Tinder In Brazil (FULL GUIDE)


Tinder in Brazil is one of the easiest ways to meet women all around Brazil. In this article, I want to dive deep and tell you everything you need to know about meeting women in this country.

So, here's what you'll learn:

  • What Tinder is and how to use it correctly

  • What kind of women you'll find in Brazil

  • How to communicate with women on Tinder in Brazil

  • What to say and not say when meeting women on Tinder

  • The most frequently asked questions when meeting women in Brazil

  • Tinder vs. other dating options

  • And much, much more

  • Enjoy!

What is Tinder

Tinder is a world-famous app where people create a profile (or link one from Facebook) that basically contains a series of photos, some description and not much else.

In this sense, Tinder is entirely different from traditional dating sites and apps because it's entirely superficial. People match each other based on their pictures and nothing else.

There's no need to fill out a long profile and specify your life history, your interests and what you're looking for in a mate. You just put your picture and start swiping around.

If someone finds your picture attractive, they swipe right; if they don't, they swipe left.

This way people are matched strictly based on your physical appearance and nothing else. So, if you're not strictly good looking, you might have a hard time being matched on Tinder in Brazil (unfortunately).

How to use Tinder

Using Tinder is simply. You download the app from either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, set up your name and pictures, write a description about yourself, and then set the age range and radius of the women you're interested in meeting.

So, if you're only interested in women who're between the ages of 25-30, you can do that inside the app and be matched with those women alone.

And, if you're only interested in meeting women who're within 5 miles within your current location, you can do that as well. Although you may match with women who're traveling or on vacation and might cross paths with you this way.

Tinder in Brazil

What kind of women can you find on Tinder in Brazil?

When men imagine Brazilian women, they typically picture a certain type of woman, you know the stereotypical Brazilian woman with dark skin, sexy and probably is dancing the lambada.

But that's actually, very far from the truth.

The reality is that, Brazilian women come in all shapes and sizes (no pun intended), and vary greatly geographically, economically and even when it comes to their personalities.

One of the strangest things that I discovered was how different people (not just women) were across the entire country. For instance, the women in Rio de Janeiro were very different than the women in Sao Paulo or Belo Horizonte.

So, the city that you're in Brazil definitely matters a whole a lot.

Generally, though, you can break down Brazilian women into the following 5 categories.

The wannabe model

Most girls who're on social media are busy modeling, so you shouldn't be surprised when a meet a girl like that in Brazil. She's the type of girl who'll be busy posting pictures on Instagram, have a ton of pictures on Tinder, always posting pictures on Facebook, etc.

A quick tell-tale sign is that she'll probably even tell you in her tinder profile to contact her on Instagram or Facebook instead of messaging her on Tinder directly. (Of course, if you do it, you're going to fall for the trap and become one of her “fans,” but that's another story.)

The Patricinha

Patricinha is any Brazilian girl with very high self-esteem and a huge ego to go with it. Usually, these women are from well-off families and are used to always having money and doing with it whatever they want.

These are also the types of women who will scoff at dating guys outside of their socio-economic circle and, while they may answer a few messages on Tinder here and there, they're not truly serious about dating you and that's something you must realize.

The sponsorship girl

Just like anywhere else in the world, you do have women who are earning money via the world's oldest profession: prostitution or sponsorship. This is the type of girl who's posing in very sexual and revealing shots, with little clothing in very sexually-suggestive poses.

In other pictures, she may be posing on expensive vacations, in expensive restaurants and wearing expensive clothing.

Obviously, you know that all of this clothing and vacations wasn't paid by the girl herself but by her sponsor.

She's the type of girl who obviously won't go with you to a McDonalds, and will expect you to take her somewhere much nicer.

The conversation will quickly veer into price and time, and so you'll quickly understand who you're dealing with.

The attention whore

I'd argue that the majority of women are looking for attention from the opposite sex; that's in their DNA. But there's another type of girl who's merely looking for attention and nothing else.

This is the type of girl who will chat with you endlessly but almost never agree to actually meet up with you in real life. She probably has a boyfriend (or many boyfriends) and so she doesn't need another guy in her life; all she's looking for attention.

It's easy to filter out these kinds of women because all you have to do is ask them out and if they decline but keep talking to you, you're dealing with an attention girl.

Tinder in Brazil

The regular girl

Last but not least, there's also “the regular girl.” This is the girl who's simply looking to meet up, get to know you and develop some kind of relationships with you. She's not looking to play any games, she's not messed up psychologically – she's merely looking for a new man in her life.

While I want to say it's easy to meet these kinds of women, the reality is that, in today's age, you'll be meeting lots of these other kinds of women before stumbling on this one, so it will be quite a battle.

Once you do stumble on such a girl, don't let her go because who knows when you meet a normal girl like her again.

That's just the reality of meeting women off Tinder.

How to meet women off Tinder

Meeting women off Tinder isn't difficult, but requires a certain strategy in order to realize the most success.

Let's discuss the right strategy now.

Step 1) Build rapport

After matching with the girl, the first step is to build rapport. Rapport is about discussing mutual interests, having a nice vibe and just enjoying each other. Since it's very common for many women to stop communicating with you right away, this filters out many women who are just not interested in chatting with you.

Once you've been chatting back and forth for about 10-15 minutes or exchanged 10-15 sentences with each other, you're ready to move to the next step.

Step 2) Get her WhatsApp

After you feel that you've built some mutual interest, the next step is to take the conversation to another messaging platform, namely WhatsApp since it's very popular in Brazil.

If she's comfortable with you at this point and gives you her phone number, then you've passed the first test and are dealing with a woman who's developed at least minimal trust with you (many women simply won't give out their numbers), then you can move on to the next step.

Step 3) Always hint to meet in real life

Once you have her WhatsApp, chat with her for a bit, and then ask her for her future plans during the week or during the weekend.

If she hints that she doesn't know and throws the question back at you, then use that as an invitation to invite her out for coffee or drink.

Generally speaking, if the woman is chatting with you, asking you a question, she will be open to hanging out with you unless she happens to be an attention whore – which, in that case, she's just using you for attention and you should move on.

Frequently asked questions

Now that you know how to get the most out of tinder, let's talk about some of the main questions you may have.

Is Tinder Free?

Yes and no. Tinder has a free plan where you're allowed to match through a limited number of women per around twelve hours. After you've reached that limit, you need to wait twelve hours for this limit to reset.

However, you can pay a particular monthly fee (ranges from $20-30/month) in order to remove this limit and be able to match an unlimited number of women per month.

Additionally, there are also various fees you can opt for that allow you to make your profile more popular, change geographical location, remove your age and other things.

Tinder in Brazil

Tinder vs. Brazil Cupid

One of the Tinder's main competitor is the traditional dating site. This is the site where you create an account, fill out a lot of information about yourself, and then go out and meet various women. one of the biggest sites for meeting Brazilian women is Brazil cupid.

The main advantage of using Brazil Cupid is that you're able to meet higher quality women than on Tinder because the barrier to entry is higher on Brazil Cupid than on Tinder.

This means that the women who are on Brazil Cupid are actually more relationship-minded than the women on Tinder and want to meet a real man for something more lasting than a random hookup (as is the case with Tinder)

On Brazil Cupid, the women are much more interested in longer relationships and even marriage.

Is Brazil Cupid Free?

While Brazil Cupid has a free plan, in order for you to get the most of the site, you really need to signup for one of the higher tier plans such as the Bronze or Platinum plans.

Signing up for a higher tier plan lets you connect with more women and gives you features that aren't available in the free plan. Fortunately, the plans are very affordable, so if you're seriously interested in meeting a quality Brazilian woman, signing up for one of these higher plans is definitely worth it.

Closing words

So, there you have it, a complete guide for meeting women on Tinder in Brazil. While Tinder is a great way to meet Brazilian women, in my opinion, your best bet is to meet higher quality women on Brazilian Cupid instead.

Even if you're not interested in paying for Brazilian Cupid, you can sign up for a free account and see what kind of women are available.

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