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Colombian Women vs. Argentinian Women

by James
Colombian women


In this article, we’re going to be comparing Colombian women and Argentinian women. If you’re interested in visiting either country and dating the respective country’s women, this article is for you. As someone who has spent a considerable time in each country, I believe you’re going to find this information super invaluable.

Colombia vs Argentina

Before we dive deep into the comparisons, let’s compare their respective countries first. This would set the groundwork when we examine the women and will help you further to make an informed decision. Colombia is a country located in the northern part of the South American continent. It’s a quintessential Latin American country, meaning when you think about Latin American food, style, culture, etc., Colombia is as real as it gets.

Colombia is also a very diverse country with different types of people depending on where in the country you are. Another interesting thing about Colombia is the clarity of the Spanish spoken there. Colombia is known for very clear Spanish, and cities like the capital of Bogota are prime destinations for international students who want to study Spanish.
Having lived in Colombia, I can definitely attest to that and I consider the Spanish spoken in Colombia to be clearer than even the Spanish spoken in Spain. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it’s definitely true. Argentina, on the other hand, is a country in the southern part of the continent.

One interesting fact about Argentina is that it’s very European, and easily the most European country in Latin America. Visiting the capital of Buenos Aires, makes you feel like you’re in Rome or Madrid, but with cheaper prices. The people speak with an interesting Spanish that has a heavy Italian accent.

That’s no surprise since many of the inhabitants are Italian immigrants (many also have Italian passports). All of this means that Argentina, unlike Colombia, doesn’t feel like a Latin American country, and instead feels more like a European country, an important distinction that will be revealed when we discuss women.


Now, let’s discuss the looks of the women. Which country’s women are prettier: Colombian or Argentinian? Unlike some of the other comparisons where we compare two truly Latin American countries and it’s hard to make your mind, this is relatively easy: Colombian and Argentine women are way more different than similar. First of all, Colombian women are truly Latin American women.

That means dark hair, dark complexion, that sexual body language and the love for dancing salsa. If you know anything about Latin America, I probably don’t need to go deeper. On the other hand, Argentinian women are just different. They’re much more European than Latin American.

In fact, If you met an Argentinian woman in Italy, Spain or Portugal, you’d think she’s a local there, instead of being from Latin America. That’s how European looking they are. Nevertheless, even if you have a preference for latin women, it’s hard to turn down an Argentinian woman.

There’s something special about them that’s definitely hard to put into words, but once you meet an Argentinian woman, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Thus, it’s hard to give a verdict as to who’s “prettier.” it really comes down to your preferences. Latin or European? You decide.


Just like in the looks department, it’s interesting to compare the personality of Argentine and Colombian women because while both nationalities are very pretty, when it comes to looks, things are not as simple. Colombian women have the quintessential latin personality. They’re very affectionate, very approachable, very outgoing and friendly.

The flip side is that they can be fairly jealous and become very emotional in various situations. I suppose you can say, you get the good with the bad. When it comes to Argentinian women, things are a bit more complex. It has been my experience and the experience of many of my friends who’ve spent time in Argentina, that the women there can be a bit difficult, not only in relationships but also when you initially approach them.

Generally, the fact that Argentinians consider themselves to be European means that they think very highly of themselves and view themselves to be “above” others — certainly above other Latin American nationalities. They’re also not readily impressed by foreigners, unless you’re of Spanish or Italian ethnicity.

So, being an American or British isn’t going to give you many brownie points. Meeting and dating Argentinian women requires a much more protracted approach as opposed to the straightforwardness of Colombian women. But if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with awesome women who are beautiful and sexy. Nevertheless, I must give this round to Colombian women.

Long term potential

Colombian women make great wives and long-term partners. Argentinian women do the same, but in a different way. When I lived in Colombia, I met many guys who were either in a long term relationship with a Colombian woman or were married with kids. And they had nothing but great things to say about the women they were with. The men described their partners as loyal, responsible and loving.

This can probably be attributed to the fact that Colombian women are staunch Roman Catholics and are thus very conservative, meaning that if you find a high quality woman, she’ll be an awesome life partner, a woman with whom you can share your life with. But what about argentinian women? Are they great life partners? Argentinian women are just like any other Southern European women, really.

While they can be awesome life partners, my instincts tell me that Colombians simply have them beat in this regard. There’s just something that screams “wife material” when I look at Colombian women that I simply do not connect with when it comes to Argentinian women. Nevertheless, many people do marry and end up leaving very happy and fulfilling lives with their Argentinian spouses. Will that be you?

Do they like foreigners?

Here we have another huge difference between the two nationalities of women. In my experience, while you should have no problems meeting and dating Colombian women as a foreigner, it’s the Argentinian women that are going to be challenging. In general, Argentina women are picky when it comes to men simply because they’re surrounded by good-looking Argentinian guys.

Moreover, Argentinian guys have game, know how to seduce women, and, by all accounts, also know how to seduce their own women, something that a foreigner isn’t as skilled with. I have heard multiple stories where foreigners have all but given up on meeting and seducing Argentine women simply because they were difficult to deal with and it was easier to just pack up and go home (or go to Brazil or Colombia). All of that is not meant to discourage you, but just keep that in mind when setting up your expectations. 

Final thoughts

So, there you have it, a full comparison between Argentine and Colombian women. Unlike in some of the other comparisons we did earlier, this one is really cut and dry. Colombian women are gorgeous and generally easier to date. Whereas the Argentinian women are gorgeous too (in a different way), but can be very tricky to meet and seduce. The choice is really up to you.

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