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Why Brazilian Guys Don’t Need Game But You Do

by James

Brazil is one of my favorite countries in the world. Not surprisingly it’s also one of my favorite countries to go out, meet and seduce women.
And when you do go out, you notice something interesting. What you notice is a display of excellent, confident and aggressive game from men. Then you notice the beautiful and stunning women who love to be seduced by these confident and aggressive men. It’s an ideal mating environment designed and perfected over the years thanks to the wonders of evolution.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: Brazil is one of those rare countries where being aggressive and manly enables you to fuck beautiful women. Lots of beautiful women. Don’t try that (the aggressive part) in United States unless you have a really, really good lawyer.
Brazilian guys have great natural game. In fact, their game is so natural that they probably don’t even know that they have great, natural game; they probably have no idea what the word “game” really means.
First, let me begin by giving you a no-bullshit definition of the word “game.” Game is communication between a man and woman with the goal of fucking. That’s it. Now repeat that five times. The communication can be verbal, non-verbal, or a combination of the two. But that’s all it is — communication.
Smiling, flirting, innuendos, dirty jokes, subtle but purposeful touches, asking the girl out, trying to kiss her, all of that is communication with the goal of having sex.
On the other hand, a working/platonic relationship between a man and a woman is also communication but since the goal is not to fuck her brains out, it’s not game.
A man’s ability to seduce women is only part of the overall equation; what’s equally important is how the women react to his advances. And how the women react is driven mostly by the society they live in.
In Brazil, communication between men and women is what I call “pure.” Pure means men like women and women like men. Pure means the men are expected to pursue women by approaching and courting them. Pure means the women are choosers, eventually settling on the man whom they like.  Pure means women don’t play games for the sake of playing games (high-value women do play hard to get, though, which is absolutely normal).
It’s all pure because that’s how men and women are expected to behave biologically — as animal species that live and reproduce exactly like other animal species on this planet. Just like how the sun rises – and will always rise — in the east and sets in the west, the men and women have a certain predefined mating ritual. That mating ritual is practiced in Brazil.
While not all Brazilian men are smooth seducers, pretty much all Brazilian men are men. They all approach. They all get rejected. They all get laid.  On more than one occasion, on Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, I’ve seen young (teenagers) guys touch girls in ways that would be completely “inappropriate” in US.  Later in the night, in the clubs, the guys would get much more aggressive. So much that going out in Brazil is called “hunting” for a reason. The guys go out to hunt, and the girls go out “be hunted.”
And do the girls mind? Hardly — they love it. They love being desired, chased, and ultimately seduced. They love getting fucked their brains out. “Game” is, well, simple in Brazil. It’s simple but there’s a catch (there’s always a catch): all that’s required is for you to be a man.
Brazilian Women
But what is a man? Is a man someone who acts aggressive with the girls? That depends on your geographical location. In the US or Canada, being an aggressive sexual male would equate you to a “border-line rapist” or a misogynist. That’s done to shame you and discourage you from such — biologically ingrained — behavior.
So, if you’re a guy who’s stuck in a man-destroying place like Washington DC, San Francisco or Toronto (the number of such places is rapidly increasing), where you can’t be aggressive with women, and where the women don’t respond to an aggressive man, then what can you do? What options do you have? The answer is to go underground with your desires: become more aloof and more indirect, but not too aloof and indirect that you become her new platonic best friend.
You must alter how you communicate with women.
A popular method is to learn female psychology in order to “figure out” what creates attraction on a primal/subconscious level. Since learning female psychology in order to get laid is not automatically done by men, men must learn a new way to communicate. They must learn a new way to “game”. Or they must simply learn game.
The Western man must learn game because he simply can’t get laid using the – natural — techniques that work in Brazil and other (non-Western/feminist) countries. Western women don’t respond to that communication. They respond to other stimuli, and for a man to be successful with these women, he must learn the right ways to trigger those stimuli (attraction triggers).  Sadly, simply being born with a penis is no longer enough.
Except in Brazil.  A Brazilian guy can make his sexual intentions clear right from the beginning; he can keep pursuing the girl with direct and unapologetic intentions, getting more and more aggressive each time, and eventually winning her over.
An American guy needs to fly under the radar, be more and more aloof, more and more indirect, and more and more “politically correct” in order to not trigger her “he-is-a-creep” alarm.
So let’s recap:
American guy’s options:

  1. Scenario: Come on too strong/aggressive.
    Outcome: She calls you a creep and/or calls the police.
  2. Scenario: Come on too aloof/weak.
    Outcome: She puts you in the permanent friends-zone (LJBF).
  3. Scenario: Learn the psychology as to what women find attractive, then approach her indirectly, and with laser precision between being too aloof and being too aggressive.  Outcome: Possibly fuck the girl if you don’t screw up.

Brazilian guy’s options:

  1. Scenario: Confidently approach the girl.
    Outcome: Girl knows that you desire her. She can either let you continue seducing her or say No.

For Brazilian men, “game” is as simple as ordering pizza over the phone; he just needs to tell the girl what he wants.
Of course, not all Brazilian guys have great game. Not all of them are naturals.  Not all of them regularly get laid. But what separates Brazilian guys from American guys, is that pretty much all Brazilian guys are men. They are men in the sense is that they will approach and make moves on women, instead of believing in some fake “equality” between the sexes. All Brazilian men believe that women need to be fucked. And they’re right.
For American men, things are much, much more complicated because they need to know the right subconscious ways to trigger attraction in a woman without making her realize that she’s in danger of being fucked by the very same guy.
That’s not easy, which is why a different way to communicate was created in the US (and other Western/feminist countries). That’s called game.
The problem is that learning to communicate with Western women isn’t the same thing as actually being a real man, the same real man who’s cherished in non-Western countries.  And they’re many, many countries where simply being a man is all that’s needed in order to demolish the pussy of the country’s hottest women.  In fact, one of those countries is a large landmass in South America called Brazil.