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Tinder In Ukraine (FULL GUIDE)

I won’t deny that ever since I’ve arrived in Ukraine back in 2015, Tinder has been my secret weapon. As a result of using it, I’ve met tons and tons of Ukrainian women that I otherwise would have never have met.
It hasn’t been all peaches and cream. Using Tinder in Ukraine requires a certain system, a certain way of going about it in order to reap the maximum reward. In this guide, I will tell you everything I’ve learned about meeting women on Tinder in my many years of living and dating women all over Ukraine.

The pros of using Tinder in Ukraine

First, let’s talk about the pros of using Tinder in Ukraine. There are many pros of using tinder, some are obvious, some aren’t as much.
The first pros that are relatively easy to meet people on tinder in Ukraine. All you have to do is go to the app and swipe left if you don’t like somebody and swipe right if you like somebody.
Another benefit of Tinder in Ukraine is that you can potentially meet people in the city in a different city where you are right now. To do that you need to sign up for a paid plan since you can’t do it on a free plan.
Overall tinder gives you a really easy way to quickly meet lots of different people whether it’s in your area or some other different city.

The cons of using Tinder in Ukraine

The main thing with Tinder in Ukraine is that because it’s so easy to get on the platform and there are very few barriers to meeting people is that you can meet a lot of low-quality women. The main problem is that you can’t tell if they’re in low-quality or not until you go on a date and waste time with these women.
This is the main disadvantage of using Tinder in Ukraine over the more traditional dating websites where you are required to fill out a profile and it is blocks of a lot of these low-quality women.

What kind of women can you meet on Tinder in Ukraine?

Ukrainian women on Tinder
There are several types of women that you can meet on tinder in Ukraine. The first side is the young women these are women in their late teens or early 20s and they are just discovering the dating scene and I will sit there and less experience than some of the older women if you are into younger women then these are the women that you should be targeting.
The second type of woman that you meet is the woman in her mid-20s to late 20s. These are the types of women that are a little more experience than the younger women and yet they are still very much open to meeting new kinds of men and they’re super feminine as well.
The next kind of women that you can meet on tinder are women in their early 30s and beyond and the reason I group them into one category is that once a woman hits 30 years old and she’s not married and she doesn’t have any kids should because something there’s possibly something wrong with her and she’s super eager to meet a man very quickly in order to secure a man in her life before she gets too old.
The final type of woman that you couldn’t be on tinder are women that are over 35 years old. In my opinion, once a woman is over 35 years old she is drastically different than the women that are under 35 years old and the women that are in their 20s. A woman who is over 35 years old and hasn’t had children and was never married is always the woman that feels that possibly there’s something wrong with her and she’s super desperate to find a man and lock a guy down before she gets too old.
Unfortunately, it’s very hard to lock down a man who wants a 35-year-old woman because men generally want women on the younger side in their 20s.

How to meet women on Tinder in Ukraine?

Meeting women on tinder requires a certain kind of practice and game. First of all, you have to realize that it’s a numbers game. While you can match a certain number of women you have to realize it’s not all of these women will respond to.
That means for instance, if you’re mad 50 women which is not uncommon if you have a decent profile picture, maybe only 20 to 30% of the reply to you. And out of those women that reply to you, maybe another 20 to 30 or 40 percent decide to go on a date with you.
What I like to do is keep it simple. Once I have a match what I like to do is go down the list and send a simple hello if I don’t get a response within 24 hours then I basically mobile if I don’t get a response and I start a conversation and I basically asked them how their day is going what’s going on just to get a conversation going.
My main goal is to build enough chats for enough rapport so that I can ask them for their phone number so that I can start chatting with them on another platform such a telegram or Viber.
Like I mentioned before, not all women will respond to your initial texts or maybe she can respond to your message she might not want to continue the conversation. That’s OK a lot of times what happens is women simply drop off and stop contact which is something that’s called ghosting. That’s fine and nothing that you should be seriously concerned about.
Just keep going and messaging more women.

How to arrange dates on Tinder in Ukraine?

Ukrainian women Tinder
Arranging dates on tinder is very easy. Once you build some kind of rapport or some kind of comfort (I use that in an exaggerated sense because for me comfort and rapport means exchanging maybe 5 to 10 messages), what you do next is ask for her Viber or Telegram. Either one is fine.
Thus, if she is able to give me her phone number that means trusts me and is open to continuing going forward.
A lot of women will refuse to give you their number before a certain amount of comfort has been built. If that happens, I stop contacting these women and move onto other prospects.
Once a woman gives me her phone number and I don’t accept anything except the phone number nothing like Instagram or any other social media like Facebook. Once I get the phone number I added her to Viber and start chatting with her on Viber after a couple of exchanges I ask her when she’s available to meet. If she’s available to meet let’s say on the weekdays in the evening then if I’m available I arrange that if not maybe something on the weekend.
If a woman is reluctant to give you her phone number, or she takes a long time to reply to messages or she is using very invasive type connecting with you that’s a sign that that’s a woman has very low interest and you should probably ignore her and move on to other women.
Remember, it’s a numbers game and what that means is that you need to message a lot of women you need to start talking to a lot of women and some women will naturally fall off and someone will come through so don’t really worry about women that are taking a long time to respond to messages or deploying. There will be other women.
Or all I can say that I felt pretty good results on tinder. As long as you understand that it’s a numbers game and that if you like one girl, you might get some other girl and that all girls are equal in one respect or another. Then you will be able to have this on success and you will be able to go on dates and meet various women.

Good alternatives to Tinder in Ukraine

While Tinder is a grade up for meeting different kinds of women in a very effective matter it does come with some shortcomings, namely that a lot of the women that you meet there will be of low-quality because the barrier to getting on the platform is low: all you need to create an account and off you go. The best alternatives to Tinder in Ukraine are the various websites where you can meet women using an old-school method.
The best website for meeting Ukrainian women would be a website called Ukraine Date. It’s part of the network of Cupid niche websites that have been in business since 2005 and one’s website in different niches dating which is around the world. I and many of my friends have used this website to successfully made very us women and go on dates with them a couple of my friends even have met their fiancé’s through this website.
We highly recommend Ukraine there is a great alternative to tinder. If you’d like to sign up for a free account you can do so here.

Closing thoughts

While Tinder started in the US as a dating service for quickly meeting different kinds of women it has over time gained popularity all over the world and you cry and is not excluded. While dinner is great for meeting different Ukrainian women here in Ukraine, it does come with various shortcomings, one of which is that you can only meet low-quality women and not a lot of women that I would recommend for a serious relationship or wife material.
That is why I’d highly recommend you Ukraine Date (you can read our review of Ukraine Date here) as an alternative to Tinder. It’s a site where you can meet lots of quality women for a more serious relationship, or long-term relationship or even marriage.