would always do that instead of being with some deadbeat who is still living in his mom’s basement.

As a foreigner, you have a certain level of built-in status. This is especially true in countries where a typical monthly salary is equal to a maxed out cable bill.

Even if you’re broke or only have few grand in your bank account, being a foreigner carries a certain cachet. Even before you open your mouth, you’re automatically placed higher in value than the average local guy. 

Of course, just like in any country, there are wealthy locals that have millions or billions of dollars that will destroy you in status, but they’re so far removed from society and beyond the reach of ordinary local women.

Your status solidifies even higher if you rent an apartment in a nice part of the city, frequently visit more expensive than average restaurants and dress better than the average local.

All of this isn’t terribly hard to do if you have decent savings or are earning a salary in hard currency thanks to your location-independent hustle or providing various services to Western clients.

Here in Ukraine, I’m living right in the center of the capital (Kiev) in a very nice, newly remodeled apartment. The rent is several times the average monthly salary. Most local men simply can’t pull that off. Most women I’m meeting are living on the edge of the city in some shitty Soviet building.

Since I’m making a living online (creating products aimed at consumers and services for clients), my income is several times higher than the average salary in Ukraine.

As a result, this gives me an instant status that will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars in a month to match in a place like NYC. Here, I can have the same status for a fraction of the price.

Not bad at all.

The beautiful city of Medellin


Age is one those things that can be a serious advantage or an irreconcilable disadvantage. Of course, younger women are drawn to younger guys—in their 20s and 30s—as opposed to older guys in their 50s and 60s. Unless the woman has some daddy issues, a young woman will always prefer a younger man.

Having said that, things get a bit more complicated once you venture outside the West. For example in Eastern Europe, it’s very common to have a relatively big age difference between men and women.

Ten years is not uncommon. Twenty years is also possible. I have known guys in their late 40s who dated girls in the early 20s. I have also known guys in their late 40s dating women in their late teens. One caveat is that many of these men are lucky enough to look younger, so they can, for the most part, get away with it. Not all men are this lucky.

As someone who lived in Ukraine throughout his 30s, I was going out and enjoying women in the prime of my life. While I’ve mostly stuck to women over the age of 25, I still had access to a wide array of women that were fairly young, in shape, and zealous about life, unlike older single women who were usually jaded because they failed to secure a quality guy in time.

While the fact that having a big age difference may give you a sense of confidence, don’t let that fool you; age is one of those things that, sooner or later, begins to work against you. It’s like a two-edged sword. Once it turns on you, there’s pretty much nothing else you can do to stop the passage of time.

Even if you have all your other ducks in the row: lots of money, be in awesome shape, dress well, have great game, drive a nice car and live in a lavish apartment, once you reach a certain age, your sexual market value starts to irreversibly decline.

I’m not really sure when that happens, but if I had to guess, it would start to happen somewhere around early to mid-40s. Initially, I thought that something like 35 was old, but, judging by my own experience, mid 30s to late 30s is actually when the man is in his prime (I’m fortunate enough to be spending these years in Ukraine). After the early 40s, things certainly don’t improve from there on.

After the age of 50, you can’t really expect 20-something women to take your flirts and dirty innuendos seriously. They may still be curious about you, but a typical 20-something girl’s motive will mostly be financial rather than sexual. I fail to see how a 20-something girl would be more primally attracted to a 50-year-old man as compared to some 20- or 30-year-old guy.

Age is just one of those things you can’t fight or prevent. It’s real. After a certain point, it will start to erode the value of everything that you’ve built and worked so hard for. Later on, it will conquer you.

When I lived in Brazil, I used to frequent this one club that I felt a man in any age range can truly enjoy. Of course, I was only 28 at that time, but I knew that I could be 55 and still enjoy the club while meeting older and still very sexy women.

I certainly can’t say the same for enjoying Brazil as a whole. There’s no way I would’ve had the same experience if, instead of being 28 or so, I happened to be 43 or 55 or 65. Those experiences would’ve been vastly different and definitely not as exciting, no matter how lavish my apartment was or how big my biceps were.

Here in Ukraine, I’ve met expats in their mid to late 40s, and for many of them, Ukraine is their first venture abroad. While being 45 isn’t exactly “over the hill,” it just can’t match the experience compared to someone who is in Ukraine at 30 or 35. The expats know this as demonstrated by their visible regret that they didn’t begin this lifestyle earlier.

The older you get, the more status and money you need to compensate. There’s nothing wrong with being a 30-year-old guy, living in some tiny studio and having no money in your pocket. But if you’re over 40 or 45, that would just seem strange and weird. By that point, you better have your shit in order.

Although the whole “become 50 and move to Thailand” strategy is still well alive and kicking, you’ll have much more fun and energy if you embark on this lifestyle when you’re still in your 30s (or even 20s).

Rio de Janeiro

Final thoughts

So, there you have it. The good, the bad and the ugly (mostly good) of what’s it like to really date abroad. 

So, is it all worth it?

Let me put it to you this way: few things in life are as rewarding as coming back in the evening to your cozy centrally-located apartment in some beautiful city, opening front the door and being greeted by a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian or Lithuanian or Brazilian or Colombian girl or [insert your favorite nationality here] girl with a gorgeous smile that had made delicious dinner and set up table for both of you to enjoy.

This alone makes all the sacrifices more than worth it.

Ukrainian Women: What Nobody Wants To Tell You

Although I’ve been to over 80 countries (and lived in 15), there’s no other country in the world where I’ve succeeded with as many women but also failed to build anything substantial with as many women. That’s the conclusion I came to after dating probably hundreds of women during my 5 years in Ukraine. It’s been a roller coaster ride, to say the least.

In this article, I want to open up and share my experiences dating Ukrainian women from the point of view of someone who was born in the country but mostly grew up abroad. This is going to be my objective assessment of Ukrainian dating culture from the perspective of someone who’s seeking casual as well as serious relationships.

Many men consider Ukrainian women as some of the most beautiful in the world, an impression not lost on the women themselves. Personally, I think such statements are absurd: beauty, after all, is subjective. There’s beauty all around us.

What about Brazilian women (guide)? What about Spanish women? What about Mexican women (guide)? What about Colombian women (guide)? They’re plenty of stunners in each of those countries (and many other countries).

Although I have seen some beautiful women during my travels, I must say that nowhere else in the world have I actually seen such a high number of women that can be easily called gorgeous or at least cute, or as I like to say, “easy on the eyes.”

This didn’t happen in Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and even Russia (although Russia does come close).

Important disclaimer: of course, I could be saying this because I’m not only a Ukrainian-born guy myself, but also because I believe I have a certain psychological weakness to Slavic women. Put a Slavic woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, and she will cast a spell on me that would be all but impossible to break out of—even if I know she’s trouble and pursuing her is against my best interests.

Here’s my litmus test if a foreign woman is beautiful: if you transport a cute or average Ukrainian woman into New York City or Los Angeles or Copenhagen or Miami, will she be noticed? Will she stand out? Will men approach her? Will men try to get to know her? Judging by the quality of women I saw in NYC on my last trip, an average Ukrainian woman is definitely a few points above in beauty than the average woman in NYC or another American city. She will definitely stand out.

But, here in Ukraine, she’s just another attractive woman in a sea of other attractive women. And, thus, is mostly ignored in her environment.

Foreigner vs. Local

The first thing you must realize is that I’m a local. I was born here, speak Russian fluently and understand the culture. 

But I’m also not your typical local. I look different (some say Southern European), and I have a bit of an accent when speaking Russian.

Is being a local an advantage or a disadvantage?

Honestly, it’s hard to say because I’m experiencing the “local” side of things. I do not know what it’s like being a foreigner who either doesn’t speak any Russian or can carry a conversion in Russian.

I can tell you several things. First of all, as a local guy, you need to play by the existing rules. Ukrainian women, just like other Eastern European women aren’t exactly simple to connect with: they will endlessly test you in various ways (more on that in a bit), and you will need to respond accordingly or she’ll lose attraction for you quickly.

On the other hand, as a foreigner, you are automatically exempt from these rules to some extent. First, since most women don’t speak English fluently or even conversationally, you will make a woman self-conscious and throw her off balance when speaking in English, thus giving yourself an edge right from the start. 

Even asking her to say a couple of words (especially if she’s 30+), and you will notice how shy she’ll suddenly get. She will be forced to communicate with you on your terms, work harder to understand your words as well as your mannerisms.

That’s because most Ukrainians don’t even have a conversational grasp of English. This can definitely play to your advantage because you’re throwing her off balance a bit.

There’s a fairly known fact that Eastern European women aren’t particularly fond of their own men. That they complain about how their men are lazy, sit on the couch and drink vodka all day. They complain about how their men take them for granted. I believe there’s definitely some truth to that. Nevertheless, I certainly wouldn’t underestimate local men; while they can be stoic and “cold,” they understand their women particularly well, more so than foreigners.

I think that as women get older (30+), they tend to view foreign men as more suitable for random flings and, thus, tend to prefer local guys for building more serious relationships. Of course, I don’t think a 30-year-old woman would necessarily reject a good-looking and successful foreign guy, but she understands that most foreigners that are in this country are here for sex and sex only (you can thank hordes of Turkish men for that) plus there’s the cultural incompatibility as well, especially if the woman doesn’t speak English.

Honestly, I believe that as a local, I have crucial advantages. Not once did I ever feel that it would’ve been much happier had I been a foreigner. In fact, it has been the exact opposite: most of the women I’ve met have been super friendly and enthusiastic about hanging out.


An aspect of EE culture that’s very different from Latin America, Southeast Asia or even the US is that there’s a certain element of stoicism and ”alphaness” present. Eastern Europe isn’t exactly a paradise on earth: there’s a lot of poverty, poor job security (companies can hire and fire people as they please), so you must be pretty tough and aggressive to survive and make ends meet (not to mention even prosper).

That’s very different from when I lived and worked in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, easily making $150,000/year writing software code and being surrounded by similar guys (and gals) who were making the same or more.

As of this writing, the median income in Ukraine is something like $500/month. And that’s in Kiev, the capital. In the other big cities, it’s closer to something like $300/mo.

This means that the wealth must be built from scratch or via some high-level connections. So, if you see a guy driving an expensive car (Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW 7 Series, high-end Mercedes Benz, etc), chances are he’s not leasing it as you would in America, but actually bought it with cash, with money that he made via a serious business or some corrupt means.

As a result, there’s a bit of a cutthroat culture that pervades everything that’s going on. It touches upon everything: professional life, personal life, relationships, etc.

In America, everyone can potentially be well off, and women themselves can make more money than men, so there’s less of a need to hunt down that serious “alpha”—that successful guy who’s making a ton of money. Whereas here in Ukraine, where a the majority of the population makes enough to subsist, that’s a lot more important.


Another thing you must understand about Ukrainian culture is that, at its core, it’s very transactional. When I first arrived in Ukraine after living abroad for most of my adult life, I was confused about this, thinking that everyone is nice and friendly and open, and couldn’t really comprehend how it can be so transactional, but the more time I spent here, the more I realized how true it was.

It’s certainly not uncommon for friends to lend decent sums of money to each other and for your girlfriend (or some girl you’re seeing) to ask you to borrow $500 (or more) at some random point in your relationship.

This is mostly limited to places like Ukraine and Russia and doesn’t happen in the West or even the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). Although I have dated plenty of women who had decent jobs and made decent money, I’ve also dated women in Lithuania and Latvia who weren’t making that much money, but would never dream of borrowing $500+ from their boyfriend.

Ukrainian life is rife with corruption, so the general mindset is “Let’s steal this and enrich ourselves” or “Let’s screw this guy over so that we’re in a better position.” Believe me, as an Eastern European guy I understand this all too well. I can also guarantee you that other Ukrainians would agree with me as well. No wonder that few of the locals have anything ever great to say about their government.

This cultural element isn’t lost on women, so, like anywhere else, you have your share of conniving people trying to get their share at your expense. 

At first, I figured this was the result of poverty and low-income conditions. But after countless conversations with both Ukrainian women and men, I realized that it has more to do with Ukraine specifically than the fact that Ukraine is a low-income country.

After all, Latin America and SE Asia have their poor regions as well, but people aren’t exactly eager to screw each other over for some short-term gain. At least it’s not something that’s as obvious and in-your-face as in Ukraine.

Male toughness

For the most part, Ukrainian women prefer their men to be tough. When I say tough, I don’t mean they all need to be ex-convicts, drug dealers, narco-traffickers, etc. (Although these examples would work, too.)

Tough also doesn’t mean being rich or wealthy. A Ukrainian woman would much more respect a tough guy who isn’t wealthy than a wealthy nice guy. She’d simply milk the nice guy for what it’s worth but will be always drawn to the tougher man.

Of course, this varies by the woman. Some women prefer real tough guys; others are OK when a guy is a little tough, but toughness needs to exist at some level or another. I can’t really see how an altruistic nice guy can ever survive in Ukraine.

One of the reasons that women love their men to be tough is because of the environment and trust. It’s much better for a man to say what he thinks even if that will upset others than to be around some guy who says all the nice things because he’s afraid of pissing anyone off. Eastern European men fit this bill perfectly: they tell you exactly how it is without sugarcoating the truth.

Saying what matters without seeking approval or validation is an undervalued trait, especially in today’s environment where people are constantly trying to please each other by saying all the nice things—even if they are not true—to avoid ruffling feathers.

Another reason that women are drawn to tough guys is that there’s a good chance her own father is just like this. After all, women are drawn to men who, at least, partially remind them of their fathers. The majority of EE fathers are tough and old school so it’s natural for the woman to view her father’s version of masculinity as a template of how her future boyfriend or husband should be.

That doesn’t mean you should automatically turn into a stoic and rough Eastern European who never laughs or smiles; it’s perfectly fine to be friendly and chatty, but you must always remember you’ll have to draw the line somewhere and have the ability to say “No” and decline a woman’s requests more than you were comfortable in the past. 

This is completely different than the carefree and sun-filled life of Rio de Janeiro, where everyone is friendly and having fun and your ability to relax is more valued than your ability to be tough.

When a Ukrainian woman feels you’re weak and you’re valuing her more than you should because you’re willing to do everything that she requests (or more than she’s used to in the past), she’ll instinctively begin to test your boundaries to see where they end. I believe they do this on a subconscious level. Don’t be surprised when she promptly crosses those boundaries and manipulates you into doing more and more things for her, and you’re soon left wondering what happened.


Along with toughness, women respect dominance. They respect a man who makes all the decisions (or at least all the important ones). They respect a man who is decisive and not wishy-washy. They respect a man who knows what he wants out of life and isn’t afraid to go after it.

Nothing makes a woman lose respect for a man faster than someone who shows weakness (willingly or unwillingly) as well as someone who’s indecisive about what they want out of life.

In other words, don’t tell your Ukrainian girlfriend that you just lost your job and don’t know what to do with your life. She may feel sorry for you for a moment, but her attraction in you will take a rapid nosedive.

While on the surface, being dominant makes a lot of sense, you must realize that this is radically different from any kind of dominance you’re used to in the West. In the West, there’s a concept of 50/50 relationships where both partners make decisions and reaffirm decisions with the other, but in Ukraine, a man decides what to do and sticks to it, and the woman supports his endeavors.

For a moment, imagine a woman who’s incapable of making even the most trivial decisions, and her response to every “What do you want to do?” is “I don’t know.” That’s your typical Eastern European woman, and your responsibility as a man is to make sure your woman is never left wondering what’s going on.


The man pays. Period. The man pays for initial dates. The man pays for anything that he invites the woman to do.

If he invites her to coffee, he pays. If he invites her to dinner, he pays. If he invites her to take a trip together to another city or country, he pays.

In the case of an expensive overseas trip, the man pays for everything and the woman might throw in a little bit to help with the expenses (or she might not).

After the relationship develops and the couple begins living together, there could a 50/50 split on some things such as groceries or rent, but that depends on the girl and your agreement with her. She might scoff at the idea of her contributing any money (which can be seen as a relationship red flag).

The culture in Eastern Europe is a very materialistic by nature. So, the question of who pays for what is one of the thorniest issues. And, from my experience dating Eastern European women for many years, it’s usually the man that pays for everything unless some other arrangements have been made.

“Your beautiful wife is not really your wife”

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from men over the years who went to Ukraine, met a beautiful woman, started dating her, brought her over to America and then got burned when she left the guy for a richer/younger/sexier/stronger man. This happens all the time. 

That’s because a lot of Western men are very gullible when it comes to Eastern European women. They think they can just fly in, meet a beautiful girl and then give her the world and she’ll become theirs forever and ever.

Yes, she’ll gladly take the world, but she won’t stop there, especially if there’s another man who’d gladly give her even more. (Remember: there’s always another man out there who’s better than you in some way, shape or form around there.)

In Russian, we have a famous saying that roughly translates to: “If your wife is very beautiful, then she doesn’t belong to you.” (Красивая жена – чужая жена)

What this essentially means is that if you’re seeing or dating a beautiful woman, there’s a good chance other men will be also trying to talk to her and seduce her. Moreover, since she knows that she’s beautiful, she’ll demand and test more of the men around her and won’t hesitate to jump ship to a stronger suitor if her current suitor becomes weak. Ukrainian women can sniff out weakness in men much better than any other women that I’ve encountered.

This is especially true in the context of Ukraine where there are lots of beautiful women, and, more importantly, these women know that they’re beautiful and they know they can get other men when they wanted and whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Thus, unless you’re some super duper Alpha guy who knows what he’s doing, you should know that your beautiful and sexy girlfriend might sooner or later become your beautiful and sexy ex-girlfriend. 

If you’re a nice guy (or at least a guy with good intentions), you’re probably not going to last long.

While that’s more or less true around the world, I believe it’s especially true in Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Russia) because of the tough living conditions and the desire for women to be with the strongest men possible.

I remember dating a sexy woman a few years ago. She wanted to get married and then move to some Western country. Although I had feelings for her, I was torn, not knowing if her intentions were genuine or she was just using me. The entire time my gut was telling me that something was off. 

I showed a couple of her pictures to my uncle, an old school guy who understands women well and he immediately looked at me in a way that confirmed my suspicions. This was definitely not a girl he’d trust, and I shouldn’t trust either, something that had crossed my mind before.

The age factor

Ukraine is one of those countries where it’s fairly common to have a relatively big age difference between a man and a woman in the relationship. It’s not unheard off for a 40-year-old man to date a 21-year-old woman. I have also heard of 48-year-old men dating 18-year-old women.

Generally speaking, if you’re in your 30s, you can date women starting as low as 21, all the way to late 30s (and above) if you wanted to. 

I’ve known a guy who was around 45 but liked dating women as young as 18 or 19. I’ve known another guy who’s 48 and is currently living with a 25-year-old girl.

Having said that, this is definitely not applicable for everyone, so if you’re a 47-year-old man, you shouldn’t think you’re just going to fly in and build a serious relationship with a 21-year-old girl. She may be attracted to you for money or status, but on a primal level, she’d still be more attracted to a 20- something or 30-something guy.

All in all, I would consider something like a 10-year difference to be the absolute maximum that might exist without compromising the relationship and risking that your girl might jump ship to a younger man. There’s nothing weird about a 32-year-old guy dating a 22-year-old girl. Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with a 42-year-old guy dating a 32-year-old girl. 

If the age difference becomes bigger than that, there’s a higher chance that your girl is merely waiting for the right opportunity to dump you for a younger man.

One thing I want to point out is that not every 45-year-old man is the same. Some men are in better shape or just genetically look younger, while other men might be out of shape, fat, or just look older. I have met 35-year-old men who looked 50. I’ve also met 45-year-old men who looked 30. 

In terms of my own preferences, I’m in my late 30s, and I’ve dated women as young as 26, all the way up to 35 (actually, I even once dated a 36-year-old woman). My sweet spot seems to be women who’re 27-31 years old. I don’t have much interest in dating women younger than 25.

There’s a pattern where the older the woman gets, the more jaded she becomes, especially if she had never been in a serious relationship (or had her heart broken in one). After around the age of 33, women seem to lose that innocence and spark in their eyes that’s associated with younger women who don’t have as much baggage or breakups.

Dating and mating

All of these factors translate into a unique dating culture that’s unlike anything that I’ve experienced in America or Latin America.

While it’s been relatively easy to meet women and have casual relationships, building something stronger and longer-lasting has proved to be a far greater challenge than I ever anticipated. 

I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of these issues have to do with me. As someone in his late 30s, I have my share of baggage and experience from previous relationships and so that makes it in some cases harder to connect with new women.

But it also has to do with the types of women that I’m choosing since it seems that a lot of them just aren’t suitable for long term relationships.

Indeed, most of my relationships have been fairly short-term. I blame that on the Internet and living in big cities: it’s very tempting to meet a new woman tomorrow than to try to fix a relationship that lost its luster and has gone stale.

However, lately, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m looking for something more serious, even something possibly leading to marriage and kids. (I’m not categorically opposed to marriage and love kids.)

For the most part, I have been able to quickly and effectively determine what kind of woman I’m dating and whether trying to build a relationship with her would be an exercise in futility. But there have been a few women that weren’t exactly suitable for long-term relationships that slipped past the cracks and, as a result, those relationships were nothing but a nightmare that left both parties jaded and hateful.

It also forced me to understand women in profound new ways in order to understand why they behave the way they do. 

In short, dating in Ukraine opened my eyes to women in ways that I never experienced before.

The best way to meet women online

While there are ways of meeting women on the street and out and about, one of the best and more efficient ways of meeting women is online.

One of the big advantages of online dating is the fact that you can be sitting on your couch back in New York City, Los Angeles or London and meet women all the way in places like Rio de Janeiro, Prague or Moscow.

So, when you arrive to those places, you’ve already lined up a whole army of women who are excited to see you.

Of course, you can also do online dating using apps such as Tinder, but I’m here to tell you that, after using this app for many years, a lot of the women you meet there, at least here in Ukraine, are gold diggers and low quality.

The best way to meet beautiful and quality Ukrainian women is through a website called Ukraine Date. Ukraine Date is a dating website where you can meet plenty of amazing, high quality women.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ukraine Date before joining, check out my unbiased review of the site.

In fact, I have known several men who came to Ukraine, used the site and ended up meeting great women who went on to become their long-term girlfriends.

So, whether you’re looking for a fling, a girlfriend, or even a wife, Ukraine Date is simply the best place to meet women in Ukraine. And you don’t even need to be in Ukraine in order to do that.

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My approach to women is based on my many years of living in Latin America. It’s the smooth, cool and nice guy with an edge style. Not the “asshole game” that works on the streets of big American cities such as NYC or LA.

This style matches my personality and has worked incredibly well in Latin America where women (and people) tend to open up much quicker than in other parts of the world. It’s not uncommon to meet a woman in Colombia and talk about anything and everything on the first very date. It’s also not uncommon to meet a woman in Brazil and have her tell you that she loves you within an hour of meeting you.

This is not the case in Eastern Europe. While a typical EE (Eastern European) woman is friendly, flirtatious and very feminine, you need a bit of time before she opens up to you. Some women open up quicker than others, while others may not open up at all and there will always be this “wall” between the both of you.

I have experienced all sides of the spectrum: from women who open up quickly to women who seemingly don’t open up at all, and I can tell you that being with a woman who’s closed off to you emotionally isn’t the most exciting thing in the world.

Attraction and relationships

In my experience, it’s fairly easy to build attraction. Unlike in America, you don’t need to know a complex maze of witty one-liners, anecdotes, or come-backs. As long as you act cool and comfortable and not nervous like it’s your first time talking to a woman, you should be fine.

The one thing you have to watch out for is a series of tests thrown your way. They usually start out friendly and innocent, but if you’re not aware of them or if she feels that she’s talking to someone who’s not used to women of her caliber, she’ll lose interest quickly. Obviously, the prettier the woman, the higher the quantity of tests.

Then, once you’ve established some kind of rapport, and your relationship continues to develop, one of two things may happen. In the first scenario, she’ll genuinely start liking you and respecting you as a man. She’ll do that because you’ve demonstrated to her that you’re a real man who’s ready to protect and (financially) support her.

In the second scenario, she’ll realize that you’re not exactly the ideal man for her, but because she has no other options at the moment (maybe you’re a Westerner with plenty of disposable income who can show her a good time), she’ll spend time with you and sleep with you in exchange for dinners, gifts, trips, etc. Of course, throughout this time, she’ll continue to look around for better options and, once she finds one, she’ll switch teams.

Relationships move fast

In Ukraine, relationships move fast, much faster than in America or even Latin America. It’s not uncommon to meet a girl, date her for a month or two, and then move in together. After living for some time, perhaps several months to half a year to a year, marriage becomes the next logical step.

It’s not uncommon for couples to marry after just 4-5 months of seeing each other (sometimes even quicker).

This is obviously not the case in America where people can be dating for years or even living together for years without ever making it official. 

The main reason relationships move quickly is because there’s less friction when it comes to meeting people and building something meaningful. People have a lot less insecurities than they do in the West; there are fewer doubts about the roles of men and women, about the notion who should be doing what in the relationship. Men conquer the world. Women conquer the household. Men make money. Women cook and raise children.

This easily understood devision of responsibilities goes a long way into reducing misunderstandings and making a relationship much more enjoyable and predictable for both parties.

Moreover, in America (and the West), relationships are something that are becoming (or have already become) something like an afterthought. People are busy, everyone has a hobby for every day of the week. It’s not uncommon for a woman in a city like New York to have pilates on Monday, yoga on Tuesday and some girl’s night out on Thursday.

But in Ukraine, it doesn’t work like that. People aren’t busy for the sake of being busy. Relationships still matter. 

When you remove the bullshit that keeps people from being together, you realize that you don’t need to date someone for 10 years before taking the next steps and starting a family.

Characteristics of an ideal Ukrainian girlfriend/wife

If you’re looking for a serious relationship or even marriage, you must be absolutely ruthless in the types of women you pick to be in your life.

First of all, you must be absolutely certain that the woman you like (or love) actually loves you back. This can be tricky because women can be chameleons and say/do things that you expect them to do. 

There are a couple of things to watch out for. First of all, if you feel that something is wrong, then you’re not feeling it—something is definitely wrong. Whether it’s her behavior, her actions, or something else, this is something you must investigate and find the reasons for your suspicions before you commit.

Second, as I noted above, you must be absolutely sure that the woman you’ve chosen views you as the only man in her life worth caring about (maybe just beside her father). 

This is can be especially tough to do especially if you’re smitten by a particular woman and any kind of positive gesture or smile in your direction makes you automatically think that the love is mutual. You need a cool head to appraise the situation properly.

Another crucial factor to look out for is a woman who is genuinely interested in helping you with whatever you need. It needs to be something that’s important for you only—not for both of you. Ask her to do something for you that require some level of effort. If she scoffs and changes the subject, she is not the keeper. If she’s more than happy to always help, that’s a great sign of good things to come.

Moreover, during the first several months, a woman may act her best self and do everything you want her to do. There’s an aptly named term for this: demo version or demonstration version.

I’ve had relationships start out amazingly with the women doing everything that I wanted, buying little things for me, cooking for me, but after several months, they became less inclined to do these things for me. That’s because these women stopped pretending that they’re so nice and caring and reverted back to their selfish selves.

This means that the first few months aren’t, in any meaningful way, a genuine indicator of what the woman is really about. She can be friendly and nice for the initial few months, but then slowly morph into her real self. On the other hand, she can be friendly and nice and remain like this for the foreseeable future as well. You just never know.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, a 5,000+ word primer on the dating culture in Ukraine.

While, at first glance, dating and building relationships may seem like a straightforward and simple process, there’s a lot of things that lurk beneath the surface that you must understand to be successful and eventually find your dream Ukrainian girlfriend or even wife.

Mexican Girls: The Dark Secrets They Don’t Want You Know

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

This is a guest post by my friend El Patrón, who’s originally from Mexico City. El Patrón was my roommate and partner-in-crime when I lived in Rio de Janeiro.

Take it away, El Patrón…

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m Mexican, and I believe that my country is the best.

We have great weather, awesome food, friendly people who like gringos and sexy women.

Also awesome football players like Chicharito!

México es lo mejor!

I’m very proud of my country.

What else does a man need to be happy?

I’m pretty sure that God is Mexican.

But I don’t want to talk about myself in this article, I want to talk about why I think that Mexico is the best. There are many reasons, but the biggest reason is because the women are amazing.

They’re Latin, sexy, sensual and know how to have a great time. And, above all, they know how to take care of their men.

If you ask me, that’s pretty close to perfection…


Mexico is a country rich in history. Before the Spanish conquistadors came, it was ruled by the Aztecs. They built elaborate architecture and structures.

When the Spanish came, they razed it all to the ground and build their own cathedrals, churches and other buildings. In fact, you can see some of the ruins right in the center of Mexico City below the modern buildings the Spaniards built.

Nowadays, Mexico is ruled by Mexicans and is a democratic republic. Our president is elected every five years by a popular vote.

Mexico is one of the world’s largest countries with a population of 128 million inhabitants. The population is increasing rapidly; in 1990, the population was just 80 million.

Mexico is also part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) a free trade block that consists of Mexico, USA, and Canada.


Mexico’s official language is Spanish. Just like most Spanish-speaking countries, our Spanish is infused with local slang and expressions that only exist in Mexico.

For instance, “Que pedo” can be roughly translated as “What fart” but we use it to greet each other, something like “What’s up?”

There are many other expressions that only exist in Mexico. However, they’re also understood in other Latin countries such as Colombia and Venezuela.

If you’re looking to learn Spanish, Mexico would be the perfect choice to do so. I have many gringo friends, and many of them remarked on how the lessons are cheap and the teachers are great. So, this is something you should consider.

Of course, I recommend you to speak Spanish over English. It will be much easier to express yourself to everyone, including cute women (see below).

The women

Mexican women are typical Latinas. They’re fiery, compassionate, caring and sexy. Just like pretty much any other Latina woman out there.

Mexican women love it when a man pursues them to the end. In the beginning, they may play a bit hard to get, but that’s just part of the game, but in the end, they love a man who doesn’t let anything get in the way and finally conquers the woman he desires.

This element of desire and passion exists in pretty much every telenovela that is watched all over the Latin world.

That means you can expect some games along the way depending on the level of hotness of the girl. Obviously, the hotter she is, the more games she’s going to play.

I have dated lots of women around Latin America, and I definitely think Mexican women can be some of the most difficult to seduce. I’ve had girlfriends that would play endless games until they relented and allowed me to seduce them.

If you’re a weak man who is afraid to continuously pursue a woman because of various obstacles and even rejections, you will be in for a very difficult time.

Any high quality woman will make you work for it before she lets herself be conquered.

She has to; she has many men vying for her and she needs to choose the strongest one.

Mexican men understand this perfectly. That’s why they will not stop until they get what they want.

What kind of men do women like?

Honestly, any man that’s confident and aggressive. Latin women love men who’re passionate, strong and aren’t afraid to go for what they want.

No woman likes a weak man, and Mexican women especially hate men who’re weak and indecisive.

I think that’s one of the reasons Mexican women love macho men and even jerks sometimes.

It’s not because these men act badly towards others, but because they exhibit confidence and aren’t deterred by setbacks, which is always a positive quality in life in general.

Of course, with quieter and shyer women, you need to exercise restraint and can’t be extremely aggressive. If you’re too aggressive, they might get turned off. It’s better to mix up the aggressiveness with a “nice guy” which should do the trick.

On the other side, if the woman herself is playing lots of games and is acting like a smart-ass, you should play a bit hard to get as well because that would signal that you aren’t needy and don’t really care if she likes you or not.

In my experience, nothing turns on a girl more than a man who isn’t really invested in the outcome. The one who’s thinking, “I don’t care if she rejects me — I’ll just go and pursue another woman.”

That’s how a lot of Latin guys are.

Latin guys are the greatest seducers in the world, but if the woman refuses, they smile, shrug it off and move on.

Plus, a lot of Latin guys typically date multiple women at the same time, giving them options to pursue a more serious relationship with a woman they like most.

Meeting women during the day

I read your other article about Brazilian women, and I have to say that meeting Mexican women during the day isn’t as easy as meeting Brazilian women.

In Brazil, the women are super approachable, but in Mexico, they’re a bit guarded.

Also, it will depend on your location in Mexico. Some places are a lot easier for meeting women than others.

For instance, Mexico City is easier for meeting women than a city such as Monterrey where the women are more conservative.

Oaxaca is also not a place to meet women. But, just so you know, in Southern Mexico, women are more “indigenous”; in the Northern part, they’re more European.

Where to meet women during the day

Anywhere. The street, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, gyms, pretty much anywhere women exist.

In case you didn’t know, I love gringo women. One of my favorite places to meet them was the Central neighborhood (El Centro) in Mexico City.

I suppose it’s also a great place to meet Mexican women as well.

A couple of other neighborhoods in Mexico City that I wholeheartedly recommend: Condessa, Polanco, Park Chapultepec. If you’re looking for a more of a working-class vibe, then check out Balbuena. Just try not to go there at night.

If you see a cute woman, don’t hesitate—just approach her. You’ll definitely be glad you did.

Meeting women at night

Mexico is a place with great nightlife. In most large cities, you can find plenty of clubs, bars, lounges and just about anything to satisfy any interest and taste.

Whether you like American rock music, rap, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, rock en Español, you will find it in cities like Mexico City, Monterrey, and others.

Mexican nightlife is the typical Latin nightlife. It’s not like the nightlife you experienced in Medellin where people are all sitting down and just talk with those they already know.

Especially in Mexico City, the nightlife venues resemble how nightlife is in American cities like New York or Chicago. There’s going to be a lot of mingling, so meeting people shouldn’t be very difficult.

Of course, some nightlife venues will be more conservative than others. There, you will find groups of friends and approaching a woman will be harder.

Don’t let any of that deter you: Mexican nightlife is a fantastic place to meet women.

Meeting women online

There are various ways to meet gorgeous Mexican women online. There’s always Tinder which is a fairly safe bet.

A much better option is a great site Mexican Cupid. There’s where I met several beautiful and quality women (one of them went on to become my long-term girlfriend).

If you want to find a quality girlfriend, then head over to Mexican Cupid, sign up for an account and start contacting the girls you like. Soon, you will meet several great women and will have your pick of a great girlfriend that you can introduce to your mom.

Once again, click here to meet amazing Mexican women.

One thing I did when I traveled to other countries was “pipelining.” The way it works is that I would switch my location on one of these apps to the target city and start meeting women. Then, when I would arrive, there would be women waiting for me and ready to go out.

This cut down the time needed to go out and find these women. So, this is something that I recommend to gringos who want to visit Mexico.

If that fails, you’ll definitely meet them during the day or at night. It’s just too easy.

The gringo factor

I know you asked me to talk about whether Mexican women like gringos. I remember when we lived in Brazil we were both gringos, so the women interacted with us differently.

I think it’s the same in Mexico. Mexican guys can certainly get away with a more aggressive approach than gringos. I think foreigners everywhere have to deal with a stigma of being in the country just for the women.

I will say this, though, some guys I know are absolutely killing it with the local women. These are mostly other Latin guys like Argentinians or Brazilians who are good looking and have a great game (remember how difficult Argentinian women were in Brazil?).

Another type of guy that I see succeeding in Mexico is the quintessential Scandinavian guy: tall, slim, blonde. That sort of thing.

I know some women go crazy for these kinds of guys, but overall Mexican women can’t pass up a fellow Latin guy because of similar cultural issues and no language barriers.

Generally, the more traditional the woman, the more she’d want to date her own kind. If you’re a gringo, you should focus on women who somehow don’t fit into traditional Mexican culture. These are the outcasts that lived abroad, speak English, and are more liberal than what Mexican culture allows.

And before you tell me that non-traditional Mexican women aren’t attractive, I must stop you: there are many less traditional Mexican women that are just as amazing. In fact, I met one at an art expo and we dated for over a year.

Where to stay in Mexico

Mexico is a big country and greatly varies by the region you’re staying in. There are beach towns, valley regions, beautiful colonials towns in the mountains and everything in between. Northern Mexico is richer than Southern Mexico.

The recent violence in Mexico means it’s prudent to avoid some areas. It’s best to avoid border towns (there’s nothing much there anyway except for Tijuana, which a lot of fun).

I would say the big cities are safe and popular vacation resorts are completely safe. After all, the last thing the Mexican government would want is for other countries to boycott Mexico after a tourist gets killed in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

OK, let’s talk about the major cities and areas. First of all, you can’t ignore Mexico City. In fact, I’m guessing that’s going to be the point of entry for many gringos.

I talked a lot about Mexico City before, but let me just reiterate: it’s awesome. It’s one of the largest cities in the world, so there are tons of things to do: from cultural stuff to restaurants to clubs to whatever else you want.

There are also tons of places to meet women. Because the city is so large, approaching women is easy since you have this anonymity feeling in the big city.

There are also tons of neighborhoods from bohemian (Condessa and Roma) to more working class such as Balbuena.

It’s a city that I wholeheartedly recommend (get an Airbnb in Condessa), meet women in the center or Park Chapultepec. Or, if you want rich women, go to Polanco.

Another city that’s worth a visit is Monterrey. It’s located in Northern Mexico. Although it’s not as exciting as Mexico City, it’s a different city with a different vibe.

The women there tend to be more conservative than in other parts of Mexico, so they require more face time before you seal the deal. But, I would say that there a lot of quality women there from good families that are looking for a great man to have a family.

When it comes to beach towns, I can recommend cities like Mazatlan and Acapulco on the Pacific Coast. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Merida on the Caribbean coast are great for relaxing and taking it easy. I also like Oaxaca and San Cristobal de las Casas, which are beautiful historic towns.

Baja California is worth a visit, too. So, if you’re visiting Tijuana, head south and check out cities like Ensenada and Rosarita. They’re great little towns for cheap tacos and friendly people.

When to visit

Mexico’s southern location means there aren’t huge variances between seasons like in America. Mexico City has the same “spring” temperature year-round. If you want something warmer, make the one-hour trek to Cuernavaca. It’s a city located in lower altitude and is thus much warmer than the capital. That’s where a lot of rich people from Mexico City have their vacation homes.

Obviously, there are some hurricanes and what not on the Caribbean coast, but I’m not a meteorologist so I can’t really tell you when to avoid those areas.

All in all, I don’t think there’s a “preferred” time to visit Mexico. Any time is fine.

The food

Mexican food doesn’t really need any introduction, does it? Everyone has heard of tacos, taquitos, quesadillas, and ensenadas. And, err, fish tacos.

But what most people don’t know is that Mexican cuisine is much richer than just tacos. In the North, we have amazing meat called “cecina.” It’s delicious and is similar to Spain’s “jamón serrano.” I also like “adobada” and “carnitas” which are both pork, just prepared differently.

The best part about Mexican food is that it’s spicy. It can be as spicy as you want. For instance, we have this sauce called “habanero” which can make your food extremely spicy. So, if you’re not used to spicy foods, you should be careful.

Final thoughts

What can I say, Mexico is an amazing country and I recommend everyone to visit and see for themselves.

Women are beautiful, sexy, passionate and feminine. Plus, they know how to take care of their man like no other women in the world.

I have many gringo friends that visited Mexico, met a woman, and then decided to remain here. Some of them even have children. Others are planning on getting married.

The reason? They met a great woman, of course. And that woman convinced them to stay in Mexico.

One thing I can’t stress enough is the importance of speaking Spanish. You don’t need to be fluent; just being conversational is enough. If you speak Spanish, everything will be easier and simpler, and you’ll be able to connect with people on a much deeper level.

After you learn Spanish, feel free to contact me and I’ll teach you some cool Mexican slang.

Like we say in Mexico: “No seas mamon!”

Finally, to meet gorgeous and quality Mexican women, click here.

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