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Brazil Cupid Review

by James

Let’s not beat around the bush: Brazilian women are one of the—if not the—sexiest women on this very fine planet. Like my good friend Jake once told me, “If you haven’t dated a Brazilian woman, you haven’t lived.”
After living for about 3 years in Brazil, I couldn’t agree more.
When it comes to meeting Brazilian women, you have two options: you can meet them in person or you can meet them online.
The main benefit of meeting Brazilian women online is that you don’t have to be physically in Brazil; you can do that from the comfort of your living room back in New York, Los Angeles or London.
When it comes to meeting women online, you have two options: Tinder and an array of online dating sites.
As far as Tinder is concerned, while you can meet women there, the women tend to be of lower quality than if you meet them through some of the other sites. Plus, they flake a lot more.
One of my favorite dating sites for meeting gorgeous and high-quality women is Brazil Cupid.
Brazil Cupid is one of the sites that I started using when I arrived in Brazil. As a result, I went on an array of dates, and eventually met a girl who became my first serious girlfriend in Brazil, a relationship that lasted for many months.
That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Brazil Cupid to anyone who wants to meet a high-quality Brazilian woman.
OK, so now you understand why the site is so awesome, you’re probably wondering as to what’s the best way to use the site.

How to use Brazilian Cupid

Let me tell you about the best practices.
Step 1) Go over to Brazil Cupid and create an account

This step is completely free, so you don’t have any excuses not to do it.
Go do it now, I will wait
Step 2) Fill out your profile with awesome photos and description.
Here’s the thing. When you’re meeting a woman in real life, there’s an immediate visual connection, so the woman can decide whether she likes you or not. That kind of thing happens fast because it’s done visually on a subconscious level.
But when it comes to online dating, it’s all about putting in the right information so that you’re able to make the first impression that gets you through the door to the actual date.
Unlike real dating, online dating is a two-step process.
Women screen men first to see if they want to meet up with them or not.
That’s how it works.

Additional tips when setting up your profile

So, when it comes to your profile, the most important element is the pictures. Just avoid any creepy pics. Instead, if you have a few pics with a nice background such as a beach, use those.
You also don’t need to be smiling like crazy in the pictures, but also don’t try to be mean and serious.
Having a good picture matters, a lot.
From my experience dating online, having a great picture is of paramount importance. After all, it’s the first that a woman sees when she checks out your profile.
It’s what she sees before she reads your profile.
It’s what she sees before she reads about your hobbies or interests.
It’s what determines her attraction for you.
So, yeah, pictures are everything.
Pictures are about sexual attraction.

Guidelines for having a great picture

1) No weird/creepy/serious picture
2) No drunken/partying/doing drugs picture
3) No picture of you surrounded by several male or female friends
Keep it simple.
The best picture should be of yourself with a cool background. Maybe some cool mural (painting on the side of the building).
Or, better yet, a nice beach.
My best picture has always been me sitting in some beach cafe, slightly smiling at the camera, with the background of the beach behind me.
That’s it.
There’s something about the beach that always catches the attention of the women (or anyone else really).

Starting a conversation

So, now that you have your profile filled out, the next step is messaging the girls that you like and starting a conversation.
So, what exactly do you say?
The best way would be to say something innocent like:

“Oi, tudo bem? :)”


“Oi, como vc esta? :)”

Both of those examples simply mean “How are you?”
That helps things out.
Brazilian girls love to use smileys everywhere, so I definitely recommend them since it makes you seem not as serious and up tight as someone else.
Once the girl replies, you can ask her the quintessential question that every foreigner has already asked a local girl (and the question she’d probably heard many times before):

“Do you speak English?”


“Voce fala ingles?”

I will warn you though, not many people speak English in Brazil. I mean, you will discover various levels of English speakers, but it’s hard to find a person who speaks English fluently.
Most people will speak English here and there, though, so it should be enough for your needs.
Remember, you’re also chatting so the girl can take her time to formulate a question or response, or, better yet, she can use a translator app to look up an unknown word if she gets confused.

Asking her out

After chatting with her for a bit, the next step is to ask her out.
Remember, the whole point of chatting is to warm things up for the actual date, where you know, you can get physical and get to know the girl a bit better.
I would recommend something innocent like a coffee shop, a bar, or just meet up somewhere and go for a walk in the park.
Although I’m not a huge fan of dates during the day, I understand there’s a time and place for them so if there’s a cool spot you wanna check it out like an exhibition day event, don’t hesitate to check it out.
For the second date, I may invite the girl to a nice bar or maybe even back to my house for dinner (depending on the feel on the first date).

Final thoughts

Brazil Cupid is an amazing way to meet Brazilian women online. When you go on the site, you have hundreds or even thousands of profiles of awesome women that are just waiting for you to send them a message.
You would be foolish to not take advantage of this and pass up on the opportunity.
That’s just crazy if you ask me.
Click here to start meeting awesome Brazilian women
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