Argentinian women are perhaps the most beautiful women in Latin America (and even the world). They’re slim, have long dark brown hair and beautiful faces that are reminiscent of women from Southern Europe such as Spain, Italy or even Portugal.

That’s not an accident. Argentines are mostly descendants of Italians and Spaniards. When I lived in Buenos Aires, I can’t tell you how many people I met with purely Italian last names. Of course, some were Spaniards, but for the most part, they were from the land of pasta, pizza, and mafia.

This makes Argentina one of the only countries in Latin America with mostly a European-descendent population. Whereas most of the Latin American countries such as Brazil, Colombia or Mexico are composed of a mixture of Europeans and indigenous people, Argentina is as European as it comes.

So, what’s the reason for my brief history lesson?

Since Argentina is made up mostly of Europeans, it means there’s a bit of a superiority complex. And, you guessed it, that transfers directly to women.

That’s because, you see, Argentine women, are some of the most arrogant women you’ll meet on the continent or elsewhere.


I hate to start out on a negative note, but this is something that you simply can’t sugar coat or pass over.

Whereas Brazilian women or Colombian women can also be a bit arrogant—especially if they know they’re hot—they are plenty of Brazilian or Colombian women that are also super friendly and down to earth. Not so much for Argentine women.

Be an asshole

Since they’re so arrogant or at least pretend to not care what’s going on around them, it’s important to switch up your tactics and become more of an asshole than some nice guy who aims to please.

Argentinian guys are some of the smoothest players in the world. They’ve achieved that by being nice, smooth but also very aggressive. They also don’t have much of a problem turning their asshole behavior and pissing some people off.

The fact that it works and works so well proves the need for the tactics in your own arsenal.

Don’t worry about getting physical

When I was living in Buenos Aires, I made friends with an Argentine guy at a bar I frequented. When I told him that I was struggling with Argentine women, he replied that I should be a bit more aggressive.

He told me that in order to make sure they don’t leave after they’re done talking to us, you should “hold them.” Of course, he was referring to in a friendly way, not strongly hold them into submission.

There’s some truth to that. While I was out in the bars and clubs of Buenos Aires, I noticed that most Argentine guys get fairly physical with the women they’re trying to seduce. They’re not just talking to them from a mile away, hoping they would grab their interest.

Be dark and handsome

When I lived in Brazil, I met a lot of Brazilians who made frequent trips to Buenos Aires and recounted stories of their successes with the local women. Many guys slept with lots of women during their week-long holidays.

It was at this point, that I realized Argentine women prefer darker men like Brazilian and Argentinian instead of pasty white Northern Europeans or Americans.

Being an American doesn’t help your chances

While we’re way past the era when showing up with an American passport in country X would instantly have women dropping their panties and offering you sex, Argentina is perhaps even more vocal in this aspect.

In Argentina, being an American actually repels women faster than if you were just a regular tourist.

The solution: don’t tell women that you’re an American. Tell them, you’re from Europe or Canada. Only tell them once you’ve already established the relationship.

Be persistent

When I lived in Colombia, I met an Irish guy who had lived in Buenos Aires before me. Like every other expat who had lived in Argentina, he recounted how the women were difficult and how he couldn’t make anything happen for at least the first several weeks.

Then, something clicked.

When I pressed him further, he explained that the key to his success was persistence.

He told me how he kept asking this one girl to go out with him until she caved in and went out. Then, he kept pressing her to come back to his house. He told me that he had to do it no more than 5 times before she finally relented and agreed to see him again.

Argentinian women can be extremely fickle and moody, so your strategy should be to never take a “No” for an answer. Keep nodding your head, agreeing with everything she says, but keep pushing her to do what you want.

Don’t be forceful, but persistent.

Eventually, she’ll give in and do what you’re asking her to do.

Meet women in tourist/expat venues

When it comes to foreign women, my standard advice is to always find women away from Western/foreign elements: in other words, don’t meet women who show interest to foreigners.

In Argentina, my advice is the opposite.

Since Argentinian women prefer Argentinian (or Brazilian) men, your best bet would be spending time in establishments that are targeted by foreigners and women who like them.

I’m absolutely certain you’ll have a much better chance to meet great women in venues catering to tourists and expats. That’s because these women aren’t too strongly attached to Argentina and their Argentine identity.

Perhaps they want to travel, to see the world.

Perhaps they want to experiment with a foreign man.

All of these factors would make your job of finding an Argentine girlfriend much easier than frequenting venues frequented by Argentines only.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it. Now, you’re at least somewhat prepared to meet and seduce Latin America’s most difficult women.

If you spend a lot of effort on finding your Argentine girlfriend and consistently fail, the question that will pop up at some point is if it’s all worth it.

That’s a fantastic question, especially with Brazilian women just next door…