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Russian Women vs. Ukrainian Women

by James


In this article, we’re going to be talking about the difference between Russian women and Ukrainian women. If you’re looking to date aboard, you’re going to find this of special importance.


The first thing I want to talk about is the differences between Russia and Ukraine. I believe this is important because understanding the underlying countries helps you understand the culture and the people as well as the women. Russia and Ukraine are both Eastern European countries. They’re both Slavic countries. Russia and Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet union until 1991, when all of the Soviet union including Ukraine as well as Russia gain independence and became self contained countries.

In Russia the main language is Russian. In Ukraine the two main language is Ukrainian and Russian. The good news is that if you speak Russian you will be able to get by in both Russia and Ukraine which is not the case if you only speak Ukrainian.

That is why if you’re looking to learn the local language my overwhelming recommendation is to learn Russian because it’s a much more versatile language than Ukrainian.


Before getting into the differences between the two countries and it’s people especially the women I want to cover the similarities. Both Ukrainian and Russian women are very feminine and in many ways they look very very similar to an untrained eye.

Russian and Ukrainian women are very feminine. They love to take care of their man and prefer their man to be very masculine. In both Russia and Ukraine the gender roles are clearly defined which is something that you can’t say about countries like the United States or other western countries.

As I mentioned in the introductory part both Russian and Ukrainian women don’t speak Russian but depending on which part of the of Ukraine you will find yourself in that ratio will be different meaning in some parts of the crne there’s gonna be more Russian speakers but another part of Ukraine there’s gonna be more Ukrainian speakers of course in Russia you don’t have to deal with this issue because Russian is the official state language and everybody will speak Russian to certain extent.

Now that we covered the similarities let’s dive deeper into the differences.


The first area that I want to get into is the luxe which if you are a man is probably one of the first things that you notice since we, men, are very visual creatures.

If you’re an outsider such as a foreigner or somebody that hasn’t really spent time in Eastern Europe you’re gonna find Russian and Ukrainian women to look identical. Meaning that you will not be really able to tell the difference physically speaking between Ukrainian and Russian women. And then many ways I can’t really blame you because Ukrainian and Russian women are very very similar they do share a border and so it’s understandable that somebody from the outside can’t really tell them apart.

Energy tha somebody from this region this is something that I thought about for a long time and it wasn’t only until I live in Ukraine for an extended amount of time that I started to notice the difference in terms of Luxe and their outwardly physical appearance.

Generally speaking Ukrainian women have a little more of a darker complexion than Russian women. So it’s a lot more common to find women in Ukraine to be a little more tanned and have hair that’s darker for the most part than they are Russian counterparts.

Of course this depends where in Ukraine you are and what is the background of the Ukrainian woman if you are in let’s say northern Ukraine in parts and border Belarus and Russia then obviously the women are going to be a little bit more similar to the Russian or Belarusian counterparts. On the other hand if you were in the southern parts such as Odessa and Nikolaev then the women in those regions will be more sand with darker complexion darker skin tone and darker hair as well.

Another interesting fact in terms of the differences has to do with luxe. It is very difficult to put into words but Ukrainian women have a more of an exotic appearance as compared to Russian women. Russian women in my view have a more of a “plain Jane” appearance in terms of the overall women of course they are women with very striking luxe but because they have a very light complexion they have very light skin tone very light hair for the most part the women there are much more plain than their Ukrainian counterparts.

Ukrainian women on the other hand have darker complexion and more exotic luxe that automatically set them apart from their Russian counterparts. Many of the women also have wavy hair that Russian women do not have because they’re known for having this long straight hair. Of course it is difficult to put all of this into words because one needs to go and see this for themselves spend some time in each of the countries and really get the feel for the differences in person. But as somebody who has lived in both of these countries for an extended amount of time I can tell you that the differences are real.

As to what kind of women that you all prefer that’s going to be obviously up to you but why do you Ukrainian women definitely look a lot more exotic and that is why I do prefer them over Russian women.


Now let’s compare the personalities of Ukrainian women versus Russian women. Both women are very very feminine and both women prefer masculine guys to counterbalance their extreme femininity. But they are subtle differences between the two types of women that’s worth mentioning.

While both women can be very manipulative and be very materialistic it is a big fact that the Russian and Ukrainian as well as pretty much all Eastern European women love money and love to manipulate their significant other and other people in order to get what they want in my opinion having lived in this region for a while Ukrainian women definitely take the cake when it comes to manipulation.

In fact manipulation is kind of a unofficial sport here in Ukraine because of the cutthroat environment the law standard of living the lack of a chance to make money and it Ukrainian women definitely come to the top when it comes to manipulating and getting what they want and so while Russian women can also be fairly manipulative Ukrainian women definitely take this manipulation to a new level and do it a lot more stealthily and efficiently.

Nevertheless if you were a masculine male and don’t take shit from anybody and are willing to say no to request that you do not approve of and are also willing to keep your woman and check you should have no problems regardless whether you wanna date Russian women in Russian or Ukrainian women in Ukraine.


When it comes to long-term potential including wife material both Ukrainian and Russian women definitely fit the bill. Both types of women can become your ideal and supporting wife with which you can grow old together. It is important however that you spent adequate time understanding the culture and filtering the low quality women from the high quality women.

Both Russia and Ukraine have a lot of women that are looking to have fun that are not serious that are very promiscuous and so the burden is on the man in order to properly filter the women so that he doesn’t get stuck with a woman that instead of sitting at home and chilling, likes to spend her time in the city’s bars and clubs.

I have met plenty of foreigners who met a woman online or met her in real life while visiting or living in Ukraine or Russia and are now in a serious monogamous relationship a couple of my own friends even married Russian and Ukrainian women and they’re very very happy.


In the section I want to talk about whether Ukrainian and Russian women like foreigners or not. Obviously this is a very very important topic because if you’re reading it this, chances are that you’re not Russian or Ukrainian and are obviously a foreigner who likes to date women outside your own nationality.

Well I’m happy to tell you that both Russian and Ukrainian women are very much open to dating foreigners. I would say that is true even more so than other nationalities who are more conservative and are not truly open of dating other fores. Although I don’t feel that Russian and Ukrainian women are as open as other western women they are definitely more open than Asian women Middle Eastern women and other nationalities.

Like I mentioned before I know many Americans and Canadians as well as Brits who came to Ukraine and ended up either seriously dating getting into a long-term relationship or even marrying local women and they are very happy to this day.

So if you are concerned whether the fact that you’re a foreigner is going to make a huge difference in terms of fighting dating and even perhaps marrying a Russian or Ukrainian women that should not be the case at all as both Russian and Ukrainian women are equally open to dating and even marrying foreigners.


In conclusion I want to say that Russian and Ukrainian women are both very very similar but they are are some differences as well the main differences are the luxe where I feel Ukrainian women are a little bit more exotic looking than the Russian counterparts their personality is a little bit more different as well but in the view of all the things that we talked about it is of my opinion that regardless of what kind of women who choose to date whether she’s Russian or Ukrainian you’re going to be very happy.

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