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7 Best Thai Dating Sites and Apps

Let’s not beat around the bush: Thai women are some of the most sexiest and friendliest women on the planet. They’re especially feminine not only in Asia, but also the world, especially given how masculine American women have become over the years.
While you can certainly meet Thai women via a number of ways, the best way to meet Thai women would be online where you can learn all about them and even do it from the comfort of your living room: online, on a Thai dating site.
Unfortunately, not all dating sites are the same. Some are definitely better than others. After very thorough research, we believe we’ve discovered the best Thai dating sites for meeting amazing Thai women.
After spending lots of hours researching legitimate Thai dating sites, we believe the best Thai dating site where you have the greatest chance of meeting your Thai soulmate would be Thai Cupid. Click here to create a free account and begin meeting Thai women today.
Thai woman

Quick answer – The best Thai dating site

After thoroughly reviewing lots of different websites, we have concluded that the best dating site is Thai Cupid. Thai Cupid is easy to use, affordable and reputable. Mostly thanks to Cupid Media’s (the parent of Thai Cupid) being business since 2005. All of this factors make meeting Thai women super easy. Feel free to signup here for your free account and begin your Thai dating journey.

The 7 best Thai dating sites and apps

Without further ado, here’s a list of what we believe to be the 7 best That dating sites on the Internet:


Thai Cupid
ThaiCupid is one of the most popular websites for Thai women on the Internet. That’s because it’s part of the Cupid Media group of websites that contain an array of different dating websites in various niches.
ThaiCupid itself boasts over 800,000 members, so there’s little doubt you’ll have any problems finding your Thai soulmate. Over here at Maverick Traveler, we highly recommend ThaiCupid as the premier website for meeting your soulmate. Click here to signup for ThaiCupid and begin meeting gorgeous Thai women ASAP.


How can we even bother creating list without mentioning one of the most popular dating sites in the world: Tinder. Tinder is known the world over as one of the easiest ways to meet women anywhere in the world.
The beauty of the app is that you can simply swipe left or right depending on whether you’re interested in meeting the woman or not. Tinder works around the world is certainly works in Thailand so you can use it to meet Thai women with no problems.
The main problem with Tinder is that the women that you will find on there are mostly of lower quality than the women on the more traditional dating sites. That’s because it’s fairly ease to signup (all you need is a Facebook account) and begin meeting people.
Whereas on the other dating sites, women need to actually spend time and fill out an extensive profile which filters all but the most determined women who are really looking for a relationship and not endless attention from hundreds of thirsty males.
That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend Thai Cupid over Tinder any day of the week.


Thai Friendly
Thai Friendly is another reputable Thai dating site where you can meet lots of quality Thai women.
Unlike Thai Cupid that specializes specifically in Thailand, ThaiFriendly specialized in the greater Southeast Asia region including countries like Vietnam, Philippines and Cambodia. They even allow you to meet Lady Boys, if that’s your thing.
If you don’t find a quality woman on Thai Cupid, we recommend you signup on ThaiFriendly in order to meet women there.


Badoo Thai dating site
But that is another dating app similar to tinder. On the app you can swipe left or right depending on whether you don’t like someone or you like someone. The way it differs from tinder is that also has our website does reminiscent of the more traditional work dating sites.
Badoo suffers from the same problem that plague Tinder is that it allows a lot of low-quality women to join this site and try to meet men.
While Badoo is a great option for dating in Taiwan. We definitely recommend Thai Cupid is the best overall dating site for meeting Thai women.


Facebook thailand
While you may be surprised to see Facebook on the list Facebook is actually a really good site for meeting Thai women. Facebook is good for two purposes: the first is that it allows you to meet new women, women that you haven’t met before. The second good way that you can use Facebook to meet women is that you can basically be friend the woman in real world and then ask her to your Facebook account and then engage a more personal conversation and see if she would be open to getting to know you further period.
I have used Facebook lots of times to not only meet new women but also take an existing relationship to a more personal level with the women I already know.


While there are plenty of great dating sites where you can meet your Thai soulmate, we believe that Thai Cupid is the best site. Our runner up is Thai Friendly, another great dating site that boasts lots of different girls you can meet. You can create a Free account here.

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