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Estonian Women vs. Ukrainian Women

by James
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Whether you’re more interested in dating Estonian women or Ukrainian women in this article we are going to talk about the differences as well as the similarities between Estonian and Ukrainian women.


Before we dive deeper and compare the women from two of these countries let’s talk about the differences between the actual countries. Both Estonia and Ukraine used to be a part of the Soviet Union which broke apart in 1991. Estonia is one of the smallest European countries and it was the first country in the former Soviet Union to join the EU as well as to adopt the EURO currency.

Estonia is also not considered to be eastern European. A lot of people considered it to be part of northern Europe because it has close links to Finland it’s neighbor to the north, as opposed to Russia, its neighbor to the east.

All in all Estonia is a very developed economy with a thriving tech scene and very low levels of corruption.

On the other hand Ukraine was also part of the Soviet Union and it also gained independence back in 1991. Ukraine is Europe’s largest country if you don’t count Russia which actually spans both Europe and Asia. And unlike Estonia, Ukraine is not in the EU, it does not have the euro currency and its levels of corruption are higher than in Estonia.

One similarity between Estonia and Ukraine is that in Estonia the older generation speaks Russian and then in Ukraine all of the residents right now speak Russian. Apart from that they are very different countries with different values, different kinds of people and different things that they care about.


Now that we’ve covered the differences between the countries, let’s talk about the people and more specifically the women. But before we get into the differences, let’s quickly cover the similarities because the fact of the matter is that they’re not really a lot of similarities between Estonian and Ukrainian women but the few similarities are very notable.

One basic similarity between Estonia and Ukrainian women is that both nationalities are more or less in Eastern Europe this is a fact for Ukraine but when it comes to Sonia it’s a little bit more complicated than that more most of the Stone Age consider themselves living in northern Europe but I would say it’s still north eastern Europe and being annexed Soviet union countries there are some Eastern European values that still exist regardless of whether you call that country in Eastern Europe or not.

That means that there is a distinct connection, interpretive mindset and personalities between Estonian and Ukrainian women. Obviously the difference between American and Estonian women is a lot greater than the difference between Ukrainian and Estonian women.

Another similarity between Estonian and Ukrainian women is that the older generation of Estonians do speak Russian to a certain extent whereas in Ukraine virtually everybody speaks Russian because it is the native language to about half of the population.

And that is where the similarities end. In the next couple of sections we are going to drill down and talk about the major differences when it comes to Estonian and Ukrainian women.


The first thing I want to talk about is the luxe. And this is where the differences are the biggest. Estonian women are tall, blonde and have very very light skin tone. When viewed with an untrained eye they do not resemble Eastern European women at all and that makes sense because Sonia is not an Eastern European country. In many ways they more resemble Norwegian Swedish or even Dennis women not to mention they’re close neighbors of Finland.

And so if what you’re looking for is the classical Eastern European looks such as their neighbor Russia or other similar women you are going to be greatly disappointed.

Ukrainian women on the other hand are your quintessential Eastern European and that is because they are Eastern European just like the Russian neighbors to the north. They are shorter than Ukrainian women although there are plenty of tall Ukrainian women too. Overall they also have a slightly darker skin tone depending on where in Ukraine you are. And most certainly you were going to find a lot more Ukrainian women with darker hair than up in the stone yet.

In my subjective opinion Ukrainian women are a lot more attractive than their Estonian counterparts. That is not to say there are no beautiful Estonian women there are. But on average you were going to find a lot more Ukrainian women that are more attractive than the average Estonian woman.

And so for example if you were walking around Kiev you are going to have neck strain more often and a greater occasion than in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.

That’s when it comes to the looks department the weather here is Ukraine.


Now let’s talk a little bit about the personality of the two types of women. Estonian women for the most part have a very different personality than Ukrainian women. Being more Nordic women Estonians are fairly cold not as approachable and it’s fairly difficult to a strike a conversation with them in if you talk to some of the local guys you will see that Estonian women are not very open to have strangers approach them on the street in the coffee shops or other public settings.
Ukrainian women are very Eastern European and that means they’re also fairly distant, called and reserved by strangers approaching them on the street but they are definitely more open to having strangers approach them then they are Estonian counterparts.

As somebody who has lived extensively in both of these countries I can tell you with a fairly high certainty that Ukrainian women have a more vibrant, more expressive and I would say when I’m more artistic personality than the more frigid Estonian women.

Now, perhaps you’re the type of person who likes his women to be more reserved and closed off. In that case you will be much more at home in the Stone Yard. But myself as somebody who is more outgoing, more talkative and somebody who likes to strike up conversation with a woman in various places, I find Ukraine much more to my liking.

Another thing about these two types of women that I wanna mention is that Ukraine being a more southern country it’s obviously more talkative, more friendly and more open to meeting new kinds of people and having said that I can also say that Ukrainian women are a little bit more manipulative than they are Estonian counterparts.

It’s very very rare that you hear about a case where an Estonian woman manipulated her boyfriend or husband or some random guy but that is something that happens here in Ukraine all the time. In fact Ukrainian women are very well known for extracting various resources from the man they are in relationship with or even their close friends.

All I know I want to say very very clearly that if you like more outgoing women then Ukrainian women are your cup of tea but if you like more reserved and close the door for women but definitely women that are also as friendly that may be Estonian women should be the type of women you should be looking into.


Now, I want to talk a little bit about their preferences for foreigners. Obviously if you’re reading this right now you’re probably not Estonian or Ukraine and that you were considered to be a foreigner in their eyes.

When it comes to Estonian women’s this situation is fairly straightforward Estonia was one of the first ex-Soviet Union countries to join the EU and was one of the first countries to have the freedom of movement meaning that Estonian citizens could easily travel to European countries and EU citizens can easily come to Estonia that result it in Estonian especially young in stone as being able to travel abroad and get to learn new cultures new customs and meet new type of people from these countries.

As a result Estonia is a much more open minded country when it comes to meeting in dating foreigners in fact there are lots of Estonians living all over Scandinavia as well as in the United Kingdom not to mention the southern European countries of Spain Italy where Estonians can enjoy a lot more sun and warmer weather’s ben in their homeland.

When it comes to Ukrainian women the situation is different but also opens up to dating foreigners in different ways than the Estonian counterparts. The fact of the matter is that Ukraine is not in the EU and therefore Ukrainian citizens did not have the ability to easily travel between European countries as the Estonians and still do. But that never stopped Ukrainians either from traveling to different countries but also from dating foreigners.

Part of the Ukrainians women desire to date foreigners is more economic than simply getting to know others.
And so whereas in the Estonian woman might be interested in dating a Spaniard or an Italian simply because of the difference in cultures, Ukrainian women would take to date a foreigner mostly because of the economic advantages and benefits and the possibilities it offers.

That means that while Ukrainian women are also very much open to dating foreigners you as a foreigner have to be very careful when you meet a new Ukrainian woman because you have to make a judgment call if she likes you based on your money or based on your personality.

The good news is that Estonian and Ukrainian women both love meeting and dating foreigners. In fact I have a couple of close friends that went out and got married to Ukrainian women and they’re in a very happy marriage. Thus you can’t really go wrong regardless of whether you choose Estonia or Ukraine for your daily needs.


Now let’s talk about the long-term potential of dating Ukrainian or Estonia and women: with which kinds of women are you in a better situation for a long-term relationship, marriage or even having kids?

The question really comes down to your values: are you more of an Estonian minded person or are you more of a Ukrainian minded person. Do you like more outgoing women or do you like more reserved women?

I have many close friends that are actually in a very happy marriage or a long-term relationship with a Ukrainian woman. I also know several people that made the stone and women abroad and they’re also in very happy and loving relationships. The decision is really up to you when it comes to taking the nationality that best suits your own character. But rest assured you should have no problems building something meaningful and long-term with the Estonian or Ukrainian woman.


Well there you have the complete comparison between Estonian and Ukrainian women. On paper it is a rather weird comparison to make simply because Estonia is so different and so remote from Ukraine and vice versa although both countries were part of the Soviet Union and the people in those countries do have a shared culture.

But the choice ultimately comes down to your own preferences. If you ask me I say go live a year in Estonia or in Ukraine and then decide what fits your personality better.

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