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A week ago I asked my readers what they thought would be the best country for men in 2015. I also sent an email to my private mailing list (if you want to join, see the form on the right). I received a ton of answers, both as comments (50+ responses) on the blog post and direct responses via email.

Two things happened that I didn’t expect.

The first surprise was the wide range of countries submitted. If you’re a regular reader on MT, you know that we mostly praise countries like Brazil and Russia for their anti-Western cultures that create the perfect environment for real men to behave like men.

The readers’ experience and imagination, however, spanned much further than those two countries. People chose countries not only in South America and Eastern Europe but in East Asia and Central Europe. Well over 60 different countries were represented.

The second surprise is that very few people actually had the one favorite country; readers usually listed anywhere from 2 to 5 favorites. That shows the sophistication of the audience in recognizing that there’s rarely the best country for every man. It truly depends on what you’re looking for.

There was also a submission for a country that MT readers rarely expect: Norway. Norway isn’t typically on a list of countries that a free man chooses to voluntarily visit. First, it’s crushingly expensive. Second, it’s not exactly known as a country where a man can feel like a man. Quite predictably, Norway was the only Scandinavian submission.

Since most people didn’t submit just one country, but several, I needed to take that into account when calculating the overall grades. Thus, instead of just listing the countries in the order of the number of times they were submitted, I gave more weight according to the person’s choice; their first choice received more weight than their second, which received more weight than the third.

The result was the list of the best countries for men in 2015:

The top 5 countries (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Thailand) managed to represent just under 50% of the weighted results. Apart from Thailand, these countries are all in Latin America.

It’s a bit surprising that none of the Eastern European countries made it in the top 5. Or maybe not all that surprising given that they’re super depressing with really crappy weather.

On the other hand, there’s absolutely no surprise seeing Brazil up there as the overwhelming favorite. Is there any other place in the world that brings so much happiness to a man’s life? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

God bless Brazil for saving my sanity. And it will certainly do the same for countless other Western men who’re helplessly trapped in toxic Western cultures.

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Avillax February 3, 2015 - 12:19 pm

As a Mexican, I say Mexico should be off the list. Sure, there’s a lot of machismo and girls are very telenovela-like dramatic at home but outside of home women are very passive and every pub, nightclub, party is always at least 70% men it smells like dick, that’s not manly, that’s gay.

Try Prague (Czech Republic), to me it was a good balance: weather not as bad as in Eastern Europe, plenty of nice architecture, parks, and things to do and Czech girls plus Slovak girls and Eastern European girls moving to the city precisely to avoid the cold vibe from Eastern Europe.

principeazul February 3, 2015 - 9:36 pm

i agree.

i’m from Chile. i read what you wrote about us some time ago: wealthiest country in latin america, but with no soul. couldn’t agree more. i’m not offended at all.

ah, but Brazil. people are so happy. rich, but very unequal country, just like Chile, but happy. i’ve been there twice and last time i remember walking in a desert beach in Morro do Sao Paulo with 2 friends. jungle on the right hand, atlantic ocean on the left. suddenly, we see a small hut. couple of kids running on the beach. a family lived there. they had a small table at the beach, where we stopped to rest and eat camarao (shrimp). the family earned a living selling camarao and beer to guys like us, lived in a hut in the middle of the jungle, probably don’t have any health insurance, they don’t own a car, i’m not sure the kids were going attending any school, and yet i’ve never seen happier people in my life.

Mike February 9, 2015 - 1:41 pm

Poland as one of the best countries for men? LOL… Just look at the migration rate – it speaks for itself. With its low salaries, high taxes & unpleasant weather in 8 out of 12 months – I think it should be on the bottom of the list. Try to live in here for a while, not just spend two weeks as a tourist.

But yes, if you’re a foreigner, picking up girls should be easy for you.*

*doesn’t apply for Eastern Europeans

Janguji March 29, 2015 - 12:49 am

Poland is a very depressing country.

Ash April 3, 2015 - 11:57 am

What about countries for Black American men?

Marina May 10, 2015 - 1:29 pm

Hey, Marina again. My last comment (I believe it was on “Do you really want a girlfriend” or something like that) was a bit poorly thought out and seems overly emotional, even as I re-read it. But there was a message that I wanted to communicate. I’ll tell you about myself first. My dad is from Argentina and my mom is from Sweden. I was born in Rosario, Argentina although we lived in Buenos Aires until I was 13. I’m 16 now, and I live in the USA. We chose our current area because my maternal grandparents have lived here for ten years, and were our only relatives in the U.S. So, as you are well aware of, my paternal family is from the wonderful, man-loving happy paradise that is South America and my maternal family is from the evil, depressing soulless frigid wasteland that is Scandinavia. Well, I know a man and woman from the heart of Scandinavia (or perhaps that would be Denmark actually) and both of them are happy. My grandfather retired from his job as an engineer to teach Physics at the same secondary school where my grandmother teaches Mathematics (she teaches a variety of subjects, so I’ll just say math) and incidentally, where I go to school as a Sophomore. They travel often, are always doing new things in their free time, are healthy, and continue to respect and admire each other. They are my role models for how I want to live. Before I came to America (before I had my soul ripped out by all of those robotic evil Feminazi women, I mean) the only example of old age I had were my paternal grandparents. They hate each other, but are shackled by marriage. My grandfather had an independent business, but never got a higher education, and now that he’s old and there are younger, more energetic and healthier young men, he gets very little business. My grandmother never had a job, all she ever did was cook and clean for her five children and when they left she became needy and annoying. She gave my mother a hard time about everything, and never seemed happy. They never had learned to respect each other for their “souls” (or whatever you choose to call it) so when her appearance went and he lost the success that drew her to him, they saw nothing admirable in each other. They fought constantly, slept in different beds, probably regretted the past every day. He died before her, because men usually do, and her choices were to install herself in our family and live as a burden to her son or try to live off of his money. She tried to live alone, but then got dementia and we had to take care of her for three years until she died, when I was eleven.
So basically what I’m saying is that, although South America is where I was born and spent most of my life, I choose America (or maybe Sweden one day) because people in Scandinavia and most people in America don’t see much value in a cheap sunny party land where everything is sharp, smooth-talking men and hot friendly women. Such life isn’t real, it’s a dream that distracts you from the truth. The true value is what my maternal grandparents have, I life where they are nearing 70 years and they look like they are in their late forties because they never smoked, got too much sun damage, or ate poorly. They have sharp minds, and they love each other. They enjoy the subtle joys in life i.e. they don’t need to have a garish carnival and see naked women doing the Mamba to get “high on life” That is what is valued in Northern Europe, or at least what used to be before the social-media/hollywood culture entered Europe and changed it. You seem to not be able to see a compromise between elevating men and making women feel worthless mentally because of bulls**t “biological differences” and worthless physically after being exposed to all of the nasty food and choking cigarette smoke of South America for 40 years (and I assume Russia too, they smoke a lot there, no? That’s what my friend Anastasia told me) I’m also sick of tourist blog-writers coming to countries they understand nothing about and making assumptions about what it actually feels like to grow up and live in the country. I spent the first 13 years of my life in Argentina, the first 13 summers of my life Sweden, and have lived in America for three years. South America is not sunny paradise where everyone is happy with life, Scandinavia is not a grey cold robotic environment where people work 24 hours a day and have no souls, and American women are not all angry Feminazi bitches who crazily seek power they can’t handle just to show the Patriarchy that they can. You just sound like an arrogant misogynist, and it’s sad that at 30+ you still have such a shallow, selfish view of the world, and such a skewed view of masculinity and self fulfillment.

*May I also add that what caused me to write the first comment with such anger is that this past friday, I left my math class after taking an exam and overheard two boys talking about my grandmother. They were juniors, and yet in the same class as I and other sophomores. They apparently had had a bit of trouble with the test, and the way they chose to vent their frustration by saying “uggh that ugly viking b**ch an*lly raped us with that test” “I know dude, the bitch needs to get the f**k in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” They would never have said that about any of the male teachers, like my grandfather. And I hear this all the time, a female student is mean to a male or rejects him, and his first defense is “oh she’s ugly anyway” Always about the physical aspect of the woman. And if a female teacher has a difficult class or they struggle with the material, they find something mean to say about her appearance. And if the female teacher is attractive, like my french teacher, they stare at her a*s when she writes on the board and listen to nothing she says. That is why I said that men are weak, they are ruled by their sexual drive, and in my opinion the Northern European men are much more civilized and society is much closer to ideal.

Eugene March 5, 2016 - 2:51 pm

Great list, very interesting. But I have to ask…how is Brazil the overwhelming favorite if it’s tied with Colombia ?

oliver June 25, 2016 - 8:46 am

I am brazilaian and i can agree, being a man in brazil is quite good,,,, but white male brazilians have a hard life there,,, and foreigners are not welcome,,,

Val January 26, 2017 - 1:57 pm

Interesting !!

Ernest February 27, 2017 - 2:31 pm

The best countries for me are Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Thailand, Philippines, and Ukraine. I would like to visit all of them…Irresistible women I cannot ignore.

Mark May 7, 2017 - 11:32 pm

Why was there no African country’s on the list. You guys are thinking to small any country like Mexico attached to the U.S. is westernized already.

James Maverick May 8, 2017 - 2:47 am

This is a good point, Mark.


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