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Vietnam Cupid • HONEST REVIEW

by James
Tinder in Vietnam

Vietnam Cupid is by far the best site to meet Vietnamese women. While you can certainly meet Vietnamese women in real life, in coffee shops and in restaurants, the truth is that it’s a lot easier and more effective to contact lots of different women and then pick and choose from the ones that answer you and decide to move things forward.
One of the best sites for meeting Vietnamese women is Vietnam Cupid and today I’m going to tell you how to get the maximum out of the site and meet the most amazing people. Keep reading this important Vietnam Cupid review.

How to use Vietnam Cupid

Vietnam Cupid works like a regular Vietnam online dating site where you sign up, create a profile with a good picture and a description, search for the women you want and then begin contacting the ones you found attractive.
Here’s the front page of the site:
Vietnam Cupid Review

Creating the perfect profile 

Once you’ve signed up—and you can do it for free—the next step is to create an irresistible profile so that you’re able to meet the most amount of Vietnamese women.
Do you know what’s the most important factor when creating a profile?
That’s right, the profile picture.
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and, thus, a good picture really makes or breaks the profile.
In your ideal profile picture, you should have a neutral expression. You shouldn’t be overly smiling ear-to-ear, but you also shouldn’t be angry or upset as though your dog had just died. Smiling excessively would come across as insincere, while being upset or angry wouldn’t be particularly attractive to the women looking at your profile.
Furthermore, make sure that your picture’s background is nice too. One of the best background ideas would be to have something like a beach. One of my profile pictures has Vietnam’s beaches as its background and it worked really well and attracted lots of women.
It pays to spend a bit of time working on having a good picture, so if you need to go and hire a professional photographer that may do the trick, too. Remember a good picture really makes or breaks your dating profile.
Once you’ve gotten the picture sorted out, the next step is to fill out the rest of the profile. When filling out your details, it really helps to be light on words, so write only as much as necessary and not more.
When you write less than you need, you’re letting women use their imagination to fill in the rest of the details. 

Vietnam Cupid search 

Once you’ve gotten the profile sorted out, you can start looking for women you find fancy by searching for women to date. In the search box, you can input various parameters and preferences to make sure you’ll see only the types of women you prefer.
This area is mostly self-explanatory, but I will make one important comment: don’t be overly restrictive with your searching filters. That will only limit your possibilities and the kinds of women you’ll meet on there. 

Contacting Vietnamese women on Vietnamese Cupid

Vietnam Cupid searching
Once you find the woman you like, the next step is to contact her using the website’s chat function. The purpose of the chat is to build rapport and trust before asking her out on a date.
My idea of building rapport and trust is to exchange 10-20 messages and get to the point where she’s comfortable with you. Every woman reaches this point differently, so, while one woman may become comfortable with you after a couple exchanges, another woman might need much more time to gain this level of trust.
Use your best judgement when building trust. Then, once you’ve felt you’ve achieved a certain level of trust, reach out and ask for her number. The reason for the number is that not only you can call her directly, but you can also add her to one of the messaging apps like WhatsApp and begin chatting with her on a different platform.
If she gives you her number, it’s a good sign that she trusts you somewhat. If a woman refuses to give you her number, don’t despair and spent a bit more time chatting with her. Moreover, you should be chatting with multiple women so it wouldn’t be a big deal if one woman refuses to give you her number.

When to ask a Vietnamese girl out

Once you get a number, either call her in the evening (or the next day), or add her to one of the messaging apps and start chatting with her on there. Then, after you’ve exchanged messages there, you can ask her out directly.
A few friends of mine prefer to ask the girl directly after chatting with on Vietnam Cupid and, while it has worked well for them, I prefer to chat a bit on one of the standard messaging apps to build more rapport before finally asking her out.

Vietnamese dating etiquette

Vietnamese women on Vietnamese cupid
While I talked a lot about the Vietnamese dating in my guide to Vietnamese women, it helps to emphasize and repeat various points to make sure you’ll have the best experience.
Vietnamese women are very feminine and submissive and so the way the dates go will be very different from what you’ve used in a Western country (assuming you’re a Westerner). 
First of all, you will have to make all the moves. You will have to ask them out, figure out the logistics of the date, and make sure she doesn’t flake. That means picking her up and paying for all the dates.
The paying part is especially important. In Vietnam, the man pays. Period. That’s always the case regardless if the woman and the way you met her. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met her online, via a social circle or through one of your mom’s acquaintances at work. 
There’s none of that Western style “going dutch” where both parties split the bill or any of that. As a man, you’re expected to be dominating and go for what you want, asking the woman out and paying for dates.

Vietnamese dating: tips and tricks

While dating Vietnamese women isn’t much different from dating other Asian or non-Western women, it’s important to mention some important points so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself 

  • Vietnamese women taking dating seriously. Of course, there are women who just want to have fun and enjoy life, but if she’s a quality woman who’s over 25, she’d want the dating to progress somewhere. She wouldn’t want to endlessly date and then breakup. She wants marriage and family. This brings me to the next point…
  • Meeting the family. If a woman invites you to her house to meet the family, it’s a serious matter. It means that she’s viewing you as a prospective candidate for marriage, so do take her invitation seriously and don’t view it as a casual thing as you’d do in the West.
  • Be a nice guy with an edge. Yeah, I know that the whole “nice guy” isn’t really alive in the West, but it’s definitely alive in Vietnam. Treat her nice, but don’t be a pushover and agree with everything she says. While Vietnamese women respect men who respect women, nobody respects a pushover who is afraid to ruffle some feathers by always agreeing with what the person says. Don’t worry about voicing your opinion once in a while.

Conclusion – Is Vietnam Cupid worth it? 

While there are various ways of meeting women like Tinder and others, I believe that VietnamCupid is one of the most effective and easiest ways of meeting Vietnamese women. Not only have I had great results on the site, but so have many of my friends. Many of them got into serious relationships and even became engaged to the women they met on the site.
Of course, you still have to put the work on and actually go out and contact these women, but that’s the case everywhere; Vietnamese women would never approach you and ask you to become their boyfriend.
So, if you want to meet a nice Vietnamese woman, you know exactly what you need to do.

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