I recently arrived in Eastern Europe after a long layover in Qatar (a smaller version of Dubai) and now writing this from Kiev, Ukraine.

Kiev, Ukraine is one my favorite cities in the world — especially in the summer and not during the winter when it’s -20C out.

I expect to be in or about Eastern Europe for the rest of the summer. Once the fall rolls around, it’s anyone’s guess.

Moreover, it’s been an interesting year so far. Earlier this year, I began working on a new project, one that I see real potential in the months and years ahead.

In any case, I wanted to use this opportunity to give you a quick update as to what I’m working on right now.

Daily Email Newsletter

I started a daily newsletter where I discuss business, hustle, travel, location-independence, mindset and similar topics.

For the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve been sending an email almost every day.

So far, the response has been really great, so I will continue to do this in the foreseeable future.

There are several themes encompassing these emails: business, hustle, travel, location-independence. The unifying theme is freedom. The objective is to help you become a free man.

Here are some recent emails:

  • The happiest man in Thailand
  • Is college worth it?
  • $2K or $2 Billion?
  • Sell 1, Sell 10,000

Whereas I consider a blog as a more formal style of communication, and a typical blog post usually takes me 2-3 days (if not weeks) to craft, an email lets me share my thoughts much quicker and easier in a more informal fashion (but still in a way that gets my point across). I view it as a friendly conversation with my readers.

Each email is relatively short (500-800 words), but is packed with value. It references my experience and drives a point that you hopefully can apply to your own life as well.

If you’re a frequent reader and love this blog, but still somehow haven’t subscribed, you can do so here:

The Maverick Insider’s Club

A few weeks ago, I launched The Maverick Insider’s Club (IC). Some have coined it Maverick Traveler on steroids. Essentially, it’s for those who want more.

It comes with lots of perks including a 2-3X  weekly podcast, special content, regular Q&A’s and AMA’s. It will also include a mini-course that I’m finishing up right now.

In the weekly podcast, I discuss lots of things that only get a passing mention elsewhere. For instance, in one of the episodes I discussed exactly what I’ve been working on since January (ie, that I was too busy to blog), my lessons and experience as well as my successes and failures. It’s an episode where I shared everything and held back nothing.

In another episode, I explained how to validate an idea and take it to market.

In yet another episode, I talked about my earlier business failures and reflected on the lessons learned.

Unlike my previous (free) podcasts that were produced on a random schedule (or not at all), this one will be produced every single week with exciting, interesting and actionable content.

I won’t try to sell the membership too hard, but let’s just say that if you enjoy Maverick Traveler, you’re going to love The Maverick Insider’s Club. Join here.


I have always viewed the blog as my main outlet for deep thinking and reflection.  I take my writing seriously and have typically spent anywhere from few days to few weeks crafting a blog post. Nowadays, most of these ideas are sent to my readers in an email form.

Nevertheless, I will still write about interesting and thought-provoking topics. So, definitely expect to see more amazing content in the future.

Or maybe I will make my blog articles less “formal” so that I can write more often.

I’m open to suggestions. So, if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below.

Next steps

For the time being, you should subscribe to my daily newsletter here:

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