7 Best Colombian Dating Sites And Apps


Meeting Colombian women just got a heck of a lot easier.

OK, so let’s get real. If you want to meet new people you absolutely must be online. Maybe something like 10 or 20 years ago, going to meet somebody online was a big deal and carried a lot of stigma about it.

But nowadays, I would say that because everybody’s online, whether they are on Instagram or Facebook or some other social media, there is absolutely no negative stigma of meeting somebody online.

Bulgarian women

Bulgarian women

One of the best benefits of meeting somebody online, especially if it’s a woman in another country, is that you can initiate the process right in your own apartment. So you can be basically sitting on your couch and contacting various women and seeing if there is mutual interest. 

That way when you get to the country, you will already have lined up various women that would be interested in meeting with you there’s a term for that: pipelining and it’s the recommended way of meeting women in other countries.

Otherwise, your risk of visiting the country and having to do all this work of trying to meet women or dealing with women that have very low interest in you and that is something that we want to avoid at all costs.

But now everybody’s online so there’s no issue at all whether you want to meet somebody or not.

In this guide, I want to talk about the absolute best Colombian dating sites to meet women. I also want to talk about the pros and the cons of each dating site and also give you some important tips and tricks for getting the most out of your experience. Because believe it or not you still need some sort of game in order for the women to be attracted to your profile and in order to actually said use these women.

Quick answer – The best Colombian dating site

Out of all of the sites that reviewed, we believe that Colombian Cupid is the more legitimate Colombian dating site for meeting Colombian women. It's easy to use, affordable and has an unbeatable reputation being part of Cupid Media of sites who've been around since 2005. It's simply the best way to meet Colombian women online. Signup for free here.

The 7 best Colombian dating sites

Here are the 7 Best Colombian dating sites:

Colombian Cupid

The first site that I want to cover is called Colombian Cupid. And it’s actually one of the best dating sites for meeting Colombian women. Many of my friends as well as various acquaintances went online and actually met women with whom they ended up building a serious relationship with.

Colombian Cupid is your basic kind of old school dating site right that’s where you go and you look at various profiles of women and you choose the kind of woman you want the new initiate contact with her. It’s our top recommended site here at Maverick traveler.

The way the site works is that you go on there, create a profile, search for the kind of women you want and then contact them one by one until you get a response. Once you receive a response, you initiate a conversation and eventually ask them out on a date so that you can get to know each other further.

Although it’s free to sign up for Colombian Cupid, you really should upgrade your membership in order to have the best chance of successfully meeting great women. Free membership is limited in many ways, and, besides, do you really think you’ll meet a truly quality woman on some free site?

We didn't think so either.

Fortunately, the membership is only something like $0.50 per day, which is several times cheaper than crappy coffee at your favorite coffee shop. You can sign up for a free membership right here.


I don’t believe this site needs any introduction. We’re talking about Tinder, after all, I am sure you have heard of the site because tinder is available worldwide and the way it works is that you basically go download this app and if you like somebody swipe right if you don’t like somebody swiped left.

I’m not gonna deny that it works, I mean it’s a great way to meet people definitely if you have a good profile you will be able to attract some people

The problem with Tinder, however, is that it mostly attracts lower quality women no I’m not saying that you won’t be able to meet the woman of your dreams on there but chances are you’re going to meet a woman that is looking for a kind of a Short term relationship instead of something like marriage or something more serious

That’s because tinder it has a very low barrier to entry and also because of the site's reputation as mostly a hookup app right so if you are looking to meet a woman for a more serious relationship for something like marriage having kids things like that then tinder would definitely be a poor choice.



Another decent dating site in Columbia is Badoo. Badoo is kind of like a mix between Tinder and the traditional dating site is that you have a website where you can look at the profiles of women but you can also download the app if you want something on the go and it also has this feature where you swipe left and right depending on if you like the woman or not.

With my experience on Badoo, I have found that it attracts a lot of also lower quality women or something like tinder something to that level I, unfortunately, weren’t able to find anybody higher quality and so I’ve given up on it after a while, nevertheless it could be a good choice for you maybe we’ll have better luck than me.

My Colombian Wife

Last but not least I wanted to introduce you to a different kind of dating site and that’s called My Colombian Wife. The way the site difference from all the other sites that we talked about is that it’s more of oversight were kind of this bright side right where you go on and you pay a certain fee in order to do various actions with women.

So, for instance, if you want to contact the woman, you have to pay a certain price. If you want a woman to reply, you may have to pay a certain price. If you want to meet a woman, then there’s another fee. 

So while you have all these additional levels of services, it’s definitely more expensive than this kind of do it yourself style of the other dating sites especially Colombian Cupid.

While I don’t particularly prefer this kind of style of matchmaking I know that there are people out there who would be interested in this kind of service where they are they need to pay more and they get a higher level of service instead of kind of a to-do it yourself an environment of the other sites

Final thoughts

OK, so there you have, the four best dating sites for meeting women in Columbia. I believe that each of these sites has certain pros and cons that you should evaluate in deciding which of these sites is the best for you. 

If you have to ask for my opinion, then definitely my recommendation would be Colombian Cupid because this is a site that is relatively inexpensive you can also sign up for free and it has the highest choice of better higher quality women for you to meet.

The best part about Colombian Cupid is that not only is it relatively inexpensive, something like 50c per day, but it also connects you with quality Colombian women who’re looking for a serious relationship.

So without any further ado click here to create your free profile on Colombian Cupid and start meeting women right now.

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