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How To Monetize A Blog

Humans tend to overcomplicate things and making money is certainly on top of the list. But it's not rocket science. Generally, you have two options: build your business or work for someone else’s business. Either you create value or help someone else create value....

The Biggest Transformation Of Your Life

A healthy life is a life of endless changes and transitions. Moving to a different place, changing your social circle, or even having something else for breakfast are all examples of healthy changes. But there’s one transformation to rule them all, one that...

The Maverick Manifesto

Miami Beach, FL When I started blogging back in 2008, I wrote about anything that popped into my head. I wrote about travel, dating, relationships, language hacking, the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro and, occasionally, what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc....

The Two Most Influential Books I’ve Ever Read

If there's one thing that I credit my growth and self-actualization over the years it would be books. A good book is nothing less than a conversation with a very smart person. Books have influenced my thinking and really made me the person that I'm today. I'm a...