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What Do You Want To See In My New Book?

For a good portion of the past year, I’ve been busy working on a new book. Unlike my previous books which were mostly about mindset and self-improvement, this one will be primarily about travel, location-independence and entrepreneurship.

The objective of the book is to show you how to travel and build businesses around your passions and interests. The first part of the book is all about travel: where to go, where to not go, how to meet like-minded people, how to establish a productive routine (super important on the road), and how to pickup foreign languages very quickly. Plus a lot of my cool travel hacks that I’ve picked up over the years. You’ll find these applicable regardless if you’re looking to backpack around the world or simply move to another country for several months.

The other part of the book is about my passion, which is building agile businesses in areas that I’m interested in. In the book, I spent time talking about  background story behind my business ideas and very quick ways of testing and implementing them. I talk about some of the motivations behind each idea, expectations for the project and how it all went happened.

While I’ve written several books before, this should’ve been my first book because it perfectly captures the essence of the brand and everything I stand for: a junction of entrepreneurship and freedom.

Although I feel like I’ve included everything that I wanted to cover in the book so far, I would like to ask you what kind of information you’d find valuable.

For instance, the other day, I was chatting with a long-term reader and he mentioned he’d like to see more travel stories.

What about you? What kind of things do you want to see in the new book? What kind of things do you want me to cover? What kind of things should I omit?

Travel stories? Living experiences? Business building? Mindset?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. you should write about your travel experiences. which place is dangerous, where you almost got robbed, etc.

  2. travel and hustle.

    that’s it 🙂

  3. James,

    maybe you can write about travel in a more literal sense – like how it helped you to find direction in life and become a better person?

    dunno, just a suggestion

  4. Brazilian women!

    Actually, the best payment systems to use for a freedom business would be great!

  5. I have a real business and travel question for James: how does a person brand new to online business makes his/her mark in saturated markets if they have no established clientele and no biz dev skills yet? There are millions of copywriters/developers/designers out there!
    The second part of the question is: for a guy who is single, a financial minimalist and in his mid thirties, what is the safest and most stable Caribbean island for spending a couple of years there?
    I love your blog and your youtube channel, man!

    • The same way you found James, content specifically blogging. Write good/excellent content people will find you.

      There is no perfect stable (safe & stable) caribbean countries (or any country for that matter) they all have some f*cked up thing about them.

      The most stable ones ie, virgin islands etc are also the most expensive $2000+ rent and you will still have power outages,etc not to mention most boring.

      Unstable countries are the most fun.

      But the best way is just go see, the ones that look good on paper you might hate being there. Only way to know is go.

      My (non James) 2 cents.

      Mav will probably be have better answers.

  6. B*tches & Business w/travel sprinkled on top.

  7. It would be great to see really specific stuff:

    Case studies of successful online businesses that you have built or know.

    Examples of successful marketing campaigns or online marketing hacks.

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