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Georgian Women: The Dating Secrets They Don’t Tell You

by James
Georgian women


In this article, we’re going to be discussing everything you need to know to meet and date Georgian women. So whether you’re planning to visit or actually live in goergai in the near future, you’re going to be getting a lot of value in this guide.

But before we talk about the women, it’s helpful to talk about the country, as that will help to create a solid foundation for its people, and, particularly, its women.

My first trip to Georgia

It all began with my first trip to Georgia couple of years ago. At that point in my life I’ve never been to Georgia before and so I didn’t know what to expect. However it’s fair to say that Georgia not only met my expectations, it also exceeded them.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Is Georgia safe?

Georgia is, without a doubt, one of the safest countries I’ve visited during my travels. When I asked locals about the safety in Georgia, I was told that you can walk around at all hours of the day, in any part of the city, and nothing would happen to me.

And, really, as someone who grew up in a big city with its share of crime, I immediately felt that Georgia just felt a lot safer and secure. And I’m happy to say I didn’t even once felt threatened or any way not secure while wandering all over Georgia.

Introduction to Georgian women

Georgian women are beautiful, in a very sophisticated way. In many ways they reminded me of Southern European women, italisnas or spaniards—not only in their outward appearance, but also in their mannerisms and the way they carried themselves.

Georgian women are feminine

Georgia being a country located in the Caucasus region, it’s natural to expect the women to be very feminine with the men very masculine. That’s just the rules of the game in this part of the world.

Being so very feminine, the women expect their men to be masculine. Thus, if you’re, say, from a western country such the USA or Canada, you might be in for a culture shock to say the least.

Georgian women are traditional

Along with femininity, you also have traditional values. Indeed, Georgian women are also very traditional. They greatly value long term relationships, family, etc. in fact, Georgian women absolutely love kids, and many young women can’t wait to have kids of their own.

Thus, if you’re ready to settle down and start a family, you can do a lot worse than date Georgian women.

Georgian women love status

It seems to be regional thing, but it seems that Georgian and Armenian women absolutely love status. I noticed the same thing when I lived in armenia, and it’s very similar in Southern European countries such as southern Italy and southern Spain.

Personally, I don’t have much of an issue with this, it seems to be just part of the deal, at least in this part of the world.

So, what it does it mean to you? Well, if you’re just a random backpacker passing through the country, you’re going to have a hard time attracting the top tier quality women. Those would be out of outreach because as someone new in town, you have no status and no social proof.

Nevertheless, keep reading below and I’ll tell you how to successfully approach and date beautiful Georgian women.

Dating Georgian women

How and where to meet Georgian women

Georgia is a very open and approachable society. It’s very easy to approach just about anyone on the street and they’re not going to look at you like you’re some terrorist. Thus, approaching women should be along the same mindset: if you see a woman you like, just walk up to her and strike a conversation. I recommend approaching indirectly unless you’re getting heavy choosing signs.

I have had success approaching women in coffee shops, restaurants, malls, and even parks.

Don’t rely on meeting women at night

One of my friends who’d been living in Georgia for more than five years once told me that you shouldn’t rely on nighttime in order to meet women. That made sense because when I started to go out at night, I noticed that Georgians liked to go out in groups, so meeting other people was difficult if not impossible if you weren’t part of the group already.

It’s certainly not like when you go out in the United States and everyone is out to meet new people.

Of course, there are “American style” bars where people go to meet new people, but they seem to be an exception instead of the rule.

Moreover, it’s easier to meet Georgian women during the day simply because they’re so friendly and approachable.

Meeting Georgian women online

As our lives become more and more tied to the internet, it becomes natural to meet women that way as well. I certainly won’t deny that Georgian women aren’t on tinder, that, while the rest of the world is using tinder to hook up or even have serious relationships, Georgian women are different.

Yes, they’re on tinder (and other apps) too. And, yes, you can meet them there without any issues.

So, if you decide to go down this route, my only advice is that you try to match with as many as possible, qualify them when chatting with them and then arrange quick, cheap dates before committing with a more serious “dinner and dancing” type date.

Which cities are best for meeting Georgian women

Georgia is a fairly small country with only a few major cities so it makes sense to focus on the capital first.


Tbilisi is Georgia’s capital and is a vibrant and dynamic city that will probably be your base when you start exploring the country.

When it comes to meeting women, Tbilisi should be your baae for exploration because being the capital and Georgia’s largest city, it’s also the most cosmopolitan city and the women who live there are a bit more westernized and, thus, are more open to meeting outside their culture (non-georgian) as opposed to a woman in a small Georgian village somewhere.

Plus, the women in Tbilisi are much more likely to speak English as opposed to the women in the countryside.

My advice: start in Tbilisi.


Batumi is Georgia’s second city, located on the Black Sea coast. In the spring and summer months, the temperatures rise, and becomes a sort of Georgia’s Miami for both tourists and locals alike.

During those months, one can women who come to relax and have fun in the sun from other parts of Georgia, making it an ideal destination for hooking up or maybe meeting your future wife.

Regardless whether you’re looking for a wife or merely a one-night-stand, the city of batumi should be on your radar in late spring and summer.

Moving to Georgia for long term

I liked Georgia a lot. It’s definitely not the same country one that was once part of Soviet Union. Right now, it’s rapidly growing, developing and works on attracting talent. As of the time of this writing, Americans have the right to spend up to 365 days in Georgia without needing to get a residence permit, making a long-stay as easy as getting on the plane and landing in the country.

So, if you’ve never experienced legendary Georgian hospitality, the country is definitely worth a visit if not an extended stay. Armenia next door is also a solid option.

Conclusion: the pros and cons of dating Georgian women

Let’s wrap up our review of Georgian women by going over the pros and cons. The main pros of Georgian women is the friendliness, hospitality and the traditional mindset. The cons is that it’s fairly difficult to meet them at night if you don’t have a social circle and their physical appearance may not be for everyone. It’s not Ukraine where you see stunners everywhere you look.

But don’t take my word for it. I didn’t trust anyone either when I set out to experience the country and its beautiful inhabitants for myself.

And I surely wasn’t disappointed.

Now it’s your turn.

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