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Lithuanian Women vs. Ukrainian Women

by James
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In this article we’re gonna be talking about the difference between Lithuanian women and Ukrainian women. If you are looking to date either Lithuanian or Ukrainian women but can’t make up your mind you are going to find a contact in this article of great value.

Even though both of these countries used to be part of the former Soviet Union, they are our major differences when it comes to the mindset, behavior and the overall types of people that you would find in the respective countries.


Before we talk about the differences between Lithuanian and Ukrainian women let’s talk a little bit about the differences between the countries that they live in. Lithuania and Ukraine have some similarities but for the most part they are very very different countries. Lithuania and Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet union.

And then they became independent countries in 1991. Some people consider Lithuania to be Eastern European and the people that I have spoken to in Lithuania do consider themselves Eastern European however many others consider Lithuania to be firmly Northern European.

Based upon my experience of living there I will firmly consider Lithuania to be sort of a mix between eastern and northern European not really falling into the either camp as firmly as some of the other countries.

The official language in Lithuania is Lithuanian although people that are over 35 years old do speak fluent Russian since that was the official language in the Soviet Union. On the other hand Ukraine is a purely Eastern European country much like Russia to the east and Moldova to the south.

The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian although everybody in the country understands Russian since it was also part of the Soviet union. Moreover half the country’s population considers Russians to be its native language. Thus it’s clear to say that if you speak Russian you will be able to get around in both Lithuania and Ukraine. Lithuania is also part of the European Union and its official currency is the euro.

While in Ukraine that country is not part of the European Union and does not use the euro as its official currency. One of the major differences between Ukraine and Lithuania is that Lithuania is a much more transparent country and there’s less corruption. On the other hand there’s a lot more corruption in Ukraine, lots of shadier deals which is something that is pretty much associated with any Eastern European country.

It’s also worth mentioning that the climate in Lithuania is colder than the climate in Ukraine. Although both of the countries have four major seasons the summers are a lot shorter in Lithuania than in Ukraine the winters are a lot milder in Ukraine than in Lithuania and overall you just have more sunny days in Ukraine than in Lithuania. Now that we’ve covered the differences and similarities between Lithuania and Ukraine let’s jump into the comparisons of what you’re really looking forward to: the women.


It doesn’t take a long time to see the differences when it comes to luxe between Ukrainian and Lithuanian women. Lithuanian women tend to be very light skinned with light straight hair and they’re also fairly tall as well. On the other hand Ukrainian women are shorter on average, they have slightly darker complexion depending on where in Ukraine you are, you find yourself and their hair can be wavy or curly as well.

The other aspect of beauty is probably a little bit more subjective but in my experience I found Lithuanian women to be a little on the plane side whereas Ukrainian women are more exotic looking. I cannot tell you how many times just walking around different cities of Ukraine I’ve seen women that are just downright gorgeous and beautiful and unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about Lithuania.

Therefore it is in my opinion that the women in Ukraine are on average prettier than the women in Lithuania. Of course there are exceptions everywhere and it’s not uncommon to meet a very beautiful Lithuanian woman but on average I would say you will find more gorgeous women in Ukraine than in Lithuania.


Right now let’s compare the personalities between women and Ukrainian women. Being a Northern European or a northern eastern European country with Winnie has people that have a very reserved personality, they are definitely not as open as southern Europeans or even as Ukrainians which are more southern.

Moreover, my experience has shown that Ukrainian women are much more open, forthcoming and friendlier to people that they don’t already know. On the other hand, lithuanian women, being in a northern country, are a bit more reserved and closed off to people they don’t already know.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that many of the Ukrainian women I’ve met have rather shallow personalities; they were mostly interested in superficial things like status, money and being seen as successful in their peer’s eyes.

Whereas lithuanian women have shown to be more down to earth and approachable instead of focusing all of their efforts on extracting resources from their men. Of course, I’m taking a generalization here, and this may not apply to every single lithuanian or Ukrainian woman, but this has definitely been my experience.

I have to say it really depends on what you’re looking for. If looks and status are more important to you, then most likely Ukrainian women are more up your alley. On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone who’s equal, then most likely a Lithuanian woman will be something that you’re looking for.


When it comes to serious relationships, marriage and even having kids, you will have a difficult time finding fault with either Lithuania or Ukrainian women. I have met and gotten to know many foreigners who met the love of their lives in both Ukraine and Lithuania and went on to have awesome relationships and many kids together.

However, I will say that I urge you to be careful when dating women in Ukraine because many are simply looking for money, a foreign passport or both. Of course, I’m not saying that all women are like this, but I’ve heard of many reports of guys getting burned by women who weren’t really looking for love.


Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: foreigners. The fact of the matter is that the rest of the world isn’t exactly your typical American, Canadian or UK melting pot. Lithuania and Ukraine are mostly homogenous societies where women date their own men.

While both lithuanian and Ukrainian women date foreigners, not every Lithuanian and Ukrainian woman is open to dating one. The key is finding the type of woman that will be open to dating foreigners instead of going after women who have no interest in dating one.

Fortunately, that’s fairly easy, women who love foreigners typically put themselves in situations where foreigners hang out, thus increasing the chance of finding one. This includes, but not limited to, bars, restaurants and other Venues that are known for attracting foreigners as opposed to venues where only locals go to.

It also helps to base yourself in the larger cities such as Kiev and Vilnius since they have a higher concentration of women who are more cosmopolitan and thus wouldn’t mind getting to know and dating “exotic” men who are not from their own country.

As someone who’s spent an extensive amount of time in both countries, this has been my experience.


Lithuanian and Ukrainian women differ greatly. They differ in more ways than they’re similar. Fortunately, they both offer a unique experience that really can’t be put into words. Why not date both types and then decide for yourselves? That’s exactly what I did, and this approach worked well for me. And that’s exactly what I recommend you to do.

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