Russian Girls: The Ultimate Guide


Russian girls don’t need much of an introduction. Around the world, they are known as some of the most beautiful, sexy, feminine and downright approachable women in the world. 

As someone who was born in a Russian-speaking country (Ukraine) and spent lots of time in Russia, I’ve have had lots of experience dating and seducing Russian girls not only in Russia but also in Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova and even in America.

No matter where in the world you come into contact with them, Russian girls are just amazingly sexy, friendly and really approachable.

In this guide, I want to tell you everything there is to possibly know about Russian girls, including the Russian dating culture, where to meet them, how to seduce them, the best cities to meet them and much, much more. 

Russian girls characteristics

No matter where in the world you’re, you can spot a Russian woman a mile away. They’re similar to Ukrainian women and this way because, while you may have a difficult time recognizing a Danish woman or a Latvian woman, a Russian woman is unmistakable. 

First, is their Slavic physical appearance. If you’ve spent any time in either Russia or Ukraine, you know what I’m talking about. Moreover, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about as you’ve probably seen their pictures plastered all over the Internet either on those creepy “Russian brides” sites or on ordinary legitimate Russian dating sites$.

Physically, Russian girls are thin, relatively tall,  average height is around 170cm  and have long straight hair stretching anywhere from the top of their back to their waist. While they mostly have a light complexion, it’s not uncommon to meet women with darker features who’re probably from southern parts of the country.

Russian girls

Russian dating culture

Overview of Russian dating culture – overview

Russian dating culture is very patriarchal. The man is the king of the castle and the woman serves his every desire. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s not that much of an exaggeration. 

The truth is that men are expected to be very masculine and women are expected to be feminine and nurturing. 

Historically, Russia has been a tough place to grow and thrive and, therefore, people have evolved to be very tough in order to survive in those difficult conditions. That’s probably not much of a surprise to many because Russian men are perceived to be some of the toughest in the world.

Who pays on the dates?

When it comes to dating, the man is expected to pursue, approach and pay for the woman that he wants. That’s unlike in many Western countries where it’s becoming increasingly common to split the bill 50/50 or go “Dutch” with your date. 

So, when you invite a girl out, you pay. All the time. Period. In fact, if a woman offers to pay, it could be a sign that she isn’t very traditional, maybe she lived abroad, or maybe she’s a feminist, but a traditional Russian woman would never pay.

It’s only after you guys are serious, then it’s expected for the woman to chip in and help in some way, shape or form.

Are Russian girls easy?

Although it may appear that Russian girls are these hard-partying and debauchery enjoying people, that’s just an illusion: Russian girls are fairly traditional when it comes to sex and intimate relations with a man.

There’s no hookup culture that’s common in the West. In New York City, I can meet an American girl, take her to a bar, have a couple of drinks and then it’s completely normal that sex will occur. Either I’ll invite her back at my house “for a glass of wine,” or she’ll hint that’s he’s living alone not too far away.

The same doesn’t work with Russian girls in Russia. While you can certainly have same-day sex (I have), that’s fairly rare and requires luck more than anything. (Of course, if you’re willing to “settle” for lower quality women, you’ll have a higher percentage of same-night sex, but we’re talking about beautiful and higher-quality Russian girls, remember?)

Quick note: I say, “in Russia” because if a Russian girl has been living abroad in places such as the US or England for a long time, she has probably been Westernized to a certain extent and is probably more comfortable with faster sex simply because her friends are into it as well.

Another way you can sleep with Russian girls very quickly is if they’re on vacation. Russian girls love to vacation to far-flung places, especially when it’s cold in their homeland. You can meet plenty of Russian girls in places like Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and others. When Russian girls are on vacation, they’re much more lax about social norms and are more willing to “let things happen.” 

Where do you meet Russian girls?

In Russia, of course. You can also meet Russian girls in the neighboring ex-Soviet republics. They’re lots of Russian girls living in places such as Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Plus, many have also emigrated to Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and the US.

Best cities for meeting Russian girls

When it comes to Russia, the two major cities to meet Russian girls are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow is a big and crazy business city that has absolutely everything. There are lots of cultural things to do. There’s great nightlife. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

St. Petersburg is Russia’s #2 city and it’s a more cultural and laid-back city as compared to Moscow. It’s a much smaller city and has a more laid-back approach to life. I would categorize the women as more down to earth and friendlier than their Moscow counterparts which tend to be snobbier. 

Moscow vs. St. Petersburg: which is better?

I personally prefer St. Petersburg for its friendlier vibe and people. Moscow is a great city but it’s too chaotic and expensive.

Think of Moscow as New York City and St. Petersburg as San Francisco.

Of course, your mileage may vary, so I highly recommend that you check out both cities and decide on one that suits you better.

Other Russian cities

Moscow and St. Petersburg aren’t the only cities to meet Russian girls. Russia is a big country and they’re plenty of other cities where you can go and meet Russian girls. 

In fact, it’s probably easier to meet Russian girls in smaller cities because, in smaller more distant cities, people haven’t been exposed to foreigners so speaking English (or another language) is much more likely to turn heads than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. 

I have a good friend who avoids the major cities and visits the more remote, smaller cities to meet women. He’s been having lots of great success doing that.

Russian girls

Best Russian dating sites and apps

One of the best ways to meet Russian girls is online through an online dating site. Since this is a very popular way of meeting women these days, there’s no shortage of dating sites to meet Russian girls.

The 7 best Russian dating sites and apps are:

  • Russian Cupid : The king of dating sites. One of the best and most successful Russian dating sites.
  • Mamba : An oldie but goodie
  • : A site that’s specifically tailored for the Russian-speaking market.
  • International Cupid : An international site with dating profiles of women all over the world, including Russia.
  • Ukraine Date  (although it has a Ukraine in it, there are lots of Russian girls there)
  • Tinder : A popular dating app where you swipe left or right depending on whether you don’t like or like someone.
  • VK : Russian social network. Great for keeping in touch with your friends and colleagues and also for meeting new women.

Marrying a Russian woman

You’ve probably heard of the whole “Russian brides” concept, right? 

Well, that’s no accident as Russian girls are some of the most sought-after women for marriage all over the world. As more and more men become tired of their masculine Western women, they’re seeking to find feminine and caring women in Eastern Europe in countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, there have also been a lot of cases where a man marries a woman but the woman only agrees to do so because of certain benefits such as residency in a Western country (Green Card in the US) and an easy path to a passport.

I have gotten numerous emails that all recounted a similar situation: an American (or another Westerner) goes to Russia, meets a woman, falls in love, decides to get married. The Russian woman moves to Russia and then after a short time leaves her man for a much higher-value man.

Marriage is a serious business, so it’s very crucial to fully vet the woman you want to marry before deciding to tie the knot. 

What languages do they speak in Russia?

Unsurprisingly, the main spoken language in Russia is Russian. Everyone in Russia speaks Russian.

However, what most people don’t know is that Russia is actually a collection of different provinces, with many of them having their own language and culture. For example, they speak Chechen in Chechnya, Dargwa in Dagestan and other various languages in other regions. 

The more remote you go in Russia, the more likely you’re to stumble on a republic that speaks their own language that’s completely different from Russia.

Is it safe to travel to Russia?

Russia is a big country and your safety level will depend on which part of the country you visit. Moscow and St. Petersburg are safe provided that you don’t look for trouble and stick to well-lit streets and areas. 

Like in any city, the center areas are typically well-patrolled by police and are safe, but the further you venture out beyond the center, the more remote the area becomes and the higher chance something bad might happen to you.

As of this writing, there are travel advisories to Dagestan and Chechnya because of some insurgent activities, but the rest of Russia is calm for exploration.

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide to Russia and Russian girls. Russian girls are truly special and unique because I believe, they’re not only the most beautiful women in the world but also the most feminine and nurturing. They certainly know how to take care of their men.

But if everything was that easy, you wouldn’t really need a guide and could just get on the plane and start dating around. Unfortunately, like with anything else in this world, things aren’t that simple and dating Russian girls and Russian culture requires specific preparations for you to be successful and not be in for a rude surprise or shock.

Nevertheless, if you’ve read this far, you’re definitely ready to experience the best Russia has to offer so definitely don’t delay and get on the plane to experience it for yourself.

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