After spending many years traveling and living all over Latin America, there’s no doubt in my mind that Colombian women are some of the most beautiful women there.

Depending on the city you will go, they will either be closer to European descent (Bogota, Medellin) or more Latin-looking (Cali, Cartagena).

Obviously this is subjective, but in my opinion, the most beautiful women in Colombia come from Medellin. They’re called “paisas” and are exceptionally beautiful, caring and warm.


Similar to Brazilian women, there’s a myth that Colombian women are somehow easy. A lot of that is because of the whole Latin culture and reggaeton culture that shows a lot of women with skimpy clothing dancing to some fast beats.

Actually, that can’t be farther from the truth.

Generally speaking, Colombian women are pretty conservative. Part of that is because of religion: they’re ardent followers of Roman Catholicism and many of them don’t even believe in sex before marriage.

Nevertheless, unlike in Ukraine and Russia, there are women who will definitely sleep with you on the first night. So, you definitely get both sides of the table.


Along with their conservative nature, Colombian women are also very traditional. They’re very family oriented. Much of their life purpose is about finding the right man, getting married and having kids.

While I believe most Latin American countries are traditional, Colombia is definitely one of the more traditional ones. There’s little to no feminism seen anywhere and the idea that men are somehow their enemy repels many Colombian women who value patriarchy.


Colombian women are also very feminine. While I believe Russian and Ukrainian women are one of the most feminine in the world, Colombian women aren’t terribly behind.

It’s because of their femininity and passion that entire telenovelas (soap operas) have been filmed in Colombia with Colombian actresses.

Plus, Colombian accent has been mentioned by many to be one of the sexiest and clearest Spanish accents in the Spanish-speaking world. Much of that is due to the inherent sexiness and femininity of Colombian women.

Learn Spanish

Of course, I can’t keep advising you without reminding you to learn the foreign language, in this case, Spanish. Like with Brazilian women, it’s true that some of them speak English (you can find English-speakers everywhere), the fact that a person speaks English or not shouldn’t be the determining criteria of finding your ideal girl.

Like elsewhere in the world, the girls that tend to speak English proficiently are more Westernized in nature than the Colombian girls who weren’t exposed to Western culture.

So, when you choose to speak English, you’re essentially saying to yourself, “I will only date women who like the West and expose its values.”

In that case, why not just move to Miami or Los Angeles and meet Westernized Colombian women there?

I thought so.

After all, Spanish is not a difficult language to learn. As someone who speaks a bunch of languages, Spanish is easily one of the easiest languages I know and shouldn’t take someone a long time to pick up.

Moreover, Spanish isn’t some obscure language that few people speak. It’s spoken by close to a 1B people around the world (natively and non-natively). This ensures that you’ll always put your linguistic skills to use—pretty much anywhere in the world, regardless if you’re picking up Colombian women or just making a new friend.

Where to meet them

Approaching women during the day is the easiest way to meet Colombian women. Just like elsewhere in Latin America, women are very approachable and respect a man who goes for what he wants.

When I lived in Colombia, I approached women everywhere I saw them: in coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, bus stops and generally walking down the street.

If a Colombian woman isn’t interested, she will let you know. Having said, I don’t expect anyone to experience “hard” rejections. Even if she isn’t interested in you, she will still be friendly and perhaps introduce you to her friends.

How to meet Colombian women online

Online dating is great. Not only can you meet women in another country, across the planet, all from the comfort of your own living room in your home country.

When it comes to online dating, your options basically boil down to: Tinder and various online dating sites.

While Tinder typically gets the job done, the main problem with the service is that the women you meet are fairly low quality.

A much better alternative is a dating site such as Colombian Cupid. It’s the premier site where you can meet high quality women for short term as well as long term relationships.

During my time in Colombia, I was an avid user of Colombian Cupid. Actually, it’s where I met a girl that went on to become a long term girlfriend.

In fact, most girls that I met on that site were interesting, down to earth and none of that grubby, gold diggers that you usually find on Tinder and other site.

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend recommend using Colombian Cupid to meet your future fling or girlfriend. And, best of all, you don’t even need to be in Colombia to do it.

So, go over to Colombian Cupid and start meeting amazing Colombian women!

Does Colombian nightlife suck?

The problem with Colombian nightlife is that in some cities, especially Medellin, but mostly outside the capital of Bogota, people aren’t standing up and mingling with others. People are mostly sitting with people they already know.

Thus, it’s pretty much impossible to approach people and make friends when you’re not part of their company.

If that’s the case in the city you’re in, your best bet is to forget nightlife and focus on meeting women online or during the day. Both of these options are perfect for meeting women and then going on dates with them.

What’s a typical date like?

Like in Brazil and many other countries around the world, things operate around the familiar 3-day strategy in Colombia.

For the first date, you want to invite her to a club or a bar. The goal should be about getting to know each other, getting physical and hopefully making out towards the end of the date.

The second date should be much more relaxing. Perhaps a walk around town, her accompanying you while you shop, or going to the zoo.

The third date should be where you seal the deal. By this time, it should be very clear that you both like each other. There’s a strong chemistry between the two of you and you can’t wait to get your hands on each other somewhere private.

In this case, you can do one of the following two things: invite her to your house and promise to cook her a meal or ask her to have a drink or two in a neighborhood bar not far from your place.

Both of those options are solid and she should be receptive to coming back to your place after having a drink with you. (That is, unless, she’s already in your place enjoying your home cooked meal and having a nice glass of wine.)

Final thoughts

Colombian girls are some of the most feminine and family-oriented women on the planet. Of course, they also make for excellent girlfriends, if that’s all you’re looking for.