Ukrainian Women For Marriage: Where And How To Find Them


I’m going to be real for a minute.

As a man, who’s tired of the whole dating scene, but also as someone who’s currently living in Ukraine—and originally born in Ukraine—I must admit that marriage is something that crosses my mind now and then. Coupled with the fact that Ukrainian women are beautiful, feminine, know how to make a mean breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you have a perfect combination of someone you could see spending your life with.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of marrying a Ukrainian woman, how to find a woman to marry, how to vet them for marriage, where to meet them and the common pitfalls you need to avoid if you want your marriage to be successful, or at least as successful as it could be.


So, let’s be realistic for once. Does this article need any introduction? I mean, if you’ve stumbled on this page, then you know that Ukrainian women are some of the most gorgeous and feminine women on the planet. They’re a huge difference from the masculine and annoying American and other Western women seeping with entitlement.

At least that’s what everyone has been saying and I completely agree with that. As someone who’s been living in Ukraine for many years, in this article, I will walk you through the process of finding a quality Ukrainian woman to marry, tell you which women to avoid and give you more tips to finding a quality wife.

Why you should marry a Ukrainian woman

First of all, allow me to ask the most important question you might have on your mind: why should you marry a Ukrainian woman in the first place? It’s a multi-faceted question. Whether you want to get married or not is your decision. For instance, I know that many men don’t want to get married whatsoever regardless if it’s a Ukrainian woman or not, but since you’re here, you probably want to get married.

But does it need to be a Ukrainian woman? What about plenty of other women such as the women from your country (assuming you’re American, British, Australian or similarly hail from some other western country).

Now, if you ask me, I think what makes Ukrainian women so desirable for marriage is one reason: they’re still very traditional when compared to western women. That means, when you come home, expect to have a clean place, have a nice dinner and other elements of comfort waiting for you at the house.

This may sound like I’m speaking in a foreign language to many of you, but that’s how things should be.

But I digress. Overall, I believe one should get married to a Ukrainian woman for one reason only: to have a family. Otherwise, it’s much better to be single.

Why marriage is important in Ukraine

I know what some of you are probably thinking: do I really need to get married to a woman? Why can’t I just live with her? Well, here’s the thing: in Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries), security to a woman is very important. It’s not like out in America or the UK, where you can simply live with a woman for 20 years without any sort of commitment (which is in fact what many men do).

In Ukraine, because the state doesn’t provide much of a safety blanket, the man must provide it by getting married. Thus, it’s not enough to simply live with a woman, it’s important to make it legally binding so that she understands that you won’t simply disappear tomorrow and leave her to raise the family, etc.

How to vet a Ukrainian woman for marriage

It’s important to understand that not all women are suitable for marriage; some women are more suitable than others. In Eastern Europe, we have a saying that translates roughly like this: “There are some women that you date (have fun) and there are some women that you marry.” I completely agree with this. In fact, in Ukraine, there are LOTS of women that you can have fun with, but choosing to marry a woman is something else entirely. Remember back to the girlfriends that you had (in Ukraine or other countries)?

Why did you decide to leave them and not marry them?

Chances are you probably didn’t view them as marriage material. Something about them didn’t jive well with you when it came to having that partner for life. Maybe the woman you were dating was a bit “loose” or sluttier than you would’ve had liked as the future mother of your children.

Or maybe you enjoyed going out and having sex with her, but couldn’t stand being in the same room with her for an extended amount of time. Or, maybe—and this is very important—she couldn’t cook a mean Borsch (Ukrainian beat soup) or pretty much any other dish that you envisioned your wife to cook.

There are lots of reasons why some woman would perfect for spending a few months with, but not someone you’d ever choose to make your life partner. After listening to many of our readers and speaking to many guys who’ve gotten married, I’ve come up with some solid signs that the woman you’re dating may be suitable for marriage.

Signs that a woman is marriage material

  • She doesn’t drink a lot. I consider myself a social drinker and so that’s cool if a girl I’m with likes to drink now and then, but it would be a red flag if she loves to get completed destroyed every chance she got.
  • She doesn’t smoke. I don’t smoke, never did, so I would categorically opposed to any girl who smokes as a long-term prospect. And, even if I did smoke, the woman shouldn’t smoke because that’s a sign of low will power.
  • She can cake awesome meals. OK, so, call me old fashioned, but if a woman can’t cook, then it’s hard to consider her as the “future mother of my children.” Cooking is one of the most nurturing and feminine things a woman should do. This is especially weird in a country such as Ukraine where the majority of women can cook amazing meals.
  • She’s not too old. I’m not telling you to not marry women who are in their late 30s or 40s. But, if you want to have children with this woman, it’s important to make sure she’s young enough to have children. My recommendation is to look for women in their 20s, or maybe early 30s as the absolute maximum. Once a woman is older than 35, the chances of her having kids decrease exponentially. Keep them young.
  • Your friends and family like her. As they say, “Love is blind.” That’s very true. While you may be in love with a woman (or at least infatuated by her), but, yet, all your friends and family can’t stand her and wonder what you see in her. Make sure that your family and friends like her as well. They don’t need to love her, but it’s important for them to at least like her.

Unfortunately, in my experience, the majority of Ukrainian women ding at least one of the points mentioned above. Ukrainian women aren’t the most conservative in the world and many of them love to smoke, drink, party, etc. That’s why you need to be super ruthless when looking for a life-long partner.

Where to meet Ukrainian ladies looking for marriage

Once you understand what makes a woman marriage material, the next step is to find such a woman, get to know her for some time and then (I recommend at least a year) and then, hopefully, tie the knot. The place where you meet your future wife is of paramount importance.

After all, the places that she frequents and looks for possible mates says a lot about her. There are plenty of places where you can find Ukrainian women for marriage. You can meet them through a social circle, such as your job, a conference or some other event. You can meet them out in the real world such as on the street, a park, a coffee shop, or a restaurant.

There’s also nightlife, but I don’t recommend that simply because the women you meet there wouldn’t be of such high quality that they would be suitable for marriage. Think about what kind of women participate in the nightlife? Mostly narcissistic women who like attention in the form of sex, that’s who. A solid place to meet women for marriage would be online. I have known lots of friends and even some family members who met their future wives online. Why? Because EVERYONE is online.

Quality women, not so quality and everyone in between. BUT. And there’s a big BUT.

Before you go and download that famous app—yes, Tinder—please understand that the women you will meet on there would be those who are interesting in mostly one-night stands and not long-term, monogamous relationships. This is how it is all over the world, in America, in South America, in Europe, everywhere.

Instead, I highly recommend you check out the best site for online dating: Ukraine Date. It’s a site we recommend highly here at Maverick Traveler for its transparency and ease of use.  Oh, and did I mention that they have the highest amount of single and quality women out of all other sites? Create your free account on Ukraine Date now and browse lots of available women.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it, an honest to goodness guide on finding a Ukrainian woman for marriage from a Ukrainian guy who's living in Ukraine. While it does require some work, I believe that you’d agree that the rewards of being with an awesome woman are worth it.

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