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7 Best Brazilian Dating Sites And Apps

by James
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It’s no doubt that Brazilian women are some of the sexiest in the world. They have this body language and the way they carry themselves that just oozes sexuality.
And, sure, you can meet them pretty much anywhere – on the street, in the coffeeshop, in the restaurants and even right on the beach.
But, by far, the best place to meet Brazilian women would be online. After all, they’re already there, waiting for you to sweep them off their feet.
After hours and hours of research, the best Brazilian dating site is Brazil Cupid which boasts hundreds of thousands of profile and where you can meet any kind of Brazilian woman you desire. Click here to signup for your free account.
Here are the top 7 legitimate Brazilian dating sites:

Brazil Cupid

Brazil Cupid
Brazil Cupid is one of the most popular Brazilian dating sites for meeting beautiful Brazilian women. That shouldn’t surprise you because it’s just one of many sides belonging to Cupid Media which runs dozens of niche-based sites that help you find any kind of woman you want. They’ve been around 2005, making them very knowledgeable and successful with this.
While I have extensively covered Brazil Cupid in our review, I want to give you a couple tips so that you’re successful when it comes to meeting your sexy Brasiliera.
By far, the most important thing when signing up for Brazil Cupid is to have a good profile with a few quality pictures. A picture is what a woman sees first before reading your actual profile and what also sets the initial impression in her mind.
The next is to have a good description of who you are and what you’re looking for. For more tips and tricks, definitely check out our extensive review on Brazilian Cupid.


Brazil Amo


ParPerfeito is another legitimate Brazilian dating site. ParPerfeito is a Portuguese word that means “perfect partner.”
The site’s major strength is that it’s a locally-grown Brazilian dating site (unlike Badoo or Tinder), has been around 2000 and hosts lots of users. Just the fact that the site is an actual Brazilian site should give it a certain advantage not available to its rivals.
The downside of this is that unlike BrazilCupid that’s global, it’s not as widely used.
ParPerfeito is a standard dating website where you sign up, upload your profile picture(s), look at the array of different women and contact the ones you like.
While our first pick is BrazilCupid, I can see using ParPerfeito in the odd chance I don’t have much luck there.


Badoo is another decent Brazilian dating site for meeting Brazilian women. Badoo is actually part dating site and part dating app. The dating app works very similar to Tinder, so you’re in that familiar swipe mode. In addition to the dating app, Badoo can be accessed from a regular website, much like many other dating sites.
The big advantage of Badoo is their enormous user base. At the time of this writing, Badoo has something like 500M users worldwide, so you can be pretty sure you’ll find someone special on there.
Apart from that, Badoo functions exactly like your regular Brazilian dating site, so if you’ve used other dating sites, you’re going to be right at home on this dating site.


I suppose Tinder doesn’t need much introduction. It’s one of the original dating apps where you can swipe left or right, depending on whether you dislike or like the person respectfully.
Tinder is certainly a popular Brazilian dating site, and can be used for meeting all kinds of women for an encounter with no problems. I used it with no issues in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte so I’m pretty sure it will work fine in whatever city you find yourself in.
The only downside to Tinder is that most of the women on there are mostly looking for a short-term relationship and flings. It really isn’t a site where you can expect to find a wife or even a long-term girlfriend although it’s certainly possible.


Last, but certainly not least, we have Facebook, the famous social media app where you can add people and follow their activities.
Facebook can be certainly used as a dating site in two important ways: you can add and follow people that you’ve already met in real life and you can add people that you haven’t yet met in real life.
When I was in Brazil, I always made it a habit to always add a cute girl whenever I met here in a coffee shop, restaurant, store or anywhere similar. Then, over time, I would stay in touch and eventually ask her out.
Facebook can also be used to meet people you haven’t yet met. Simply browse Facebook and send a friend request to Brazilian girls that catch your interest. That has worked really well for me.
Finally, Facebook recently unveiled their new dating functionality: Facebook Dating. On the first look, it seems to work like Tinder, but it also utilizes your existing friends and other connections.

Closing thoughts

There’s certainly no shortage of excellent Brazilian dating sites. Each one of these dating sites certainly comes with its pros and cons. Some dating sites are have an accompanying app, while some dating sites are just apps without a website.
While we believe that you can certainly meet a great girl of any of these sites, our firmest recommendations rest with Brazilian Cupid. We believe it’s the absolute best site to meet your dream Brazilian girlfriend, regardless if you’re looking for a fling, a more serious relationship or even a wife.
Click here to signup and begin meeting your dream Brazilian girl today.

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